Classic NZ TV Listings

Today’s TV: Sunday 22 July 1984
from the NZ Listener

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Today’s TV: Monday 24 July 1989
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.30am Sports Special - Golf
British Open 1989 - final round, live
8.30 (approx) Closedown
9.55 Teletext in Vision
10.10 Aerobics Oz Style (Rpt)
10.35 Play School (Rpt)
11.00 Rainbow
11.15 The Smurfs (Rpt)
11.40 Amigo and Friends
11.45 Kohanga Reo (Rpt)
11.55 Te Karere Headlines
Noon Network News at Noon
12.15 Santa Barbara
1.10 Days of Our Lives
2.10 Coronation Street (Rpt)
A repeat of last Thursday and Friday’s episodes
3.05 Massage (Part 4)
3.35 Nature Watch
4.15 In Loving Memory (Starting today)
4.45 Emmerdale Farm
5.15 Te Karere
5.25 Sons and Daughters
6.00 Network News at Six
6.30 Holmes
7.00 EastEnders
7.30 Matlock
8.30 Bust
9.30 EyeWitness News
10.00 Wide World of Sport
Includes rugby league (1989 Winfield Cup) and golf (British Open highlights)
12.00am Closedown

Network Two
10.50am Teletext in Vision
11.05 The Young and the Restless
Noon The Love Connection
12.30 Taxi (Rpt)
12.55 The Love Boat (Rpt)
1.55 Three’s Company (Rpt)
2.20 After 2, including:
2.21 Play School (Rpt)
2.50 Dr Snuggles (Rpt)
3.00 Zoobilee Zoo
3.20 Square One

3.45 Live!, including:
3.50 Danger Mouse (Rpt)
4.05 Danger Bay
4.40 RTR Megamix

5.10 The Mostly Useful Job Guide
5.40 Newsbreak and Regional Programmes
Includes Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin)
6.00 M-A-S-H (Rpt)
6.30 Neighbours
7.00 Sale of the Century
7.30 The Flying Doctors
8.30 China Beach
9.30 The Twilight Zone (Three episodes)
10.30 Newsbreak
10.35 Entertainment This Week
11.30 The Untouchables
12.30am Closedown

This week (24-28 July 1989) was the final week in which “Sale of the Century” aired on Network Two (now TVNZ 2) at 7pm. Within the next week (31 July), ‘New Zealand’s richest quiz show’ was moved to TV One (now TVNZ 1) in the same timeslot and the Australian soap “Neighbours” was moved to a double episode format from 6.30-7.30pm.

“EastEnders” was moved from individual half hour episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm on TV One to double episodes on Wednesdays at around 10.35pm on Network Two (right after the 10.30pm newsbreak).

@OnAir, what do you think?


Today’s TV: Wednesday 26 July 1977
from The Press

TV One
11.30am Play School
Noon News
12.05 The Young and the Restless
12.30 Forearmed
12.35 Good Farming
1.00 Today at One
1.25 Days of Our Lives
2.20 Peyton Place (Rpt)
2.45 Crown Court
3.15 Hattytown Tales (Rpt)
3.25 Vision On
3.55 Mr
4.05 Barbapapa
4.10 Gentle Ben (Rpt)
4.35 Bewitched (Rpt)
5.05 Tarzan (Rpt)
6.00 The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Rpt)
6.30 News and Weather
Includes regional news from Christchurch
7.00 Good Times
7.30 Beryl’s Lot
8.00 The New Avengers
9.00 The Dick Emery Show
9.30 News
9.40 Sportsnight
10.10 Colditz
11.05 News and Weather
11.10 Closedown

South Pacific Television (SPTV)
1.00pm Search for Tomorrow
1.30 The Main Chance (Rpt)
2.30 Dinah!
3.00 Chicaboom!
Includes Romper Room
3.25 Korg: 70,000 BC
4.00 Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
4.35 The Time Tunnel
5.30 The Partridge Family
6.00 First Edition (News)
6.30 Miss Universe 1977 (Part 2)
7.30 Doctor in Charge
8.00 Within These Walls
9.00 Ironside
10.00 Late Edition (News)
10.10 Holiday
10.40 The Untouchables
Followed by Closedown

All programmes in colour unless otherwise specified.

