Classic NZ TV Listings

New Zealand TV listings for Saturday 2 June 1990
Source: The Southland Times (with thanks to Blair Howden)

TV One
8.45 In Vision Teletext (as Teletext in Vision)
9.00 Floyd on Fish (G)
9.30 Vintage: A History of Wine (G)
10.00 Globe TV: A Ticket to the World (G)
10.50 The Spectacular World of Guinness Records (G)
11.10 Trapper John MD (G)
Noon Sorry (Rpt, G)
12.30 Duchess of Duke Street (Rpt, G)
1.25 Dad’s Army (Rpt, G)
2.00 One World of Sport: Sports Saturday (includes Netball, Golf, Racing)
5.00 Nissan Rugby Special
6.00 One Network News
6.30 Country Calendar (Final) (G)
7.00 Mud and Glory (Colin Meads: A Return Journey) (G)
7.30 Our World (G)
8.30 Saturday Night at the Movies: Heartburn (1986)
10.40 One Network News
10.50 One World of Sport: Basketball 1990 (Rheineck Basketball League)
12.00 Closedown

Channel 2
6.15 In Vision Teletext (as Teletext in Vision)
6.30 The Breakfast Club (G)
6.31 Groovie Goolies (G)
7.00 Galtar and the Golden Lance (G)
7.25 Denver, the Last Dinosaur (G)
8.00 What Now (G)
10.00 RTR Sounz! (G)
11.05 Life in the Fridge Exists (G)
11.35 Perfect Strangers (G)
Noon Beverly Hillbillies (G)
12.30 My Two Dads (G)
1.00 Great Circuses of the World (G)
2.00 Saturday Cinema: Come and Get It (1936)
4.00 The Adventures of Black Beauty (G)
4.30 Hogan Family (G)
5.00 A Country Practice (G)
6.00 RTR Countdown (G)
6.30 Free Spirit (G)
7.00 Growing Pains (G)
7.30 Major Dad (G)
8.00 Lotto (live draw)
8.05 Who’s the Boss
8.30 21 Jump Street (AO)
9.30 Unsub (AO)
10.30 WWF Superstars of Wrestling (AO)
11.30 Cops (AO)
12.00 The Tracey Ullman Show
12.30 It’s Garry Shandling’s Show
1.00 Closedown

7.00 EBS (includes Kissyfur, Dennis the Menace, Dinosaucers, Garfield, Voltron) (G)
10.00 Shakedown (G)
11.00 Welcome Back Kotter (G)
11.30 Chico and the Man (Rpt, G)
Noon Country Clips (G)
1.00 AfterMASH (G)
1.30 Movie: Snow White and the Three Stooges (1961)
3.15 Movie: Secret Beyond the Door (1948)
5.00 Shakedown: The 2nd Edition (G)
5.45 3 National News
6.00 Home and Away (G)
6.30 The New Adventures of Black Beauty (G)
8.00 Saturday Night at the Movies: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)
10.30 The Fall Guy (AO)
11.30 Sara (G)
12.00 Closedown


I am new to Media Spy and if you’re reading a new topic that I created, I have the ability to track down classic New Zealand television listings from a variety of sources such as daily newspapers and the Listener.

Although I have good memory and knowledge of New Zealand television from the classic years - including iconic New Zealand shows, personalities and TV channel launches - I have difficulty finding classic Kiwi TV listings online and some public libraries throughout New Zealand, including Wellington, have older issues of the Listener - just to track down some stuff even more.

Thank you for your attention.


Yeah I’d love to see some old NZ TV Guides, particularly from the 1960’s and 1970’s from the days of AKTV2, WNTV1, CHTV3 and DNTV2 and the the early days of TVOne and South Pacific TV.


@Mechsta Thanks for your suggestion! This new topic is similar to classic TV listings from across the Tasman.

This is the only NZ listing I have on hand, it’s from 2002:

Source: TV Guide


Lot to take in here…

3 hours of Big Brother content between 6-11:30pm on TV2 lol.

The Brady Bunch being bumped into prime time on Prime.


was that NZ Big Brother or the Aussie one?

Australian version, would be season 2.

There’s never been an NZ version. The Australian one would usually air a day later at 6:30pm for half hour episodes, or 6 for hour long ones.
If memory serves, the finale for S1 was run in primetime the following night and from season 2 it was shown live with Australia, which meant a 9:30pm start NZT on a Sunday night and a near midnight finish.

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I’m surprised to see it was on Two in NZ, I would have given ties between Ten and TV3 might have seen it go to 3.

