Classic TV Listings


My grandparents got a colour Rank Arena in 1976, I found the receipt when cleaning up my Dad’s place, wish I’d kept it. I’m thinking a shade under $700?

Needless to say, we inherited the black and white National telly which was still going strong until it literally caught fire one day around 1986. We replaced that with a Panasonic 33cm black and white portable, by then grandparents had passed on and we had the rank arena in the “good room”, always loved when I convinced mum to watch Play School, Humphrey or Shirl’s Neighborhood and see the vibrant colours.

We also inherited a big HMV push button which also had UHF so we could watch sbs again after they’d turned off Channel 0. The TV repairman was our nosy regular tradie with that thing but it say us through into the early 1990s.


I recall going with Mum to get our first colour TV that was a Kreisler. I think the uptake in sales happened after a year or so because that was when it was possible to buy a colour set on sale and to even haggle a bit on the price. Prior to that they were sold at premium prices, with a much smaller range to select from. When we purchased the whole wall of the shop was colour TVs (but there were still only 3 (?) screen sizes available). You really had to spend in 1975 to get one of the best models. Only the top of the line models had a remote control and that was corded! Subsequent models had ultrasonic remotes and only later did infra red remotes become available.


The Addams Family enjoyed something of a late 80s revival (after having not been shown for years) with 5.00 and/or 5.30 screenings. It was popular enough that it prompted Ten to dig out The Munsters at the same timeslot. Nine must have just used the Addams Family hype to give it a 7.00 slot over summer.


Our first colour set was a Pye with push button tuner. First time I’d ever known push button tuners to exist. Nobody else I knew had that.

Was a good set but I guess being a European brand it didn’t cope with extreme temperatures which of course we get a lot of during summer. So it was subjected to numerous repair jobs so we were on first name basis with the local TV repairman :laughing:


I still recall seeing black and white portable sets in department stores well into the 1980s. People would buy them as a cheap second set for the kids or to take away on holidays. It’s odd to think most viewing was done as a family back then.


We had a black and white portable in the kitchen until the early 80s… it then became a bedroom portable after a colour portable was bought for the kitchen.

Given how expensive colour TVs were initially, people obviously stuck with the very cheap B&Ws for secondary sets for other parts of the house.

Family viewing was definitely a thing particularly for special events or “must see TV” … Will Molly live or die on A Country Practice? … or Who shot JR?


The portable we bought in the 80s had an adapter for the cigarette lighter in the car.


Melbourne TV listings: Saturday, April 10, 1999
from The Age

6.00 Rage (cont’d)
9.00 Recovery
12.00 Stateline
12.30 The Flying Vet: The New Vet
1.00 Commonwealty Bank Trophy
2.00 Saturday Afternoon Sport (includes VFL match of the day: Coburg v. Williamston)
5.00 Basketball: NBL Summer
6.00 Nature World “The Forbidden Fruit”
6.50 The Dreaming “The Frog and the Two Pelicans”
7.00 ABC News
7.30 SeaChange “Full Fathom Five” (ABC News at 8.25)
8.30 The Bill “The Same Parts” (parts 1 and 2; ABC News at 9.20)
9.25 The Nazi Who Loved England
10.25 Face to Face (interview with Roddy Doyle)
11.05 Birds of a Feather “Out”
11.35 Rage (simulcast on Triple J from 1am)

HSV7 (Seven)
6.00 Cross Country
6.30 Star Trek (animated)
7.00 Saturday Disney
9.00 New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
9.30 The Crash Zone
10.00 Hang Time
10.30 Power Rangers Turbo
11.00 Clueless
11.30 USA High
12.00 Rugby Union
1.00 World Sports (highlights)
1.30 Movie “Captain Lightfoot”
3.30 The Games: Sydney 2000
4.00 Just Footy
4.30 Rex Hunt’s Fishing Adventures
5.00 Around the Grounds
6.00 Seven Nightly News
6.30 World Around Us “Tiger Shark: The Legendary Thug of the Sea”
8.28 Tattlsloto
8.30 AFL: Fremantle v. Hawthorn, followed by Brisbane Lions v. Port Adelaide at 11.15
1.00 Sightings
2.00 Telemall Shopping
3.00 Movie “Stepfather II”
4.35 Movie “The Magic Sword”