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Hello Paddy, do you have the listings for the 1978 Commonwealth games?

Here are the listings for the 1978 Commonwealth Games, beginning with the opening ceremony (at 9am) on the morning of Friday 4 August 1978:

TV One
9.00am 1978 Commonwealth Games
Opening ceremony - live
11.00 Closedown
Noon News
12.05 The Young and the Restless
12.30 Forearmed
12.35 Beauty and the Beast
1.00 Good Day
1.20 Days of Our Lives
2.15 Peyton Place
2.40 Play School
3.10 Pick a Letter (Rpt)
3.15 The Shari Show (Rpt)
4.10 Donny and Marie (Rpt)
5.10 UFO (Rpt)
6.00 The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Rpt)
6.30 News
Includes regional news from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin
7.00 Coronation Street
7.30 Weekends with One
7.40 Logan’s Run
8.25 Songs of the Pacific
8.30 1978 Commonwealth Games
Opening ceremony - highlights
9.30 News
9.45 Joe and Koro
10.15 The Friday Film: The Rack (1956)
12.05am News and Weather
12.10 Closedown

South Pacific Television (SPTV)
3.00pm Search for Tomorrow
3.20 Romper Room
3.50 Quick Draw McGraw
4.00 Chapi Chapo
4.10 The Lone Ranger
4.20 The Adventures of Professor Kitzel
4.25 Cash and Company (Rpt)
5.15 The Merrie Melodies Show (Rpt)
5.35 The Brady Bunch
6.00 News at Six
6.25 Police Five
6.30 This World - Energy: A National Issue
7.20 The Many Wives of Patrick
7.45 The Sullivans (Double episode)
8.30 Porridge (Rpt)
9.00 The Expert
9.50 News Stand
10.00 News at Ten
10.30 Commonwealth Games Report
Opening ceremony - highlights
10.45 Welcome To…
11.15 The Age of Uncertainty
12.10am Closedown


How much coverage it has televised this time and do you have the 1986 games listings?

@Sheldon_Betteridge In 1978 TV One’s coverage was limited to highlights packages at 6pm and around 8.30pm, with the 6pm edition being repeated at lunchtime the next day, but the big events involving Kiwi athletes were televised live. South Pacific Television (SPTV) had a nightly Commonwealth Games highlights, straight after the late news.

I also have the 1986 Commonwealth Games listings where TV One had live coverage through the night. The channel also combined its Games coverage with live crosses to the cricket (England v New Zealand - first and second tests).

Tuesday 29 July 1986
TV One
6.00am 1986 Commonwealth Games & Cricket (Continued)
Day five. Includes swimming (men’s 200m freestyle, women’s 100m butterfly, men’s 200m breaststroke, women’s 100m breaststroke, men’s 4x100m freestyle relay), weightlifting (90kg class, 100kg class), track and field (men’s 5000m heats), cycling (100m sprint and quarterfinals), shooting, boxing and cricket highlights (NZ v England - first test, day four)
10.00 Crossroads
10.30 Julia Child and Company (Rpt)
11.00 News
11.02 The Onedin Line (Rpt)
Noon The Young and the Restless
1.00 Sink or Swim (Rpt)
1.35 Days of Our Lives
2.30 You and Your Child (Rpt)
2.35 Play School (Rpt)
3.00 Sesame Street
4.00 After School, including:
4.03 The Gummi Bears
4.33 The Video Dispatch

