Classic NZ TV Listings

Today’s TV (aka “Yesterday’s TV”): Sunday 13 May 1995 (Part 2 - Sky channels)
from the NZ Listener

6.25am Deliver Them from Evil (1992) (GA)
8.00 Walking Thunder (1994) (G)
9.30 Enchanted April (1991) (GA)
11.00 HBO Video Jukebox - Paul McCartney
Noon Nostalgia at Noon - Broadway Bill (1934) (B&W) (G)
1.45 Annie (1982) (G)
3.50 Sex, Love and Cold Hard Cash (1993) (GA)
5.15 Step Kids (1992) (GY)
7.00 The Curse of the Dragon (1993) (G)
8.30 HBO Sunday Night Movie - Splitting Heirs (1993) (GA)
10.00 Fools of Fortune (1990) (GA)
11.45 Innocent Blood (1992) (R16)
1.40am One Night Stand - Rick Overton (1991) (GA)
2.05 Closedown

Sky Sport
6.00am ESPN Direct - Basketball (Continued)
NBA 1994/95 - NBA Conference semifinals; live
7.30 BMX Racing
President’s Cup
8.00 Sky Sport - Yachting
America’s Cup 1995 (Team NZ v Team Stars & Stripes) - race five; live
11.00 ESPN Direct - Sportscenter
11.30 Cycling
Giro d’Italia 1995 - first leg
Noon Sky Sport - Golf
Volvo Golf Tour - Italian Open
1.00 Rugby
Hawke’s Bay v Counties Manukau - full coverage
2.45 Tennis
German Open
4.25 Rugby League
Winfield Cup 1995 - live coverage of a round 10 match
6.15 Golf
PGA Tour - Byron Nelson Classic
7.45 Motorsport
British Touring Cars
8.15 Rugby
Auckland v Bay of Plenty - full coverage
9.50 ESPN Direct - Table Tennis
World Championships - live
11.30 Sky Sport - BMX Racing
President’s Cup
11.55 Motorsport
Formula 1 - Spanish Grand Prix; live from Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Montmeló
2.30am ESPN Direct - Tennis
German Open - final; live
3.30 Football
Eredivisie 1994/95 - PSV v FC Twente; full coverage
5.30 AMA Supercross (Continues to 6.30am)

CNN (Schedule incomplete)
6.00am World Business This Week
6.30 OJ Special Replay
7.00 CNN Presents
8.30 BBC News (6pm bulletin)
9.00 Inside Business
10.00 The World Today
10.30 Diplomatic License
11.00 Pinnacle
11.30 Travel Guide
Noon Prime News
1.00 Larry King Weekend
3.00 Both Sides with Jesse Jackson
3.30 Evans & Novak
4.30 Global View
5.30 Moneyweek
6.00 World News
6.30 Inside Asia
7.00 BBC News (6pm bulletin) (Rpt)
7.30 Science & Technology
8.30 Style with Elsa Klensch
9.00 World Report
10.30 World Business This Week
11.30 World Sport
12.30am Computer Connection
1.00 Larry King Weekend
2.30 World Sport
3.30 This Week in the NBA
4.30 Travel Guide
5.30 Moneyweek (Continues to 6am)

6.00am The Juice Music Television (Free to air), including:
6.00 The Juice Night Train
7.00 The Juice 3 from One

10.00 Mother’s Day
10.30 Growing Up Together
11.00 Jones & Jury
11.30 Alice
Noon The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd
12.30 Three’s Company
1.00 Love Connection
1.30 Supermarket Sweep
2.00 Play Your Cards Right
2.30 Prisoner (aka “Prisoner: Cell Block H”)
3.00 Growing Pains
3.30 Maniac Mansion
4.00 Full House
4.30 Children’s Ward
5.00 Road to Avonlea
6.00 Planet Fashion
6.30 Banjo Paterson’s The Man from Snowy River
7.30 Knight Rider
8.30 Orange at the Movies - Bonanza: The Return (1993) (PGR)
10.00 Dead at 21
10.30 Tales from the Crypt (Double episode)
11.30 The Juice Music Television (Free to air), including:
11.30 The Juice Late Night
1.00am The Juice Night Train (Continues to 7am)

6.00am World Class Cuisine
7.00 Biba’s Italian Kitchen
7.30 Caprial’s Cafe
8.00 Invention
8.30 Next Step
9.00 A World Away
10.00 Dive to Adventure
10.30 Adventures in Diving
11.00 Search for Adventure
Noon North American Diary Baseball (Double episode)
2.00 Dive to Adventure
2.30 Adventures in Diving
3.00 Search for Adventure
4.00 North American Diary Baseball (Double episode)
6.00 World Class Cuisine
7.00 Biba’s Italian Kitchen
7.30 Caprial’s Cafe
8.00 Invention
8.30 Next Step
9.00 A World Away
10.00 Ancient Warriors
10.30 Pirates
11.00 Discovery Showcase
12.00am Frontiers of Flight
1.00 Wings of the Luftwaffe
2.00 Ancient Warriors
2.30 Pirates
3.00 Discovery Showcase
4.00 Frontiers of Flight
5.00 Wings of the Luftwaffe (Continues to 6am)

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Love the title, Paddy!


Today’s TV: Thursday 15 May 1975
from the NZ Listener

TV One
2.00pm News
2.05 Chroniques de France
2.35 The Whiteoaks of Jalna
3.27 Music Box (B&W)
3.40 Play School
4.05 Spot On
4.36 The Electric Company
5.05 Fantastica
5.20 Grunt Machine
5.50 Dusty’s Trail
6.17 Dig This
6.30 News
Includes regional news from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin
7.00 Coronation Street
7.30 M-A-S-H
8.00 The Streets of San Francisco
9.00 Tonight at Nine
9.30 Powderkeg
11.00 (approx) Closedown

All programmes in colour unless otherwise specified.

Today’s TV: Wednesday 15 May 1985
from the NZ Listener

TV One
11.30am Play School (Rpt)
11.55 You and Your Child (Rpt)
Noon News
12.02 See Here
12.05 Beauty and the Beast
12.35 Wednesday Matinee - The Far Country (1955) (Rpt)
2.30 You and Your Child (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
2.35 Play School (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
3.00 Postman Pat
3.15 Chic Chat (Rpt)
3.45 Free Time, including:
3.45 The Mole (Rpt)
3.50 Aubrey
4.00 The Adventures of Black Beauty (Rpt)
4.30 Lucky Luke

5.00 Seaview (Part 4)
5.30 Terrahawks
6.00 Taxi (Rpt)
6.30 News
Includes regional programmes: Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin)
7.30 Remington Steele
8.30 Diana (Part 10, final)
9.30 Cheers
10.00 Hotel
11.00 News
11.05 Closedown

2.30pm The Love Boat (Rpt)
3.25 General Hospital
3.55 Fantasy Island
4.45 I Dream of Jeannie (Rpt)
5.15 RTR Video Releases
5.45 News
5.50 Te Karere
6.00 The Young Doctors
6.30 The Sullivans (Double episode)
7.30 Our World - People of the Sea
8.30 The A-Team
9.30 Eye Witness News
10.00 Cold Warrior (Part 2)
11.05 Mannix
12.00am Closedown

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Bang Bang, Lucky Luke… now that takes me back!

