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Today’s TV: 30 July 2011, Perth, WA
Source: The West Australian

During Saturday Mornings, 7mate would replay an AFL match from the previous night.
Ten broadcasted a Saturday arvo match between Western Bulldogs and West COast (in which the Eagles held on to win by 8 points). During the evening, Ten showed the Fremantle v Hawks game at 6:30pm on delay, while WIN showed the match at 5:30pm live


I assume WIN only aired Nine News at 5, skipping Nine News Perth?

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Todays TV: 31 July 2012, Perth, WA
Source; The West Australian

Start of the end for morning talk show, The Circle. Ten announced that this talk show would be axed. Breakfast would then have to cut down by 30 minutes.


Interesting to see shows like Hi-5 at 1:30pm. Would all shows be two hours before normal schedule and simulcast with the eastern states?

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Today’s TV: 31.7.1964, Melbourne & Gippsland

Source: TV Week


Today’s TV: Friday 31 July 2009, Perth
Source: The West Australian

I noticed that SBS showed Daily Updates of the Ashes Test during the morning.
STW showed an encore of Nine News during late night.


Today’s TV: 31.7.1997, Melbourne

Source: TV Week


I forgot about the various ‘Quarters’ on News 24.


We’re these extended sports bulletins?

No, specialised topic shows: arts, science, consumer, health etc. “Quarters” referred to its run time.


Various topics featuring an extended report. From memory there was health, finance, arts, the weather, rural affairs, consumer affairs and one or two others.

Here’s a couple of examples from the ABC News channel on YT.


I vaguely seem to recall that they were a logistical necessity to relieve the main studio for a quarter hour, but I can’t remember exactly what that necessity was. Did the presenters need a toilet break or something?? But I for some reason thought it was for a technical reason. Can’t recall it at all now, though. Maybe I just imagined it?!?

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Today’s TV: 1 August 2005, Perth
Source: The West Australian

Noticed that Channel 7 started airing repeats of The Mole in the morning.


You also see captioning only required 1800-2230 and News/caff programs outside that zone.


TV Guide Victoria, Friday 28 November 1969

A strike by power workers limits TV to between 1pm-5pm & 7pm-11pm.

1.00 News
1.05 Close
3.25 The Donna Reed Show
3.50 The Flowerpot Men
4.05 Play School
4.30 Adventure Island
5.00 Close
7.00 News
7.30 This Day Tonight
8.00 Delta
8.48 News Headlines
8.50 Sue Becker
9.00 Out of the Unknown
9.50 News Updates
10.00 Movie: The Witness
11.00 Close

HSV7 Melbourne
1.00 News
1.05 Maggie
1.30 The Galloping Gourmet
2.00 Beauty and the Beast
3.00 People in Conflict
3.30 The Munsters
4.00 Gomer Pyle USMC
4.30 Green Acres
5.00 Close
7.00 News
7.30 The Best of Homicide
8.30 Movie: Three Little Words
10.30 News
11.00 Close

GTV9 Melbourne
1.00 News
1.05 Secret Storm
1.30 Days of our Lives
2.00 Peyton Place
2.30 General Hospital
3.00 Ben Casey
4.00 Marine Boy
4.30 The Littlest Hobo
5.00 Close
7.00 News
7.30 The Sound of Music
8.30 Movie: Drum Beat
10.25 Newsbeat
11.00 Close

ATV0 Melbourne
1.00 News
1.05 The Farmer’s Daughter
1.37 The Marriage Game
2.10 Movie: Meet Mr. Malcolm
3.09 The Match Game
3.43 The Flintstones
4.15 Astroboy
4.50 Close
7.00 News Update
7.03 The Generation Gap
7.33 Daniel Boone
8.33 Movie: The Last Time I Saw Archie
10.30 News
11.00 Close

AMV4 Albury (AMV4 was not affected by the power strike being based in NSW)
4.00 Cartoon Carnival
4.50 Birthday Time
5.05 Superman
5.30 Junior Talent Quest
5.55 Kentucky Jones
6.20 Local News
6.30 News
7.00 New Faces
8.00 The Outcasts
9.00 Hong Kong
10.00 Golf Classics
11.00 News Update (followed by Close)

BTV6 Ballarat
7.00 News
7.30 The Iron Horse
8.30 Run For Your Life
9.25 Stock Market Report
9.30 Department 5
10.10 Turf Talk
10.40 News (followed by Close)

GMV6 Shepparton
7.00 News
7.05 Movie: The Jungle Book
8.30 The Dick Van Dyke Show
9.00 The Virginian
10.30 News (followed by Close)

BCV8 Bendigo
7.00 News
7.30 High Chapparel
8.30 Movie: Dark City
10.20 Felony Squad
10.50 News (followed by Close)

SES8 Mt Gambier (SES8 was not affected by the power strike being based in SA)
6.15 Funfair
6.50 Top Cat
7.15 News
7.30 Sports Show
7.45 The Lucy Show
8.10 Bonanza
9.30 I Spy
10.25 Desilu Playhouse (followed by Close)

STV8 Mildura
7.00 News
7.30 The Sound of Music
8.30 Name of the Game
9.30 Return Engagement
10.15 News (followed by Close)

GLV10 Gippsland
7.00 News
7.25 Entertainment Billboard
7.30 The Sound of Music
8.30 Movie: The Secret Ways
10.17 Motor Sports Action
10.32 News (followed by Close)

Source: The Age


Not quite sure about the rationale but they certainly didn’t last very long.


Today’s TV: 1.8.1960, Melbourne

Source: TV Times


Does anyone have these dates?:








Today’s TV: 2 August 2004, Perth
SOurce: The West Australian


Trump and Sopranos were a popular 9.30pm-11.30pm time slot