GTV9 (Nine)
6.00 Golf: US Masters
8.30 Today on Saturday
9.30 Crocadoo
10.00 Goodsports
10.30 Gym Jam Club
11.00 Now You See It
11.30 Emirates World of Cricket (preview)
12.00 Second Noah “Pilot”
1.00 Early Edition “Psychic”
2.00 Sports Saturday
4.00 Growing Pains “Roommates”
4.30 Hooked on Water
5.00 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
6.00 National Nine News
6.30 Hey Hey It’s Saturday
8.30 The Pretender “Murder 101”
9.30/10.30 Walker, Texas Ranger
11.25 National Nine Newsbreak
11.30 Movie “Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 In. Women”
1.00 Late Show with David Letterman
2.00 Movie “Sorry, Wrong Number”
3.40 Movie “The Slender Thread”
5.30 Golf: US Masters

ATV10 (Ten)
6.00 Dennis the Menace
6.30 Sports Tonight
7.00 Magic School Bus
7.30 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
8.00 Totally Wild
8.30 Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures
9.00 Video Hits
11.30 Ocean Girl
12.00 Bright Ideas
1.00 V8 Supercars: Sensational Adelaide 500
5.00 Ten News
5.30 Moesha “She’s Back”
6.00 Addams Family
6.30 Love Boat: The Next Wave
7.30 Xena: Warrior Princess
8.30 Movie “The Odessa File”
11.20 Ten News
11.50 Sports Tonight
12.20 Ground Zero
2.00 Telemall Shopping
3.00 Danoz Home Shopping
4.00 Life is for Living
5.00 Hour of Power

6.00 Cantonese News
6.20 Mandarin News
6.55 Telegiornale
7.30 Das Journal
8.00 Ta Nea Ton Ennea
9.00 Le Journal
9.30 Sevodnia
10.15 Telediario
11.00 Indonesian News
11.30 The Journal
12.00 Nightly Business Report (the paper wrongly listed The Journal twice at 11.30 and noon, so I assume that NBR aired here!)
12.30 Vanessa Mae: Storm On World Tour
1.50 A Bridge Between Two Islands (the arts and crafts of Malta)
2.45 Australian Chamber Orchestra: The Love Thing’s Good
3.00 Faces in Contemporary Greek Song
3.30 Champions League highlights
4.30 World Soccer
5.30 English Premier League highlights
6.30 SBS World News
7.00 World Sport
7.30 Dateline
8.30 Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (US)
9.00 Drop the Dead Donkey (UK)
9.30 Dr. Hemp and Mr. H (France)
10.30 Movie “God in Heaven… Arizona on Earth” (Italy)
12.00 The Joy Boys Story (Finland)
12.30 World Youth Soccer: Australia v. Ireland
3.00 temporary close
5.00 Weatherwatch & Music
5.30 Japanese News


Melbourne TV listings: Thursday, December 18, 1997
from The Age

6.00 Discovering Psychology
6.30 Landscape and You
7.00 English Have a Go
7.30 Rupert
7.55 Adventures of Spot
8.00 Magic Mountain
8.10 Budgie the Little Helicopter
8.20 Noddy
8.30 Sesame Street
9.25 Bananas in Pyjamas
9.30 Play School
10.00 Babar
10.25 Kitu and Woofl
10.30 Rugrats
10.55 Small Stories
11.00 Art Attack
11.15 Watt on Earth
11.30 Babysitter’s Club
12.00 World at Noon
12.30 Songlines
1.00 Queen of the Elephants
2.00 The Bill
3.00 Sesame Street
3.55 Bananas in Pyjamas
4.00 Play School
4.30 Blinky Bill
4.55 William’s Wish Wellingtons
5.00 Captain Planet
5.25 Plasmo
5.30 Aaahh! Real Monsters
6.00 Heartbreak High
6.30 Keeping Up Appearances
7.00 ABC News
7.30 The 7.30 Report
8.00 Antonio Carluccio’s Italian Feast
8.30 The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special
9.15 Mum’s Xmas
9.30 Oscar (profile of Oscar Wilde)
10.25 ABC News Late Edition
10.45 Seaforth
11.35 Ruling Passions: Sex, Race & Empire
12.05 Australia Television News
12.40 Movie “I See a Dark Stranger”
2.30 The Twelve Days of Christmas
3.00 French in Action
3.30 The Global Economy
4.00 Time to Grow
4.30 Against All Odds
5.00 Dragon’s Tongue
5.30 Marketing