Today’s TV: Wednesday 16 May 1984
from the NZ Listener

TV One
11.30am Play School (Rpt)
11.55 You and Your Child
Noon News
12.05 The Young and the Restless
12.55 See Here
1.00 Beauty and the Beast
1.30 Days of Our Lives
2.25 You and Your Child (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
2.30 Play School (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
3.00 Chic Chat (Rpt)
3.30 Free Time, including (all times approx):
3.30 Follyfoot (Rpt)
4.00 3-2-1 Contact
4.30 X-Bomber (aka “Star Fleet”)

5.00 Circus
5.25 Our John Willie (Part 3)
5.55 Te Karere

6.00 M-A-S-H (Rpt)
6.30 News
Includes regional programmes: Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin)
7.30 One Day at a Time
8.00 A Big Country: The Kiwis
8.35 Wednesday Night at the Movies - Little Big Man (1970)
11.00 News
11.05 Closedown

2.30pm L’Élégance (Rpt)
3.30 General Hospital
3.55 Fantasy Island (Rpt)
4.55 Images
5.15 RTR Video Releases
5.45 News
5.55 Te Karere
This bulletin screens on TV2 everywhere - except the East Coast (TV One)
6.00 The Young Doctors
6.30 The Sullivans (Double episode)
7.30 Showtime - That’s Country
8.30 Hardcastle and McCormick
9.30 Eye Witness News
10.00 Jemima Shore Investigates
11.00 The Untouchables (B&W) (Rpt)
11.55 Closedown

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Today’s TV: Friday 17 May 1968
from The Press

2.00pm Headline News
2.03 Monitor
2.28 Rookery Nook
3.53 Televisit
3.56 Boomeride
4.21 I Dream of Jeannie
4.46 People Like You and Me
4.50 Sara and Hoppity
5.03 The Magilla Gorilla Show
5.27 The Stranger (Part 2)
5.55 Headline News and Weather
5.58 Here’s Harry
6.29 On Safari
6.55 Hogan’s Heroes
7.20 Sports Magazine
7.30 Weather Forecast
7.33 News
7.48 Town and Around
8.05 Menuhin Teaches
8.35 Man in a Suitcase
9.23 Friday Movie - Sister Kenny (1946)
11.14 Late News and Weather
11.20 Route 66
Followed by Closedown

Today’s TV: Wednesday 17 May 1978
from the NZ Listener

TV One
Noon News
12.05 The Young and the Restless
12.30 Forearmed
12.45 Country Calendar (Rpt)
1.00 Good Day
1.25 Days of Our Lives
2.15 Peyton Place (Rpt)
2.40 Nice One Auckland
2.45 Play School
3.10 Bucky and Pepito (Rpt)
3.15 Nice One Auckland
3.20 The Wombles (Rpt)
3.25 Curly and Coconut (Rpt)
3.35 Mr (Rpt)
3.45 Roman Holidays
4.05 Gilligan’s Island (B&W) (Rpt)
4.30 Nice One Auckland
4.35 Room 222 (Rpt)
5.00 Nice One Auckland
5.05 Tarzan (Rpt)
6.00 Hogan’s Heroes (Rpt)
6.30 News
Includes regional news from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin
7.00 The Onedin Line (Part 4)
8.00 Three’s Company
8.30 Miss New Zealand 1978
9.30 News
9.40 Prime Time
10.10 Seasons of the Year (Part 2)
11.00 News and Weather
11.05 Closedown

South Pacific Television (SPTV)
3.00pm Search for Tomorrow
3.25 Chic Chat, including:
3.25 Romper Room
3.55 Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
4.25 Clutch Cargo (Rpt)

4.30 Hey Hey It’s Andy, including:
4.30 Laramie (Rpt)
5.30 The Brady Bunch (Rpt)

6.00 News at Six
6.30 Six-Thirty Special - American Bandstand: 25th Anniversary (Part 2)
7.30 Movie of the Week - Von Ryan’s Express (1965) (Rpt)
10.00 News at Ten
10.30 The National Dream: Building the Impossible Railroad (Part 4)
11.30 (approx) Closedown

All programmes in colour unless otherwise specified.

Today’s TV: Tuesday 17 May 1988
from the NZ Listener

TV One
10.25am Teletext in Vision
10.40 Aerobics Oz Style
11.05 Play School (Rpt)
11.30 Kōhanga Reo (Rpt)
11.40 Rainbow
Noon Midday News
12.15 The Brontës of Haworth (Part 2) (Rpt)
1.10 Mary
1.40 Sharks (Rpt)
2.35 Around London (Rpt)
3.00 Whodunnit (Final) (Rpt)
3.45 Anna Karenina (Part 9) (Rpt)
4.45 Three’s Company (Rpt)
5.15 Emmerdale Farm
5.45 Te Karere
6.00 Kate & Allie (Rpt)
6.30 Network News
Includes regional programmes: Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin)
7.30 Fair Go
8.00 Matlock
9.00 Tuesday Documentary - Fiji: A Year After the Coup
10.00 CATS Eyes
11.00 House Calls
11.30 Citizen Smith (Rpt)
12.00am Closedown

Network Two
11.45am Teletext in Vision
Noon Love Connection
12.30 Kids’ Holiday Movie - Warming Up (1983)
2.05 Mr Merlin (Rpt)
2.30 Play School
2.55 Free Time, including (all times approx):
3.00 Sesame Street
4.00 Simon and the Witch
4.25 The Book Tower

5.00 Flintstone Frolics (Rpt)
5.30 Dr Who - The Leisure Hive (Part 1) (Rpt)
6.00 Sons and Daughters
6.30 Entertainment This Week
7.30 EastEnders
8.00 Mini-Series - I’ll Take Manhattan (Part 2)
10.00 EyeWitness
Current affairs, “WorldWatch” and a news update
11.00 Quincy ME (Starting tonight)
12.00am Closedown


Television: 31 December 2012 (New Years Eve) (Free to Air Only)
from the Ashburton Guardian

TV One
6.00 60 Minute Makeover (G, Rpt)
7.00 Going, Going, Gone (G, Rpt)
7.30 The Rich List (G, Rpt, T)
8.30 Informeical
9.00 Dancing On Ice (G, Rpt, T)
11.30 Informeical
12.00 Mucking In (G, Rpt, T)
12.30 Come Dine With Me (Final, PGR, T)
1.30 Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals (G, Rpt)
2.00 World’s Strictest Parents US (PGR, T)
2.55 60 Minute Makeover (G)
3.55 Te Karere (T)
4.25 Ellen (G)
5.25 Millionaire Hot Seat (G, T)
6.00 One News (T)
7.00 Border Security (G, Rpt, T)
7.30 Piha Rescue (PGR, Rpt, T)
8.00 High Country Rescue (G, T)
8.30 FILM: Dear John (2010) (AO, T)
10.40 FILM: Jerry Macguire (1996) (AO, Rpt, T)
1.30 Te Karere (Rpt, T)
1.55 Our World: Supply Chain Children
2.00 BBC World News
2.30 One Square Mile
3.00 BBC World News
3.30 World Business
4.00 BBC World News
4.30 HARDtalk
5.00 BBC News
5.05 Beliver’s Voice (Rpt)
5.35 Te Karere (Rpt, T)