4.55 The Flintstones (Rpt)
5.25 Dr Who (Rpt)
6.00 1986 Commonwealth Games
Day five highlights
6.30 News
Includes regional programmes: Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin)
7.30 Fair Go (Final)
8.00 Family Ties
8.30 Magnum PI
9.30 Sport on One Special - Rugby League
State of Origin - live from Lang Park, Brisbane
11.00 News
11.05 1986 Commonwealth Games & Cricket (Continues to 10am)
Day six. Includes live crosses to the cricket (NZ v England - first test, day five), rowing (finals and live coverage of the women’s single sculls final), swimming (women’s 200m freestyle, women’s 200m butterfly, men’s 100m backstroke, men’s 1500m freestyle), bowls, badminton, weightlifting, diving (men’s highboard), boxing, cycling (4000m teams’ pursuit heats) and shooting

Noon 1986 Commonwealth Games
Day five highlights
1.00 Newsline
1.25 Beauty and the Beast
1.50 See Here
2.00 Crown Court (Rpt)
2.30 Prisoner
3.30 The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Rpt)
4.00 Eight Is Enough (Rpt)
5.00 Country Calendar (Rpt)
5.15 Small Wonder (Final)
5.45 News
5.50 Te Karere
6.00 Sons and Daughters
6.30 The Young Doctors (Double episode)
7.30 Who’s the Boss?
8.00 Mastermind
8.30 Tuesday Documentary: The Theatre of War
9.30 Eye Witness News
10.00 Wynne and Penkovsky (Final)
11.00 Police Woman (Rpt)
11.55 Closedown

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Seeing that both TVNZ channels showing coverage with TV2 mostly showing hourly highlights places in comparison of extensive coverage provided by TV One, as SKY’s Prime channel doing something Similar for this years games with mix of live and delayed


Missing TVNZ’s free to air coverage with 3 channels (TVNZ 1, TVNZ Duke & TVNZ Games Extra plus Games Online) I suppose 1 channel on free to air should surfice. I’m left wondering if Prime will cover any of the Kiwi’s in the Para sports.

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They could but they will never know what will happen

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Today’s TV: Sunday 31 July 1994 (free-to-air channels only)
from the NZ Listener

TV One
8.30am eTV - Asia Dynamic (G)
9.00 Praise Be (G)
9.30 Tagata Pasifika (G)
10.00 Waka Huia (G)
11.00 Marae (G)
Noon Agri-Tech 2000 (G)
12.30 Antiques Roadshow (Starting today) (G)
1.30 Spies (G)
2.00 One World of Sport - Countrywide Bank Grandstand
Includes equestrian (World Equestrian Games - highlights), rugby league (Bluebird Kiwi League - NZ XIII v Western Samoa) and rugby (Queensland v Western Samoa - highlights of the first half, live coverage of the second half)
6.00 One Network News
6.30 Frontline
7.30 Barrymore (G)
8.35 Montana Sunday Theatre: Fallout (Part 2, final) (PGR)
10.20 One World of Sport - 1994 Goodwill Games: St Petersburg
Includes women’s gymnastics (team competition), boxing (finals) and wrestling (finals)
12.20am Film on One: Jour de Fête/The Big Day (1949) (B&W) (Rpt, PGR)
1.55 Closedown

Channel 2
6.10am Three Little Ghosts (Rpt, G)
6.30 Huckleberry Finn (G)
6.55 Quick Draw McGraw (Rpt)
7.20 Jonny Quest (Rpt, G)
7.45 Wishkid (Rpt, G)
8.05 The Animals of Farthing Wood (G)
8.30 The Real Story (G)
8.55 The Pirates of Dark Water (Rpt, G)
9.20 Little Shop (Rpt, PGR)
9.40 Beakman’s World (G)
10.05 Pepsi RTR Showdown
11.10 Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (PGR)
11.35 Heart of Courage (G)
Noon EastEnders (Double episode) (G)
1.10 Sunday Cinema: Say Anything (1989) (Rpt, PGR)
3.15 The Making of “Maverick”
3.50 Brooklyn Bridge (G)
4.20 Rugrats (Rpt, G)
4.50 The Borrowers (Part 5) (G)
5.30 Me and My Girl (Rpt, G)
6.00 Doogie Howser MD (Final) (G)
6.30 Our World - The Crocodile Hunter (Rpt, G)
7.30 60 Minutes
8.30 The Sunday Premiere Movie: The Dead Pool (1988) (Rpt, AO)
10.20 Pallas (PGR)
10.40 Lion Red Aussie League on 2
Winfield Cup 1995 - full delayed coverage
12.30am Grapevine (AO)
12.55 Movie: Manhunter (1986) (Rpt, AO)
3.00 Movie: Privates on a Parade (1982) (Rpt, AO)
4.55 Candid Camera (Rpt, G)
5.35 Pepsi RTR Countdown (Rpt) (Continues to 6.30am)