Yeah I can’t really remember how it ended up on Two.
For the first season, there were NZ-specific wraparounds at the top and tail of each show hosted by actor Mark Ferguson with explainers about things in the episode and scheduling information at the end. Also NZ couldn’t vote in evictions, but there was some tie-in with Pizza Hut where you could ring and vote who you wanted out and go in the draw for some free pizza ha.

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That TV2 primetime lineup is a stellar lineup as far as I am concerned. I would be happy to watch everything on there. Evidence of little choice compared then compared to now as well possibly lol.

I never knew that there was a 6am One News bulletin before either. It was gone by the time I took notice of breakfast TV.

TV4 was a waste of a channel wasn’t it.

Produced and distributed by Southern Star Endemol.

Yeah it doesn’t ring a bell with me either. I think they moved Te Karere in at 6 for a while maybe? Until they moved (Insert Sponsor Here) Business to 6am and eventually, Breakfast.

Yeah, they never really knew what to do with it after launching with a bang in '97. Having said that, I watched America’s Most Wanted rather religiously on Monday nights for a few years and also Buffy on Wednesdays. But the majority of time it was not up to much.

Before Sky Network Television took over ownership of Prime Television New Zealand Ltd in February 2006, it was fully owned and operated by Prime Television Ltd (now Prime Media Group Ltd), an Australian publicly-listed company.

In March 2002, Prime entered into a joint venture with Australia’s leading broadcaster, the Nine Network. The joint venture allowed Prime to access Nine’s own programming, such as the Today Show, and to gain leverage from Nine’s positioning in the international television market. Since that time Prime had offered first-run movies and series from the USA with the added impetus of fresh and exciting programmes from Australia.

On 11 August 1997 TVNZ launched its Telstra Business and Breakfast programmes. Both of which screened weekdays on TV One (now TVNZ 1).

Telstra Business went to air at 6.30am and was fronted by financial journalist Michael Wilson; it was a mixture of business news, financial market information, in-depth analysis and commentary, and items of interest to the corporate sector in a half hour format. Telstra New Zealand became what was known as TelstraSaturn and, latterly, TelstraClear and the programme’s naming rights sponsor was changed over the years.

The morning business programme was followed by Breakfast, although it was only a two hour broadcast, airing from 7am to 9am. Susan Wood and Mike Hosking were the original hosts from the start, and the morning news was read by Liz Gunn.

A repeat broadcast of the previous day’s Te Karere was shown at 6.15am on Tuesday to Friday before shifting to 6.10am in 2001 as TVNZ introduced an early morning One News (now 1 NEWS) bulletin at 6am.

When did Prime News begin because it wasn’t listed at it’s usual 5:30 slot there.

Initially, Prime had local news bulletins in Christchurch and Hamilton on weeknights at 5.30pm. Christchurch’s bulletin was anchored by Vanessa Rawson and Hamilton’s was anchored by Mei Taare. Both bulletins ran for 30 minutes, but due to intense competition for local news in Christchurch and a lack of viewership, both bulletins were axed during 2001.

Prime News, with a stronger national focus, was launched in February 2004 and screens nightly at 5.30pm. It is currently produced by MediaWorks at its Flower Street studios in Eden Terrace, Auckland; this is where TV3 (now Three) is headquartered since its launch in 1989. @theGradyConnell @NaruTVMock What do you think of that?


On some nights, especially earlier in the week and Sundays when the competition played their trump cards for the week. TV4 tended to schedule the better things later on in the week to get better share, but that said by 2002 Mediaworks were clearly running it down.

Here’s a fun fact, the last new programme to air on TV4 was “Love is a Four Letter Word,” from, you guessed it, little old Australia. The last episode went to air the night before TV4 shut down and became C4. Probably won’t see LIAFLW again because of music rights, a bit like WKRP in Cincinnati.

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From the Listener 2000…

TV3 launch guide


An episode of Shark in the Park, as seen in the promo courtesy of YouTube, was shown on TV One at 9.05pm on Wednesday 25 September 1991. The hour long, locally produced police drama was preceded at 8pm by an episode of the BBC drama Lovejoy, starring Ian McShane as the title character.

Shark in the Park was set in Wellington about a unit of frontline police officers and their boss, Inspector Finn (played by Jeffrey Thomas). The first series of Shark was produced in 1988 by the TVNZ drama department out of Avalon (and broadcast on TV One on Wednesdays at 8.30pm from 5 April until 21 June 1989), with the department being dismantled and redundancy cheques handed out as shooting finished. As TVNZ outsourced all its in-house drama productions to independent producers, Dave Gibson took over production in 1990 and the next two Shark series (1990 and 1991) were put together by The Gibson Group, a Wellington based independent production house.

Shark in the Park ran for a total of 38 episodes over three series, from 1989 to 1991.

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