6.00 Creflo Dollar
6.30 Hi-5 (G, Rpt, T)
7.00 Grizzly Tales (G, Rpt, T)
7.25 Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated (G, Rpt, T)
7.55 Ben 10: Ultimate Ailen (G, Rpt, T)
8.15 My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Tigger & Pooh And A Musical Too (G, Rpt, T)
9.20 Pajanimials (G, Rpt, T)
9.30 Informecials
11.00 Operation Hero (G, Rpt, T)
11.30 FILM: City Stickers II (1994) (PGR, Rpt, T)
1.50 FILM: Igor (2008) (PGR, Rpt, T)
3.30 Spongebob Squarepants (G, Rpt, T)
3.55 Zeke and Luther (G, Rpt, T)
4.20 Pair Of Kings (G, T)
4.49 Horace In Slow Motion (G, Rpt)
4.50 America’s Funniest Home Videos(G, Rpt, T)
5.20 FILM: Cat & Dogs 2: Revenge Of Kity Galore (2010) (G, Rpt, T)
7.00 2 Broke Girls (PGR, Rpt, T)
7.30 FILM: Dirty Dancing (1987) (T)
9.30 FILM: Zoolander (2001) (PGR, Rpt, T)
11.15 FILM: Sorority Girls (2002) (AO, Rpt, T)
1.10 Cougar Town Marathon (Final, PGR, T)
5.30 Informerical

6.00 Informerials
6.30 Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (G, Rpt)
7.30 Chelsea’s New Zealand’s Hottest Baker (G, Rpt)
8.30 Informericals
10.30 The Dr Oz Show (PGR, Rpt)
11.30 Everybody Loves Raymond (G, Rpt, T)
12.00 Terra Nova (PGR, Rpt, T)
1.00 Royal Pains (PGR)
2.00 White Collar (PGR)
3.00 The Real Housewives Of New York City (PGR)
4.00 Queer Eye For A Straight Guy (G)
5.00 Entertainment Tonight (G, Rpt)
5.30 Last Man Standing (G, Rpt, T)
6.00 3 News
7.00 Road Cops (PGR, Rpt, T)
7.30 The Block Australia (PGR)
8.00 FILM: Titanic (1997) (PGR, Rpt)
11.30 The Best Of Graham Norton (AO, Rpt)
12.30 Infomercials (G)
5.00 Joyce Meyer
5.30 City Impact Church

6.00 Sesame Street (G, Rpt)
6.55 Pingu (G, Rpt)
7.00 The Angry Beavers (G, Rpt)
7.30 Hey Arnold! (G, Rpt)
7.55 The Wild Thornberrys (G, Rpt)
8.20 Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Advent (G, Rpt)
8.45 Bananas In Pyjamas (G, Rpt)
9.00 Thomas and Friends (G, Rpt)
9.10 Bob The Builder (G, Rpt)
9.20 Peppa Pig (G, Rpt)
9.25 Peppa Pig (G, Rpt)
9.30 The Wiggles Show (G, Rpt)
9.40 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (G, Rpt)
9.50 Action Central (G, Rpt)
10.00 Informercials
2.00 Seasme Street (G, rpt)
2.55 Peppa Pig (G, Rpt)
3.00 Dora The Explorer (G, Rpt)
3.25 Bob The Builder (G, Rpt)
3.35 Raa Raa The Noisy Lion (G)
3.45 What’s Up Warthogs (G, Rpt)
4.10 Drake And Josh (G, Rpt)
4.40 Kenan & Kel (G, Rpt)
5.10 Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (G, Rpt)
5.35 Clueless (G, Rpt)
6.00 That 70s Show (G, Rpt)
6.30 Futurama (G, Rpt)
7.00 The Simpsons (G, Rpt)
7.30 How I Met Your Mother (PGR, Rpt)
8.00 New Girl (PGR, Rpt)
8.30 FILM: Stuck On You (2003) (AO, Rpt)
10.45 Persons Unknown (AO, Rpt)
11.35 Entertainment Tonight (G)

6.00 Home Shopping (G)
6.30 Bondi Vet (G, Rpt)
7.00 Millionaire: Hot Seat (G, Rpt)
7.30 Home Shopping (G)
12.00 London 2012 Closing Ceremony (G, Rpt)
4.00 The Late Show With David Letterman (G, Rpt)
5.00 Deal Or No Deal (G, Rpt)
5.30 Prime News
6.00 Deal Or No Deal (G, Rpt)
6.30 Millioniare: Hot Seat (G)
7.00 The Best of QI (G, Rpt)
7.30 FILM: Pink Panther 2 (2009) (PGR, Rpt)
9.30 Allo Allo (G)
10.00 Duran Duran One Night Only (PGR, Rpt)
11.00 Rod Stewart For One Night Only
12.00 The Late Show With David Letterman (G)
1.00 Home Shopping (G)
1.30 The Best Of The Crowd Goes Wild (G, Rpt)
2.00 Home Shopping (G)


Today’s TV: Friday 18 May 1990
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.30am Massey University
Alles Gutes, episodes six to nine
7.30 (approx) Closedown
9.55 Teletext in Vision
10.10 Play School (Rpt, G)
10.35 The Shoe People (Rpt, G)
10.40 Make Music Fun (G)
10.50 The ChuckleHounds (Rpt, G)
10.55 Doctor Snuggles (Rpt, G)
11.00 Atlantic Realm (Part 3, final) (Rpt, G)
11.55 Te Karere Headlines
Noon One Network News
12.15 Film on One - Heidi (1952) (G)
2.00 Worlds Apart (G)
2.50 Earthwatch (G)
3.10 Knots Landing (PGR)
4.00 Designing Women (G)
4.30 227 (G)
4.50 Emmerdale Farm (G)
5.20 North and South Island Programmes
5.20 Te Karere
5.30 M-A-S-H (Rpt, G)
5.20 Bugs Bunny (G)
5.35 Te Karere
5.45 The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) / The South Tonight (Dunedin)

6.00 One Network News
6.30 Holmes
7.00 Sale of the Century (G)
7.30 Coronation Street (G)
8.00 A Question of Sport (G)
8.30 Casualty (AO)
9.30 One World of Sport - Sports Week
10.00 One Network News
10.30 One World of Sport - Friday Night League
Winfield Cup 1990 - full delayed coverage of a round nine match (Brisbane Broncos v Cronulla Sharks)
12.30am Closedown

Channel 2
6.15am Teletext in Vision
6.30 The Yearling (G)
7.00 Breakfast News
7.05 The All New Popeye Show (Rpt, G)
7.30 Breakfast News
7.35 Flash Gordon (Rpt, G)
8.00 Breakfast News
8.05 The Smurfs (G)
8.30 Breakfast News
8.35 Maya the Bee (G)
9.00 Atom Ant (Final) (G)
9.20 Mike & Angelo (Final) (G)
9.40 Colour in the Creek (Final) (Rpt, G)
10.05 No Place Like Home (G)
10.40 Aerobics Oz Style (G)
11.05 Santa Barbara
Noon The Young and the Restless
1.00 Days of Our Lives
2.00 Webster (G)
2.25 After 2, including:
2.26 Play School (Rpt, G)
2.50 Hot Dog (G)
3.00 Puddle Lane (G)
3.15 Wowser (G)

3.45 Live!, including:
3.50 The Chipmunks (G)
4.20 RTR New Releases (G)

5.00 Batman (Rpt, G)
5.30 Blind Date (G)
6.00 Happy Days (Rpt, G)
6.30 Neighbours (Double episode) (G)
7.30 Richmond Hill (G)
8.30 Beyond 2000 (G)
9.30 Married… with Children (PGR)
10.00 Doctor Doctor (PGR)
10.35 Newsbreak
10.40 Unsolved Mysteries (AO)
11.40 Blue Thunder (AO)
12.45am Closedown