6.30am Music and the Spoken Word (G)
7.00 Swordfish (G)
7.30 You and Me (G)
7.55 Aunties’ Alphabet (G)
8.00 Tiki Tiki Forest Gang (G)
8.30 The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show (G)
9.00 Lifespan Infocus (G)
9.50 Graham Kerr’s Kitchen (G)
10.20 Auckland Sheltered Workshop Appeal
10.40 Red Express (Final) (G)
11.30 Expedition Earth (Final) (G)
Noon The Magical World of Disney: A Tiger Walks (1964) (G)
1.50 3 Sport Special - Motorsport
Rothmans Rally of New Zealand 1994 - full coverage from Totara Park
4.00 Land of the Giants (G)
5.00 Lost in Space (B&W) (G)
6.00 3 National News
6.30 Noel’s House Party (G)
7.30 Melrose Place (PGR)
8.30 Sunday Night at the Movies: The Doctor (1991) (AO)
11.00 3 Sport Special - Motorsport
Rothmans Rally of New Zealand 1994 - highlights
11.20 Entertainment Tonight (PGR)
12.20am Late Movie: Buddy’s Song (1990)
2.35 Closedown


That is really cool listing just before my parents first met together, and what about 31 July 1992 during the Barcelona Olympics?

Today’s TV: Friday 31 July 1992 (free-to-air channels only)
from the NZ Listener

TV One
6.00am One World of Sport - 1992 Barcelona Olympics (Continued)
Includes gymnastics (women’s individual final), weightlifting (middleweight final), swimming (200m butterfly final, women’s 200m individual medley final, 50m freestyle final, 800m freestyle final, 100m backstroke final, women’s 4 x 100m individual medley relay final), yachting, men’s volleyball (CIS v Cuba), basketball (preliminaries) and cycling (4000m teams pursuit preliminaries)
10.30 No Job for a Lady
11.05 50 Forward
11.30 New Zealand Today
12.30pm ABC World News
1.00 Film on One: Going Sane (1987)
3.15 Remington Steele (Rpt)
4.15 I Love Lucy (B&W) (Rpt, G)
4.45 Te Karere
5.00 One World of Sport - 1992 Barcelona Olympics
6.00 One Network News
6.30 Holmes in Barcelona
7.00 Sale of the Century - Champion of Champions
7.30 One World of Sport - 1992 Barcelona Olympics
Includes track and field (men’s and women’s 100m first round, men’s and women’s 800m first round), swimming (women’s 200m butterfly, men’s 200m individual medley, women’s 200m backstroke, men’s 4 x 100m medley relay, women’s 50m freestyle), archery (qualifying round), rowing (men’s coxless four semifinal), boxing (preliminaries), volleyball (women’s preliminaries - Netherlands v China) and yachting (Olympic regatta - day five)
10.30 Tonight (News update)
10.40 One World of Sport - 1992 Barcelona Olympics (Continued, until 8.30am)
Overnight coverage includes boxing (preliminaries), basketball (preliminaries), judo, cycling (men’s 4000m teams pursuit, women’s 3000m individual pursuit, men’s sprint final and men’s points race final), track and field (men’s and women’s 100m second round, women’s 3000m first round, men’s high jump qualifying, women’s javelin qualifying) and swimming (women’s 200m butterfly final, men’s 200m individual medley final, women’s 50m freestyle final, men’s 1500m freestyle final, women’s 200m backstroke, men’s 4 x 100m medley relay), weightlifting (light heavyweight final) and gymnastics (men’s all-round final)