HSV7 (Seven)
6.00 Sunrise
7.00 Cartoon Connection
8.30 The Book Place
9.00 Golden Girls
9.30 A Merry Mirthworms’ Christmas
10.00 The Home Court
10.30 Seven Morning News
11.00 Pacific Blue “Point Blank”
12.00 Mini-Series: All the Rivers Run (final)
2.05 Ricki Lake
3.00 The Pursuit of Happiness
3.30 Power Rangers Zeo
4.00 Total Recall
4.30 Brotherly Love “Outbreak!”
5.00 The Great Outdoors
5:30 Wheel of Fortune
6.00 Seven Nightly News
6.30 Today Tonight
7.00 Who Dares Wins
7.30 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Powerball airs at 8.28)
8.30 Stargate SG-1
9.30 The Sentinel
10.30/11.00 Duckman
11.20 Seven Nightly News
11.50 Alpine Skiing: Men’s Downhill
12.50 NBC Today
2.50 Telemall Shopping
3.50 Bluey
4.45 Funniest People
5.10 Beyond 2000

GTV9 (Nine)
6.00 CNN World News
6.30 National Nine Early News
7.00 Today
9.00 Here’s Humphrey
9.30 Diff’rent Strokes
10.00 High Society
10.30 National Nine Morning News
11.00 Entertainment Tonight
11.30 Mini-Series: The Thornbirds (final)
2.30 Young and the Restless
3.30 Dave’s World “Loves Me Like a Rock”
4.00 The Gift
4.30 Perfect Strangers “Falling in Love is”
5.00 Growing Pains “Coughing Boy”
5.30 Catch Phrase
6.00 National Nine News
6.30 A Current Affair
7.00 Our House (Keno airs at 7.29)
7.30 Wild Life with Olivia Newton-John
8.30 Early Edition “The Wrong Man”
9.30 ER “The Secret Sharer”
10.30 Nightline
11.00 Pacific Drive
12.00 Dangerfield
1.00 Late Show with David Letterman
2.00 Celebrity Home Shopping
3.00 Entertainment Tonight
3.30 Hunter “Crime of Passion”
4.30 Barney Miller “The Indian”
5.00 Brooklyn Bridge “Where Have You Gone”
5.30 Circus Boy “Counterfeit Clown”

ATV10 (Ten)
6.00 Aerobics Oz Style
6.30 Barney & Friends
7.00 Transformers: Generation II
7.30 Spider-Man
8.00 Inspector Gadget
8.30 The Music Shop
9.00 Good Morning Australia
11.30 Ten News
12.00 The Love Boat
1.00 Judge Judy
1.30 Oprah Winfrey
2.30 Monday to Friday
3.30 C.O.P.S.
4.00 Ocean Girl
4.30 Bold and the Beautiful
5.00 Ten News
6.00 Hogan’s Heroes
6.30 Roseanne
7.00/7.30 Seinfeld
8.00 Newsradio
8.30 NYPD Blue
9.30 Law & Order
10.30 Ten News
11.00 Sports Tonight
11.30 Cops
12.00 Movie “Pin”
2.00 Telemall Shopping
4.00 Life in the Word
4.30 Kenneth Copeland
5.00 Marilyn Hickey
5.30 Benny Hinn

6.00 Japanese News
6.30 Weatherwatch & Music
7.00 Telegiornale
7.35 Cantonese News
7.55 Mandarin News
8.30 Das Journal
9.00 Le Journal
9.40 Weatherwatch & Music
10.15 Telediario
11.00 Indonesian News
11.30 The Journal
12.00 Nightly Business Report
12.30 Movie “King of Chess” (Hong Kong)
2.20 Weatherwatch & Music
3.00 Divine Magic: World of the Supernatural
4.00 Front Up
4.30 School Torque (final)
5.00 Happiness (Brazil)
5.30 Newshour with Jim Lehrer
6.30 SBS World News
7.00 World Sport
7.30 Second Opinion (series return)
8.00 Too Close to Heaven (UK)
9.00 SBS World News at Nine
9.30 Dead West: War on the American Desert
10.00 Movie “Queen Margot” (France)
12.40 Movie “My Sweet Gertrude” (Italy)
2.15 temporary close
5.00 Weatherwatch & Music


Today’s TV: 15.12.1987, Brisbane (possibly have posted this one before?)

And also part of Northern NSW (NEN/ECN, NRN/RTN, ABC NSW) and Regional Queensland:

(NQTV North Queensland, MVQ6 Mackay and ITQ8 Mt Isa were listed in a separate North Qld edition)

Source: The Sunday Mail / Scene On TV


Today’s TV: 16.12.1975, Melbourne.

ATV0 has an evening telethon for the Nerve Deafness Foundation, including a repeat of the 1974 documentary Sunday, Monday In Silence and the film The Miracle Worker

The telethon continues until close of transmission at 1.15am

Source: Listener In-TV


Seems that Queensland regional stations at that time had a very similar line-up and were able to pick the best programs from Seven (Fat Cat and Friends, Beyond 2000, A Country Practice, Rafferty’s Rules), Nine (US soaps) and Ten (Good Morning Australia, Neighbours).