Noon The Oprah Winfrey Show (PGR)
1.00 The Power, the Passion (PGR)
1.30 Generations (PGR)
2.00 The Bold and the Beautiful (PGR)
2.30 Another World (PGR)
3.20 Thomas the Tank Engine (Rpt, G)
3.30 Mickey Mouse Club (G)
4.00 DuckTales (G)
4.30 Voltron (G)
5.00 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (G)
5.30 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Rpt, G)
6.00 Home and Away (G)
6.30 3 National News
7.00 Family Feud (G)
7.30 The Greatest American Hero (G)
8.30 Airwolf (AO)
9.30 The Main Event (Starting tonight)
10.30 Nightline
11.00 Late Movie - Saint Jack (1979) (AO)
1.00am Closedown

Sky News (CNN)
6.00am Newsday
7.00 CNN International Hour
8.00 Newsday
8.30 BBC News (6pm bulletin)
9.00 Newswatch
9.30 BBC News (9pm bulletin)
10.00 The World Today
11.00 Moneyline
11.30 Crossfire
Noon Prime News
1.00 Larry King Live
2.00 CNN Evening News
3.00 Moneyline
3.30 CNN Sports Tonight
4.00 Newsnight
5.00 Showbiz Today
5.30 Newsnight Update
6.30 Sports Latenight
7.00 News Overnight
7.30 CNN Newsroom
8.00 Larry King Overnight
9.00 Crossfire
9.30 Earlybird News
10.00 Daybreak
10.30 Business Morning
11.00 Daybreak
11.30 Business Day
12.00am Daybreak
1.00 CNN Morning News
2.00 World Day
3.00 Daywatch
4.00 Newshour
5.00 Sonya Live in LA (Continues to 6am)

Sky Sport
5.00pm The Opening Shot
A preview of what’s coming up on Sky Sport and highlights of the sporting week
6.00 Boxing
Top Rank Boxing - light heavyweights (Andrew Maynard v Mike Sedillo)
7.00 AMA Wrestling
8.00 Golf
The Southwestern Bell Classic
9.15 Rugby League
Includes live coverage of a round nine match (Brisbane Broncos v Cronulla Sharks) in the 1990 Winfield Cup season and highlights of the 1989/90 Rugby League Premiership final (Widnes v Bradford Northern)
12.00am Closedown

Sky Movies
Noon Ask Dr Ruth
12.30 Loving (1970)
2.00 SpaceCamp (1986)
4.00 Lovesick (1983)
6.00 Willow (1988)
8.05 The Man from Snowy River (1982)
10.00 Never Say Die (1988)
12.00am Closedown

Sky Network Television launches - “The Sky’s the limit”

“If you want it, here it is - come and get it!”

Sky Network Television, the pioneering subscription television service in New Zealand, began on Friday 18 May 1990. Subscribers equipped with VideoCrypt decoders could access a 24-hour news channel, and movie and sport channels each running daily from noon to midnight.

Despite the subscription model, all television viewers within the transmission area could still receive a ‘free-to-air’ daily news broadcasts and a free sports hour without needing a subscription. To access the free services you simply needed to tune your television set to a designated UHF channel and the Sky signal.

The free news broadcasts could be viewed on Mondays from 7-9am (CNN World Report), Tuesday to Saturday from 6-8am (Newsday and CNN International Hour) and Sunday from 6-8am (News Update, Health Week, Style with Elsa Klensch, On the Menu and Your Money), as per an article in the NZ Listener.

The free-to-air sport slot was allocated from 5-6pm each evening. During Sky’s launch week Friday’s screening (The Opening Shot) included a preview of what was coming up on Sky Sport in the following months while Saturday and Sunday featured live coverage of the first halves of rugby league matches from the 1990 Winfield Cup season.

The Sky signal initially reached the greater Auckland region, spanning from Pukekohe in the south to Orewa in the north, extending east to Beachlands and Whangaparaoa Peninsula, and bordered by the Waitakere Ranges in the west.

Viewers who successfully tuned into the Sky test pattern upon launch were likely to receive a clear signal, while those experiencing reception issues with TVNZ and TV3 (now Three) encountered similar difficulties with Sky’s signal. A tall UHF aerial could potentially resolve reception issues.

By July 1990, two months after the launch of Sky in Auckland, it was expanded to the Waikato region (Hamilton) and the Bay of Plenty region (Tauranga). In the initial years of Sky’s operation the coverage was planned to be extended gradually across the rest of the country, beginning with Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch in 1991.

This was followed by the Hawke’s Bay, Manawatu, Otago and Southland regions in 1994. In 1995 Taupo, Whanganui and the Wairarapa were added to Sky’s coverage. The final regions to receive the Sky signal in 1996 were Taranaki, Whangarei and the Eastern Bay of Plenty (Whakatane).

Sky News
Sky News, a news channel supplied by a collaboration between CNN and the BBC, operated around the clock and commenced transmission at 6am on the morning of Friday 18 May 1990.

News junkies who subscribed to Sky welcomed the continuous stream of the most up-to-the-minute information but the channel retained traces of its domestic American origins, unlike the international CNN news channel that Sky initially sought to acquire.

As stated by Allan Martin, Sky’s executive director in charge of Sky News at the time, the international CNN channel transmitted from Atlanta, where CNN’s headquarters is currently based, to Europe and South America while it did not reach the Pacific satellite serving New Zealand. Hence, the domestic CNN channel became the most viable alternative.

Nevertheless, the international news regularly featured in CNN’s feed was supplemented with Sky’s insertion of two BBC news bulletins daily. The BBC’s news content was beamed in via satellite from London.

Viewers had to adjust to an unfamiliar time perspective. For instance the Daybreak news programme screened at midnight NZT, the CNN Evening News from Atlanta at 2.30pm NZT, CNN Sports Tonight at 3.30pm NZT and so on. The weekly roundup of sport, news, science and other topics was broadcast in New Zealand during the early hours of Monday morning instead of the Sunday daytime slots intended for US audiences.

Due to the channel’s status as a US domestic programme, commercial spots were built in. However, equipment at the Warkworth satellite station allowed these spots to be replaced with Sky’s own channel promos.

Sky Movies
Sky Movies started transmission at noon on the afternoon of Friday 18 May 1990 with Ask Dr Ruth, a sex advice talk show hosted by German-American sex therapist Ruth Westheimer.

This was followed at 12.30pm by the 1970 dramedy film, Loving, which centred on the marital, professional and romantic challenges of a New York illustrator (George Segal). The 1986 sci-fi film SpaceCamp, featuring a young Joaquin Phoenix, screened at 2pm.

In its first few months Sky Movies opened its daily transmissions with a two-hour block of ‘general entertainment’ programming. The programme line-up consisted of Ask Dr Ruth, Loving, The Beachcombers, Wild, Wild World of Animals, Fun in the Sun and America’s Top 10. The schedule also featured two animated Star Wars spin-offs: Star Wars: Droids and Star Wars: Ewoks. Following the entertainment block at 2pm, non-stop movies were screened until closedown at around midnight.

According to Harold Anderson, Sky’s programming director at the time, almost all Sky Movies screenings in its first month were New Zealand television premieres. Anderson also stated that ‘the movies would be 100% first run on television within a month or so’.