Channel 2
6.20am Bob in a Bottle (G)
6.50 Te Karere (Rpt)
7.00 ITN World News
7.25 Heathcliff (Rpt, G)
8.00 ITN World News (Rpt)
8.30 Zoo Olympics (G)
8.35 Sesame Street (Rpt, G)
9.35 Play School (Rpt, G)
10.05 Aerobics Oz Style (G)
10.30 Neighbours (Rpt, G)
11.00 Santa Barbara (PGR)
Noon The Young and the Restless
1.00 Days of Our Lives
2.00 Perfect Strangers (Rpt, G)
2.30 Jase TV, including:
2.33 Play School (Rpt, G)
3.00 Hot Dog (G)
3.10 SuperTed (Rpt, G)
3.25 Roger Ramjet (Rpt, G)

3.30 The Son of a Gunn Show
4.00 Tiny Toon Adventures (Rpt, G)
4.30 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Rpt, G)
5.00 The Bugs Bunny Show
5.30 Face the Music
6.00 Neighbours (G)
6.30 Wheel of Fortune
7.00 Shortland Street (PGR)
7.30 Beyond 2000 (G)
8.30 Quantum Leap (AO)
9.30 Cops (Double episode) (AO)
10.30 Aussie League on 2
1992 Winfield Cup - full delayed coverage
12.20am Closedown

Noon The Oprah Winfrey Show (AO)
1.00 Parent Time (G)
1.05 Donahue (AO)
2.00 The Bold and the Beautiful (PGR)
2.30 You and Me (G)
3.00 3PM, including:
3.10 Widget, the World Watcher
3.45 DuckTales (Rpt, G)
4.25 TaleSpin (G)

5.00 Get Smart (Rpt, G)
5.30 Give Us a Clue (G)
6.00 3 National News
6.30 Games of the XXV Olympiad - Barcelona 92
7.30 Dinosaurs (G)
8.00 The Wonder Years (G)
8.30 Mobil Sport - Figure Skating Special
The 1992 NutraSweet World Professional Figure Skating Championships
10.30 Nightline
11.00 The Ralston Group (Rpt)
11.30 Closedown


Interesting to see TV3 had coverage as well - was this highlights presumably?


@OnAir Yes. At 6.30pm on a nightly basis, TV3 (now Three) screened an hour’s worth of highlights from the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona.


Was that they year they had a big ugly green coverup logo plastered over the TV One logo?

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During 1991/92 TVNZ supported Earth Care; it aimed to provide recycling and waste solutions that are cost-effective and reduce the impact on the environment. One of the TV One (now TVNZ 1) idents finished with “Earth Care” at the end.

Today’s TV: Saturday 1 August 1987
from the NZ Listener

TV One
7.00am The Puppy’s New Adventures
7.30 Fraggle Rock
8.00 What Now
10.00 The Muppet Show Command Performances (Rpt)
10.30 Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp (Rpt)
11.00 Punky Brewster
11.30 The Munsters (B&W) (Rpt)
Noon Midday News
12.03 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Rpt)
12.55 Our World - Land of the Tigers (Starting today) (Rpt)
2.00 Sport on One
Includes motorsport (Formula 1 - German Grand Prix, round nine; Australian touring car championship - round seven; Omarama offroad rallying), yachting (world series - round one) and men’s volleyball
5.55 Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (Starting tonight) (Rpt)
6.30 Network News
7.00 The Paul Daniels Magic Show (Starting tonight)
8.00 Rude Health
8.30 First Among Equals
9.30 Lenny Henry Tonite
10.05 Midevening News
10.20 Oil
11.15 Film International: Mama Turns 100 (1979)
A Spanish film with English subtitles
12.30am Closedown