Prior to aggregation and more recently the introduction of supplementary services for smaller solus/dual station markets, there was only one commercial station in each regional market so that explains why they cherry picked the best (or cheapest) content from all three networks.


and it even seemed to ignore any ownership ties to any network. e.g. MVQ6 and SEQ8 were owned by Qintex (Christopher Skase) who had bought the Seven Network. DDQ Toowoomba owned TVQ0 in Brisbane, giving it a link to the Ten Network.

And NQTV (not listed here) was in part owned by the Nine Network.

Setting them up for post-aggregation although as we know that all came undone at the last minute


I seem to recall hearing that there was only 1 video link (bearer) up the Queensland coast so the first station up the road (WBQ/SEQ 8 Wide Bay) would pretty much determine what everyone had to take live.

For example they all took GMA and I’m pretty certain they all took the same evening news from Brisbane (BTQ 7).

If WBQ 8 changed to another program the rest had to follow. I think that happened when WBQ/SEQ changed to Nine News. There was no obligstiin for the other stations to follow it was a question of cost and intrastructure.

Taped programming wasn’t affected because this would have been delivered by courier etc.

This scenario may well have played out before the listing above which was from 1987 which if memory serves was after the launch of the Aussat satellite which completely changed live and taped program delivery.


That’s my understanding, although they originally picked up National Nine News on the microwave link but then did a swap over to all run with Seven National News and State Affair. Sometime around 1983?

The swap also affected NTD8 Darwin which accessed the same link and had been sourcing “national” news stories from Nine but then had to follow suit to use Seven’s news stories.


Melbourne TV listings: Friday, December 21, 1979
from The Age

7.00 Early Bird Show
8.55 Launching Pad
9.00 Fat Cat and Friends
9.30 The Electric Company
10.00 African Album
10.30 Bernard King
11.00 Family at War
12.00 Movie “April Showers”
2.00 Impossible Railroad: The National Dream
3.00 All’s Fair
3.30 The Cisco Kid
4.00 Simon Townsend’s Wonder World!
4.30 The Lost Islands
5.00 Tarzan
6.00 Eyewitness News
6.30 Gomer Pyle “Flower Power”
7.00 Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus
7.29 News
7.30 Bob Hope All-Star Christmas Show
8.30 Festival of Carols
10.00 Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In Christmas Show
11.00 Grandpa Goes to Washington
12.00 Movie “Onionhead”
2.45 close

8.00 Sesame Street
9.00 test pattern/music
9.30 Play School
10.00 test pattern/music
1.00 ABC News/Weather
1.11 Trails to Adventure
1.30 Adventures of the Sea Gray
1.55 Movie “Lassie’s Great Adventure”
3.55 The White Seal
4.00 Play School
4.30 Sesame Street
5.30 The Beachcombers
5.54 News
5.55 Leningrad Ice Show
6.55 Tomorrow’s Sport
7.00 ABC News/Weather
7.30 Kenny Everett Video Show
8.30 New Avengers
8.55 Soccer: Match of the Day
9.05 Sailing: Southern Cross Series
9.55 ABC News/Weather
10.00 Snooker: World Masters’ Championship
11.05 Close

10.00 Romper Room
11.00 Tennis: Nabisco NSW Open
6.30 Seven National News
7.00 Willesee at Seven
7.30 Christmas in the Neighborhood
8.30 Movie “A Man for All Seasons”
10.50 Nightmoves
11.50 Pink Medicine Show
12.20 close

6.00 Hoppity Hooper
6.20 King Leonardo
6.40 Rocky and His Friends
7.00 Cartoons
9.00 Here’s Humphrey
10.00 Room 222
10.30 Untamed World
11.00 Big Valley
11.55 News
12.00 Movie “Guns of a Stranger”
2.00 Challenge of the Sexes
2.20 Cricket: Australia v. West Indies (from Sydney)
6.00 What’s Happening!!
6.30 National Nine News
7.00 Cricket (cont’d)
10.30 News
11.00 Movie “Death Cruise”
12.30 Movie “A Flea in Her Ear”
2.00 Movie “A Jolly Bad Fellow”
3.45 Movie “Magnetic Monsters”
5.15 Dangerman


Today’s TV: 22.12.1960, Melbourne

Source: TV Times


The reference to “GTV hosts - Bert Newton and Joy Fountain” is interesting… was this some form of in-vision continuity that was a cornerstone of British TV presentation until the 80/90s?


I assume so.