Schedules on subscription channels typically included reruns, but due to Sky Movies’ novelty, repeat screenings were not implemented until weeks later. Films screened during Sky’s first week, such as Willow and The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie, were scheduled for repeat screenings on specific dates. Other movies like Princess Bride, The Man from Snowy River, Hamburger Hill and Angel Heart followed a similar repeat pattern.

Films were age-classified to facilitate parents in preventing children from accessing unsuitable content by removing the smart card from the decoder.

While Sky Network Television initially claimed it would screen films before TVNZ and TV3, this exclusivity did not apply to movies from The Walt Disney Company (including titles from Disney and Touchstone) as TV3 had exclusive rights to those.

Sky Sport
Sky Sport commenced at 5pm on the evening of Friday 18 May 1990 with The Opening Shot, a comprehensive preview of upcoming Sky Sport content and highlights from the previous sporting week.

The creation of a dedicated sports channel provided flexibility for live coverage, allowing events to extend beyond scheduled closedown times. In Sky’s second week this flexibility was utilised for cricket coverage from Britain, with the New Zealand cricket team facing England in two ODIs (originally scheduled for 10pm on Wednesday 23 May and 10.45pm on Friday 25 May).

Anderson emphasised the importance of creating a balanced sports content that appealed to us as New Zealanders. While ESPN provided substantial content from the US, Sky had a contract with the BBC for over 250 hours of British sport annually and TVNZ’s contributions were evident in programmes like Rugby at Noon on Sunday afternoons and Rugby Extra.

Sky’s coverage of major events like Wimbledon and the 1990 FIFA World Cup did not prevent TVNZ sports fans from accessing these events.

Murray Needham, TVNZ’s assistant head of sport at the time, explained that TVNZ had exclusive broadcast rights for events like Wimbledon, separate from pay, satellite, cable or other forms of television.

“The TVNZ sports service will not be less because Sky is covering events. We hope they will be very much complementary - on some occasions TVNZ will cover an event live and Sky will run highlights or Sky will be live and we will have a package of highlights. Viewers of both TVNZ and Sky could be occasions be watching the same events live.” - Murray Needham

During Sky’s first two months, live broadcasts featured rugby league matches (Winfield Cup and State of Origin), French rugby during their Australian tour, basketball games (Rheineck Basketball League) and cricket series between New Zealand and England.

Local rugby matches, specifically All Black tests against Scotland, were primarily shown as delayed broadcasts.

Sky allocated significant screen time to motorsport, international golf, the 1990 FIFA World Cup, boxing, AMA wrestling, NBA basketball, tennis and the women’s pro bowling tour.

VideoCrypt decoders and subscriptions
VideoCrypt decoders for unscrambling the Sky signal were available for purchase at $399 from major retailers and through Sky Network Television. Alternatively, they could be rented for $13.50 per month. Each decoder contained a subscription form and smart card, and the subscription fee for Sky’s three channels (Sky News, Sky Sport and Sky Movies) was $11.25 per week or $45 per month.

According to Brian Green, Sky’s director of engineering at the time, the decoder available at launch lacked a built-in tuner and required users to connect it to a VCR with a tuner. However, this setup prevented users from recording other channels while watching Sky.

Green further noted that users viewing TVNZ or TV3 could not simultaneously record Sky using a VCR with the decoder setup.

“We are having decoders built which will have tuners in them, enabling viewers to record any of the channels while watching any other channel. But they will be about $100 dearer than the present models.” - Brian Green

Television sets equipped with a 20-pin SCART connection allowed the decoder to be directly plugged into the TV without the need for a VCR.

“All the ancillary services for television in Europe have one thing in common - they need to be decoded and the world standard for access to decoders is the SCART connection. We are just a bit behind. Some newer model television sets are likely to have it on already, but our information is that the numbers in New Zealand are low.” - Brian Green


Today’s TV: Saturday 20 May 2000 (Part 1 - Free-to-air channels only)
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.00am BBC World - BBC News
6.35 Te Karere (Rpt)
A repeat screening of the previous day’s bulletin
6.50 Destiny Television
7.20 The Living Edens (Rpt, G)
8.30 Asia Dynamic (G)
9.00 Infomercial - LV Martin’s Shop at Home
9.30 Home Sweet Home (G)
10.00 Infomercials
Noon Delia’s How to Cook (G)
12.35 United Travel Getaway (Rpt, G)
1.05 Gardens of the World (G)
1.30 The Golf Show (G)
2.00 Suzuki Sportzone
Includes hockey (National Hockey League - men’s final; live), gymnastics (European Grand Prix - final event; highlights), basketball (NBL 2000 - round three; highlights) and tennis (ATP Tennis Masters - round four; highlights), plus regular contributions from Keith Quinn and John McBeth (interviews with guests, sports news and a talkback line)
6.00 One News
7.00 The National Bank Country Calendar (G)
7.30 My Hero (Series premiere) (PGR)
8.05 Monty Python Night (PGR)
10.40 Cadfael (AO)
12.15am BBC World, including:
12.15 Horizon
1.00 BBC News
1.30 Life
2.00 BBC News
2.10 Proud to Be Chinese
3.00 BBC News
3.10 Full Circle with Michael Palin
4.00 BBC News
4.30 Talking Movies
5.00 BBC News
5.30 This Week (Continues to 6am)

6.00am The Adventures of Blinky Bill (G)
6.25 Bumble (G)
6.50 Looney Tunes Cartoon - Carrotblanca (Rpt, G)
6.55 Buzz and Poppy (G)
7.00 Zorro (G)
7.30 Squirt
Includes Rocket Power (G), Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (G), SpongeBob SquarePants (G), Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles (PGR) and Godzilla: The Series (PGR)
10.30 Malcolm & Eddie (G)
11.00 Coca-Cola New Releases (PGR)
Noon Wild Things (G)
1.00 Nothing Sacred (PGR)
2.00 Mercy Point (PGR)
3.00 Mai Time (PGR)
4.00 AXN: Action TV (G)
4.55 The Famous Five (G)
5.30 Top of the Pops (G)
6.00 Coca-Cola RTR 2000 (G)
6.30 Colgate Saturday Feature - Brothers of the Frontier (1996) (G)
8.00 Lotto (Live draw)
8.05 Colgate Saturday Feature - Brothers of the Frontier (Continued)
8.30 Saturday Movie - Trial and Error (1997) (PGR)
10.35 WCW Nitro (AO)
12.40am Saturday Late Movie - Poison Ivy (1992) (Rpt, AO)
2.30 Queer Nation (Rpt, AO)
3.00 Movie - Fandango (1985) (Rpt, AO)
4.35 Behind the Scenes - “The End of the Affair” (Rpt)
5.05 Mai Time (Rpt, PGR) (Continues to 6am)

6.00am Infomercial
6.30 Pokémon (Rpt, G)
7.00 Disney Saturday Morning, including:
7.00 Sabrina: The Animated Series (G)
7.30 Mickey Mouse Works (Rpt, G)
8.00 Pepper Ann (G)
8.30 Recess (G)

9.00 Beast Wars (G)
9.35 Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Rpt, G)
10.30 Infomercials
12.05pm Matinee Movie - Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) (Rpt, PGR)
2.10 Matinee Movie - Cabin Boy (1994) (Rpt, G)
4.00 Ushuaia: The Adventures of Nicolas Hulot (G)
5.00 Ground Force (Rpt, G)
First shown in 1998; click the NZ On Screen link below to watch