Network Two
11.00am Tagata Pasifika
11.25 Kay’s Krazy Komics (Starting today)
11.35 Hollywood (Starting today)
12.30pm Saturday Matinee: The Women of Willmar (1984) (Rpt)
2.15 Solid Gold (Final)
3.15 The People’s Court
3.40 The Bob Newhart Show (Rpt)
4.05 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
5.00 Alison Holst’s Cooking Class
5.30 Taxi (Rpt)
6.00 Ready to Roll
6.30 Get Smart (Rpt)
7.00 The Krypton Factor
7.30 The Cosby Show
8.00 Lotto (Live draw, starting tonight)
8.05 Anne of Green Gables (Part 2)
9.05 Saturday Night at the Movies: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother (1975)
11.00 The Late Movie: …And Justice for All (1979)
1.10am Closedown

@TV4 @OnAir On this day 35 years ago (Saturday 1 August 1987), the very first Lotto draw was broadcast live from the TVNZ studios in Auckland. The live draw was shown on Network Two (now TVNZ 2) at 8pm and hosted by Doug Harvey and Ann Wilson. When Lotto began, we ‘invested’ nearly $249 million in the new lottery, which was based on a weekly draw of six numbers (plus a bonus number) between 1-40.

The winning numbers for the first Lotto draw were (in the ascending order) 4, 8, 16, 29, 32 and 40, and the bonus number was 30. The total prize pool was $1,028,024 and the first division prize was $359,808. Tickets went on sale on 22 July.

You can watch the very first Lotto draw via NZ On Screen by clicking its link below.


Today’s TV: Thursday 2 August 1979
from The Press

TV One
Noon News
12.05 The Young and the Restless
12.35 Beauty and the Beast
1.00 Good Day
1.20 Days of Our Lives
2.10 Crown Court
2.50 Play School
3.15 Ragtime
3.30 Jackanory Playhouse
3.55 Heyyy, It’s the King
4.15 The Cop and the Kid
4.40 Lorne Greene’s Last of the Wild
5.05 The Waltons
5.55 Stumpers
6.30 News
Includes regional news from Christchurch
7.00 Coronation Street
7.30 Robin’s Nest
8.00 Fair Go (Final)
8.30 Charlie’s Angels
9.30 News
9.45 Pennies from Heaven
11.10 Closedown

South Pacific Television (SPTV)
3.00pm Romper Room
3.30 Bugs Bunny and Friends
3.40 Rainbow
4.00 Jeannie (Rpt)
4.30 The Monroes (Rpt)
5.30 The Tony Randall Show (Rpt)
6.00 News at Six
6.30 Welcome Back, Kotter
7.00 Father, Dear Father
7.30 Emergency One!
8.30 A Week of It
9.00 The Upchat Line
9.30 Eye Witness
10.00 News at Ten / Focus
10.30 Movie for TV: Surabaya Conspiracy (1969)
12.10am Closedown (Weather Outlook and Goodnight Kiwi)

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This Week’s TV: 4-10 August 1973 (CHTV3)
from The Press

Saturday 4 August 1973
2.00pm News and Weather
2.05 Grandstand
4.57 The Lone Ranger
5.24 The Brady Bunch (Starting tonight)
6.02 This Week in Britain
6.07 News
6.11 Happen Inn
7.00 Network News
7.22 Weather / The South on Saturday
7.45 The Amazing World of Kreskin
8.13 Softly, Softly: Task Force
9.10 Newsbrief
9.12 Movie for TV: The Forgotten Man (1971)
10.32 Four Corners
11.00 Late News and Weather
11.06 The Lovers
11.35 Big Time Wrestling
Followed by Closedown