5.30 Exide Gone Fishin’ (G)
6.00 3 News
6.30 Storm Warning II (G)
7.30 Ice As (PGR)
8.30 3 Sport - Gillette Saturday Night Football
9.00 3 Sport - Rugby
Super 12 2000 - semifinal one (Crusaders v Highlanders); full delayed coverage from Jade Stadium, Christchurch
11.00 3 Sport - Rugby
Super 12 2000 - semifinal two (Brumbies v Cats); full delayed coverage from Bruce Stadium, Canberra
1.00am 3 Sport - Football (2000 FA Cup Final)
Chelsea v Aston Villa - live from Wembley Stadium, London
4.00 Infomercials
5.25 Randy Morrison
5.55 Bayless Conley (Continues to 6.25am)

6.00am Teletrader (Continued)
9.00 Active Shopper Network
11.00 Infomercials
1.00pm Heartbreak High (Rpt, PGR)
2.00 Trisha (PGR)
3.00 Shark Bay (Rpt, PGR)
3.30 A Wedding Story (Rpt, G)
4.00 Movie Magic (G)
4.30 The Journey of Allen Strange (Rpt, G)
5.00 Student Bodies (G)
5.30 Looking Good (G)
6.00 N3TV: Next, New, Now. (G)
6.30 Beverly Hills 90210 (G)
7.30 Melrose Place (PGR)
8.30 TV4’s Saturday Movie - The Return of Alex Kelly (1997) (Rpt, AO)
10.15 Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (Rpt, AO)
11.10 The Detectives (Double episode) (PGR)
12.15am Infomercials
1.15 Teletrader (Programme ends at 6am)

6.00am TVSN (Continued)
7.00 Destination New Zealand
This programme repeats at 8am
9.00 Joyce Meyer - Life in the Word
9.30 This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn
10.00 TVSN
Noon Home Sweet Home
12.30 Infomercial
1.00 The Dukes of Hazzard (G)
2.00 The Bill (Triple episode) (Rpt, PGR)
A repeat screening of last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s programmes
3.30 Rex Hunt Fishing Adventure (Rpt, G)
4.00 Prime Sport - Aussie Rules (AFL Live)
AFL 2000 - live coverage of a round 11 match
7.00 Michael Barrymore’s Strike It Rich (G)
7.30 Great Romances of the 20th Century(G)
8.00 Waiting for God (G)
8.35 PD James Murder Mysteries (Starting tonight) (PGR)
9.40 Classic Movie - That Touch of Mink (1962) (Rpt, G)
11.30 The Morecambe & Wise Show (Rpt, G)
12.30am TVSN (Continues to 7am)

2000 FA Cup Final

The 2000 FA Cup final, the culmination of the 1999/2000 season and the 119th edition of the world’s oldest football knockout tournament, saw Chelsea and Aston Villa clash at the historic Wembley Stadium.

This match, played at an unusual 2am (NZ time) on the morning of Sunday 21 May 2000 due to time zone differences, marked the last FA Cup final to be held at the original Wembley Stadium. For Aston Villa, it was their first appearance in the final since their triumph in 1957.

The first half was a lacklustre affair with few scoring opportunities. However, the second half saw a more spirited performance, with Chelsea dominating possession. Despite several missed chances by George Weah and a disallowed goal for offside by Dennis Wise, Chelsea ultimately emerged victorious.

In the 73rd minute Roberto Di Matteo capitalised on an error by Aston Villa goalkeeper David James, volleying the ball into the net from close range. The goal came after James, attempting to gather a free-kick by Gianfranco Zola, fumbled the ball against Gareth Southgate, leaving Di Matteo with a clear shot. Although Aston Villa attempted to mount a comeback, their best opportunity fell to Benito Carbone who failed to test Chelsea goalkeeper Ed de Goey.

Chelsea’s victory, achieved with a solitary goal, secured their second FA Cup title in four years and their third overall. The winning goal was scored by Di Matteo, who had also found the net in the 1997 final.

Following the final, Wembley Stadium closed its doors for a major reconstruction, reopening five months later. For the next six years, the FA Cup Final was hosted at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff before returning to the newly rebuilt Wembley in 2007.

Live broadcast
@OnAir The 2000 FA Cup final, introduced by Martin Devlin, marked the end of 11 years of live coverage on TV3 (now Three) which began with the 1990 final (Crystal Palace v Manchester United). TVNZ reacquired the broadcast rights to the FA Cup final for the following year.

@TV4 Above is a short video clip in which Clint Brown, a 17 year veteran of TV3, padlocked the main entrance of the network’s Auckland headquarters (Flower Street) in the early hours of Sunday morning - shortly after the conclusion of the 2000 FA Cup final. This act was specifically intended to prevent his colleagues, notably Martin Devlin, from getting out of the building!

Ice As

Screening from 1995 to 1999, Ice TV captivated younger audiences with its magazine-like style and light-hearted entertainment. The show paved the way for Petra Bagust, Jon Bridges and Nathan Rarere to establish their careers as hosts. Its irreverent humour, brisk pace and predominantly youth oriented atmosphere featured a mix of skits, music, satire, gags and interviews, culminating in an iconic finale where a sponsor’s soft drink, i.e. L&P, was put through the ringer.

Debuting on TV3 (now Three), Ice TV was initially produced in an extended three-hour format on Saturday afternoons. During its first two years it ran from 3-6pm before switching to a 2-5pm slot in 1997. Locally produced segments were interwoven with international shows like Beverly Hills 90210 and Moesha, emulating popular children’s formats like TVNZ’s What Now.

With the inception of TV3’s secondary channel, TV4, Ice TV transitioned to Saturday nights at 7.30-8.30pm with a new home (TV4) and a hour-long format. To cater for viewers who did not receive TV4, the show was repeated at 2pm the following Saturday afternoon on TV3.

In 1998 Ice TV was moved to Sundays at 7.30pm (on TV4) and adopted a live-to-air format, with repeat screening being shown the following Saturday morning on TV3 at the earlier time of 9.30am. These timeslots, across both channels, remained unchanged until the show concluded in 1999.

In May 2000, coinciding with Nathan Rarere’s departure, Ice TV underwent a significant transformation. It was rebranded as Ice As, adopting a new format that emphasised local content. The live-to-air magazine show now featured local music, celebrity interviews, gigs and games, all performed before a live studio audience.

Petra Bagust and Jon Bridges, the original Ice TV presenters, were joined by Hugh Sundae (known for his work on the TVNZ music show, Music Nation, in 1995 as a reporter) and Glenn Elliott as co-hosts. Live music was typically provided by actor Joel Tobeck and his band, Tadow!, though other local acts performed live in the studio.

Ice As typically screened at approximately 11pm on Saturday nights on TV3 but was occasionally shown in an earlier, family friendly timeslot of 7.30pm. The show was repeated the following evening on TV4 around 9.30pm and Ice As itself ran for a year in 2000.

More to come in Part 2.


Today’s TV: Saturday 20 May 2000 (Part 2 - Sky UHF channels)
from the NZ Listener

Sky Movies
6.00am Barney’s Great Adventure (1998) (G)
7.15 Grease 2 (1982) (PG)
9.15 Cadillac Ranch (1996) (M)
11.00 Waiting for Guffman (1997) (M)
12.30pm Box Office America
1.00 Red Corner (1996) (M)
3.00 Great Expectations (1998) (M)
5.00 Firestorm (1998) (M)
6.30 When Harry Met Sally (1989) (PG)
8.30 Saturday Night at the Movies - For Richer or Poorer (1997) (M)
10.30 Snake Eyes (1998) (M)
12.15am Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) (M)
2.00 One Night Stand (1997) (R16)
3.45 The Making of “Out of Sight”
4.15 Red Corner (1997) (M) (Continues to 6.15am)

Sky Sport
6.00am Tennis
Hamburg Masters Series - men’s quarterfinal, live
8.00 The Bass Class
8.30 Sportsman’s Challenge
9.00 Kidz Kingz
10.00 Sportsraits - Daley Thompson
10.15 Rugby League
UK Super League 2000 - Leeds v Bradford; full delayed coverage
Noon Pro Box Boxing
1.30 Western Union World Football
2.00 World Superbike Magazine Show
2.30 Tennis
Hamburg Masters Series - men’s quarterfinal; live
4.00 NBA Action
4.20 Rugby League
NRL 2000 - Warriors v Bulldogs; live from Ericsson Stadium, Auckland
6.30 X-Games Files
X-Games Classix Street Luge
7.30 Rugby
Super 12 2000 - semifinal one (Crusaders v Highlanders); live from Jade Stadium, Christchurch
9.30 Rugby League
NRL 2000 - Sharks v Raiders; live from Toyota Park, Sydney
11.30 Rugby
Pacific Rim Tournament
1.30am Basketball
NBA 2000 (NBA Playoffs) - Conference semifinals, game six
4.00 Tennis
Hamburg Masters Series - men’s semifinals one and two; live (Continues to 7am)

CNN (Schedule incomplete)
6.30am World Business Today
7.00 Sky News
Via satellite from London
7.30 Q&A Live
8.30 Insight Live
9.00 World Business Today
9.30 World Sport
10.00 World View
10.30 Moneyline Newshour
11.30 World Beat
12.30pm The Artclub
1.00 Inside Asia
1.30 Moneyline Newshour
2.00 Larry King Live
3.30 Showbiz Today
4.30 Science & Technology
5.30 Hotspots
6.30 World Sport
7.00 Sky News
Via satellite from London
7.30 Style with Elsa Klensch
8.30 TV3 - 3 News
A delayed broadcast of TV3’s 6pm bulletin
9.00 Larry King
10.30 World Sport
11.30 Inside Asia
12.30am World Beat
1.30 The Artclub
2.30 World Sport
3.30 Pro Golf Weekly
4.00 Inside Africa
4.30 Hotspots
5.00 World Report (Continues to 6am)

Sky 1
6.00am Cartoon Network, including:
6.00 The Popeye Show
6.30 The Bugs & Daffy Show
7.00 Tiny Toon Adventures
7.30 The New Adventures of Captain Planet
8.00 Courage the Cowardly Dog
8.30 Mike, Lu & Og
9.00 Johnny Bravo
9.30 Dexter’s Laboratory
10.00 Big Bag
10.30 The Monchhichis
11.00 The Flintstones
11.30 The Jetsons
Noon The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries
12.30 The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley
1.00 The Tom and Jerry Show
1.30 Tiny Toon Adventures
2.00 The Popeye Show
2.30 The Addams Family
3.00 2 Stupid Dogs
3.30 The Detective Squad

4.00 ???
4.30 Party of Five
5.30 RoboCop
6.30 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
7.30 Xena: Warrior Princess
8.30 Sky 1 at the Movies - Ground Control (1999) (M)
10.05 Battle Dome
11.00 The Hunger
11.30 Threesome
12.00am Sky 1 Adult Entertainment - Dark Passion (R18)
1.30 The Bold and the Beautiful
2.00 Sky 1 at the Movies - Ground Control (1999) (Rpt, M)
3.35 The Russ Abbot Show
4.05 Battle Dome (Rpt)
5.00 RoboCop (Rpt) (Continues to 6am)

6.00am Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious Universe
6.30 Beyond 2000
7.00 Splat!
7.30 Ultrascience
8.00 Equinox
9.00 Discover Magazine
9.30 TAB Trackside (Free to air)
Includes live racing from Te Rapa, Riccarton, Caulfield and Canterbury, plus:
9.30 Ford Report (until 10am)
10.00 Live racing
6.50pm Final race from Australia

7.00 Science Frontiers
8.00 The New Detectives
9.00 On the Inside
10.00 Discovery Profile Series (Triple episode)
1.00am Medical Detectives
2.00 Travelers
3.00 Ushuaia
4.00 Inntimate Escapes
5.00 Go for It! (Continues to 6am)

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What a fantastic lineup for Saturday mornings back then. Those SpongeBob episodes in particular would’ve still been fairly new at the time - Nickelodeon proper had only launched here that January after all.

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Today’s TV: Monday 24 May 1976
from the NZ Listener

TV One
11.30am Play School (Rpt)
Noon Lunchbox
12.05 The Young and the Restless
12.30 Beauty and the Beast
1.00 Today at One
1.30 Days of Our Lives
1.50 Crown Court
2.15 Crossroads
2.35 Play School
3.05 Sesame Street
4.05 Noveltoons
4.15 Crystal Tipps and Alistair
4.20 The Flaxton Boys (Rpt)
4.45 The Magilla Gorilla Show (Rpt)
5.10 Trick and Treat (Rpt)
5.15 Ready to Roll
5.40 Apple’s Way
6.30 News
Includes regional news from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin
7.00 Close to Home
7.30 Sutherland’s Law
8.20 Motor Show
8.35 Epidemic (Starting tonight)
Click the NZ On Screen link below to watch

9.00 The Family
9.30 Tonight
10.00 World in Action - The Guinea Pig Soldiers
10.30 News and Weather
10.35 Closedown

TV2 South Pacific Television
1.00pm Marked Personal
1.25 Dinah!
2.15 Search for Tomorrow
2.35 Rainbow
2.55 Romper Room
3.30 The Adventures of Rupert Bear
3.40 Now C Here
4.10 Here’s Lucy
4.35 The High Chaparral
5.30 I Dream of Jeannie
6.00 News at Six
6.30 Mister Roberts
7.00 And Mother Makes Five
7.25 Mobile One
8.25 Porridge
9.00 Starsky & Hutch
10.00 News at Ten
10.30 Closedown

All programmes in colour unless otherwise specified.