Sunday 5 August 1973
2.00pm News and Weather
2.05 Matinee Movie: Yangtse Incident - The Story of HMS Amethyst (1957)
3.53 Sunday Grandstand
5.20 The Little Rascals
5.39 Max, the 2000-Year-Old Mouse
5.44 News
5.46 Disneyland: The Swamp Fox
6.35 Children of Bangladesh
7.00 Network News
7.15 Weather / Local News
7.23 Country Calendar
7.39 The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau (Starting tonight)
8.28 Dad’s Army (Starting tonight)
8.58 Newsbrief
9.00 Plain Speaking
9.04 Dr Finlay’s Casebook
9.52 Review
10.17 On Reflection
10.42 Zero One Magazine
10.56 Late News and Weather
11.02 Closedown

Monday 6 August 1973
2.00pm News and Weather
2.05 You and Your Child
2.25 Thief
3.37 The Little People
4.02 Sesame Street
5.04 The Adventures of Barbar
5.10 Lassie
5.34 News
5.36 Untamed World
5.59 The Courteship of Eddie’s Father
6.24 What’s My Line?
6.45 The Night Sky
7.00 Network News
7.20 Weather / The South Tonight
7.40 The Befrienders
8.30 Horizon
9.20 Newsbrief
9.22 A Roomfull of Holes
10.14 This Week
10.40 Zero One Magazine
10.53 Late News and Weather
10.59 Closedown

Tuesday 7 August 1973
2.00pm News and Weather
2.05 On Camera
2.47 Owen Marshall: Counsellor at Law
3.39 The Great Wallenda (Rpt)
4.05 Bewitched
4.30 Play School
4.56 Huckleberry Hound
5.18 The Osmonds
5.40 News
5.44 Nanny and the Professor (Final)
6.14 PopCo
6.42 Graphline
7.00 Network News
7.22 Weather / The South Tonight
7.45 Coronation Street
8.15 The Troubleshooters
9.14 Newsbrief
9.16 Gallery
9.44 McMillan & Wife
11.05 Late News and Weather
11.11 Closedown

Wednesday 8 August 1973
2.00pm News and Weather
2.05 Two Left Feet
3.39 France Panorama
3.53 Jacques Loussier Trio Play Bach (Rpt)
4.21 The Doris Day Show
4.48 Fingerbobs
5.03 Here It Is
5.28 Jamie (Part 3)
5.56 News
6.00 Yoga for Health
6.26 Cathie
6.42 Zero One Magazine
7.00 Network News
7.22 Weather / The South Tonight
7.45 Bridget Loves Bernie
8.15 A Family at War
9.15 Newsbrief
9.17 Inquiry
9.45 Steptoe and Son
10.21 Sporting Life
10.54 Late News and Weather
11.00 Closedown

Thursday 9 August 1973*
2.00pm News and Weather
2.05 On Camera
2.47 Sarge
3.38 France Panorama
3.50 Happen Inn (Rpt)
4.32 Play School
5.01 The Magic Ball
5.14 Zorro
5.39 News
5.43 The Partridge Family (Final)
6.13 Temperatures Rising
6.40 In Your Garden
7.00 Network News
7.22 Weather / The South Tonight
7.45 Coronation Street
8.16 Ironside
9.14 Newsbrief
9.16 Gallery
9.44 Late News and Weather
9.50 Closedown

Friday 10 August 1973*
2.00pm News and Weather
2.05 The Virginian
3.19 Country Calendar (Rpt)
3.34 Room 222
4.02 Sesame Street
4.59 Calimero
5.04 The ABC of Animals
5.09 The Bugs Bunny Show
5.33 Timeslip
5.58 News
6.00 Do Not Adjust Your Set (Rpt)
6.25 Circus
6.50 Billboard (Sports preview)
7.00 Network News
7.20 Weather / The South Tonight
7.40 Bert Munro
8.07 O’Hara
8.57 World Scene
9.17 Newsbrief
9.19 Movie: Inherit the Wind (1960)
11.22 Late News and Weather
11.28 Closedown

*Due to the electricity shortage, CHTV3 ended transmission early since Thursday (9 August).

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