Today’s TV: Saturday 24 May 1986
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.45am Teletext in Vision
7.00 Secret Squirrel (Rpt)
7.25 The Muppet Babies (Rpt)
8.00 What Now
10.00 Get Smart (Rpt)
10.30 The Munsters (Rpt)
11.00 The Man from UNCLE (Rpt)
Noon News
12.02 Sport on One
Includes netball (Swiss Maid League Netball, NZ v Australia, NZ v Jamaica) and equestrian (1986 World Eventing Championships)
6.30 News
7.00 Me and My Girl
7.30 MacGyver
8.30 Press for Service
9.00 The Saturday Premiere Movie - Heartsounds (1984)
11.35 Entertainment This Week
12.30am News
12.35 Cagney (Late Movie) - Public Enemy (1931) (B&W)
2.00 Closedown

10.45am Teletext in Vision
11.00 Africa (Part 5) (Rpt)
Noon Our World - Battle of the Leaves (Rpt)
12.55 Highway to Heaven (Rpt)
1.45 Saturday Afternoon Movie - Tempest (1958) (Rpt)
3.45 The People’s Court
4.10 More Real People
4.35 Vegetarian Kitchen (Part 6, final)
5.00 Emmerdale Farm (Double episode)
5.55 News
6.00 News Review
6.30 Mind Your Language
7.00 Fast Forward
7.30 Foreign Correspondent
8.30 Sports Special - Harness Racing
1986 Sires Stakes Final - live from Alexandra Park, Auckland
9.00 Saturday Playhouse - Number on End
10.15 News
10.30 World Cinema - Swiss Maker (1978)
A German film with English subtitles
12.15am Closedown

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Today’s TV: Tuesday 25 May 1971
from the NZ Listener

2.00pm Headline News
2.03 On Camera
2.46 Then Came Bronson
3.37 The Beverly Hillbillies
4.02 Country Calendar (Rpt)
4.20 Men in History
4.41 The Alvin Show
5.09 The Magic Roundabout
5.14 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
5.37 Headline News and Weather
5.40 Barrier Reef
6.07 The Andy Griffith Show
6.35 What’s My Line?
7.00 Network News
7.20 Weather / The South Tonight
7.46 Coronation Street
8.16 In the Nature of Things
8.33 Room 222
9.03 Newsbrief
9.05 Gallery
9.33 The Gold Robbers (Part 3)
10.30 1971 Labour Party Conference (Highlights)
10.53 Late News and Weather
10.59 Closedown

Today’s TV: Monday 25 May 1981
from the NZ Listener

TV One
10.35am Play School
11.00 Angels (Rpt)
11.30 Yoga with Sandra Riddle
11.35 Two’s Company (Rpt)
Noon News
12.02 The Young and the Restless
12.30 See Here
12.35 Beauty and the Beast
1.00 Crown Court
1.30 Days of Our Lives
2.25 Play School (Rpt)
A repeat screening of today’s programme
2.50 The Munch Bunch
3.00 Chic Chat
3.30 After School, including:
3.30 Motormouse and Autocat (Final)
4.00 Take Hart
4.25 Once Upon a Story
4.40 Go

5.05 Striker
5.30 Children of Fire Mountain (Part 13, final) (Rpt)
6.00 Crypto Cross (Final)
6.30 News
7.00 Close to Home
7.30 Regional Programmes
Top Half (Auckland)
Today Tonight (Wellington)
The Mainland Touch (Christchurch)
7.30 South (Dunedin)

8.00 The Cuckoo Waltz (Final)
8.30 Minder (Final)
9.30 Soap
10.00 Dallas
11.05 News
11.10 Closedown

2.30pm Prisoner
3.20 Monday Afternoon Movie- Twice Round the Daffodils (1962) (B&W)
5.00 Star Trek (Rpt)
6.00 News at Six
6.30 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
7.30 Robin’s Nest
8.00 Mini-Series - The Last Convertible (Part 3, final)
10.00 News at Ten
10.30 I Didn’t Know You Cared
11.00 Vegas
11.50 Closedown

Today’s TV: Saturday 25 May 1991
from the NZ Listener

TV One
11.45am Teletext in Vision
Noon Country Calendar (Rpt, G)
12.30 The Pallisers (Part 11) (Rpt, G)
1.30 The Brothers (Rpt, G)
2.30 One World of Sport - Netball
1991 Bendon League - playoff match; live
4.00 One World of Sport - Rugby: The Big Game
Includes Hawke’s Bay v Romania, Counties Manukau v Bay of Plenty, Wairarapa-Bush v Romania and Queensland v Fiji
6.00 One Network News
6.30 A Dog’s Show (G)
7.00 Mud and Glory (Part 3) (G)
7.35 Aspel & Company (G)
8.25 The Saturday Mystery Movie - The Incident (1990) (AO)
10.20 The Film Club - One-Eyed Jacks (1961) (Rpt, G)
12.55am Closedown

Channel 2
6.15am Teletext in Vision
6.30 The Breakfast Club, including:
6.35 Heathcliff (Final) (G)
7.00 The Chipmunks (Rpt, G)
7.30 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures (G)

8.00 What Now (G)
10.00 Pepsi RTR Sounz! (G)
11.00 My Two Dads (G)
11.30 The Munsters Today (G)
Noon The Beverly Hillbillies (Rpt, G)
12.30 Hogan’s Heroes (Rpt, G)
1.00 The Dukes of Hazzard (G)
2.00 Saturday Cinema - Stella Dallas (1937) (B&W) (G)
4.00 Life Goes On (G)
5.00 A Country Practice (G)
6.00 Pepsi RTR Countdown (G)
6.30 America’s Funniest People (G)
7.00 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (G)
7.30 Full House (G)
8.00 Lotto (Live draw)
8.05 New Zealand’s Funniest Home Videos (G)
8.30 The Young Ones (AO)
9.30 Cops (AO)
10.00 Mission: Impossible (Rpt, AO)
11.05 Saturday Late Movie - The Carpetbaggers (1964) (Rpt, AO)
1.50am Closedown

7.00am EBS (G)
Includes Raggedy Ann & Andy, The Super Mario Bros Super Show and Beetlejuice
9.00 Ya Hoo (G)
Includes Hey Vern, It’s Ernest!, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and the Video Challenge
11.00 Coca-Cola Shakedown (G)
Noon The World at War Special - Hitler’s Germany (Part 2) (G)
1.00 The Last Frontier (G)
1.30 Noah’s Ark (G)
2.00 The Happy Apple (G)
2.30 Best of British (G)
3.00 3 Mini-Series - Little Women (Part 2, final) (G)
5.00 The Magical World of Disney - The Thanksgiving Promise (Part 2) (G)
6.00 3 National News
6.30 Super Bloopers and New Practical Jokes (G)
7.30 Family Night at the Movies - The Flight of the Navigator (1986) (Rpt)
9.30 3 Sport - Basketball
Rheineck Basketball League 1991 - Palmerston North v New Plymouth; full delayed coverage from Manawatu Sports Stadium
11.15 Late Movie - Foolin’ Around (1980)
1.15am Closedown

Sky Sport
Noon Basketball
NBA 1990/91 - Conference Finals
2.30 US Aerobics Champs
3.15 Pro-Box
5.00 Rugby League
Winfield Cup 1991 - Bulldogs v Eels; live from Belmore Sports Ground
6.45 Tennis
ATP Tour - highlights
7.30 Basketball
Rheineck Basketball League 1991 - Palmerston North v New Plymouth; live from Manawatu Sports Stadium
9.30 Rugby Replay
Hawke’s Bay v Romania - full delayed coverage from McLean Park, Napier
11.00 Golf (Seniors)
1991 Bell Atlantic Classic - round one
12.00am Closedown

Sky News (CNN)
CNN News 24 hours a day, plus:
BBC News at 7am (6pm bulletin) and 7pm (9pm bulletin)

Sky Movies
Noon Sebastian and the Sparrow (1988) (GY)
2.00 My Brilliant Career (1979) (G)
4.00 The Care Bears Movie (1985) (G)
6.00 North Shore (1987) (GY)
8.00 It Takes Two (aka “My New Car”) (1988) (GA)
10.00 Hamburger Hill (1987) (RP16)
11.50 The Incredible Invasion (aka “Alien Terror”) (1971) (R13)
1.07am Closedown

Do you know that McLeods Daughters started broadcasting here? Paddy it is the telemovie or TV Show?