Classic NZ TV Listings

Today’s TV: Saturday 15 June 1985
from the NZ Listener

TV One
8.00am Fraggle Rock
8.30 What Now
10.00 Get Smart (Rpt)
10.30 The Munsters (Rpt)
11.00 Star Trek (Rpt)
Noon News
12.02 Saturday Matinee: Cattle Empire (1958) (Rpt)
1.25 Sport on One
Includes basketball (Countrywide Basketball League - Centrals v Napier; live), supercross (from Howick), rugby (Queensland v NSW - highlights) and golf (US Open preview)
6.00 Ready to Roll
6.30 News
7.00 Me and My Girl
7.30 25 Years of Television - Rawhide
8.30 The Saturday Premiere Movie: Games Mother Never Taught You (1982)
10.20 Entertainment This Week
11.15 News
11.20 Late Movie (Cagney): Shake Hands with the Devil (1959) (B&W) (Rpt)
1.15am Closedown

Noon Our World: One Man’s Island (Rpt)
12.45 The Best of Beauty and the Beast
1.00 Dig This
1.15 Fame (Rpt)
2.00 Saturday Afternoon Movie: Baxter (1972)
3.40 Today in France
3.55 The People’s Court
4.20 More Real People
4.40 Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cookery
5.05 Emmerdale Farm (Double episode)
5.55 News
6.00 News Review
6.30 25 Years of Television - Mister Ed (B&W) (Rpt)
6.55 Preview 2
7.00 Fast Forward
7.30 Foreign Correspondent
8.30 Saturday Playhouse: The Ebony Tower
9.50 News
10.10 World Cinema: Ashes and Diamonds (1958)
A Polish film with English subtitles
11.55 Closedown

This Week’s TV: 15-21 June 1974
from the NZ Listener

Each image includes listings for the NZBC’s National Programme (now RNZ National). Most television programmes were in colour while the others were in monochrome.

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I wonder if each of the old NZBC TV channels had their own logos and branding?

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Looking at the radio guides, it sounds like “stimulating and engaging listening” :roll_eyes: /s

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This Weekend’s TV: 16 & 17 June 1990
from the NZ Listener

Saturday 16 June 1990
TV One
8.45am Teletext in Vision
9.00 Floyd on Fish (Final) (G)
9.30 Vintage: A History of Wine (G)
10.00 A Ticket to the World (G)
10.55 The Spectacular World of Guinness Records (G)
11.10 Trapper John MD (Final) (G)
Noon One World of Sport - Sports Saturday, including:
Noon Sports News
12.05 Racing from Awapuni - the Awapuni Hurdles
12.10 FIFA World Cup 1990 - group match review
1.10 Racing from Awapuni - the Manawatu Steeples
1.15 FIFA World Cup 1990 (preview)
1.30 Nissan Rugby Special - NZ v Scotland, first test (live from Carisbrook, Dunedin; kickoff at 2.30pm)
4.30 Badminton - Thomas and Uber Cups (highlights)
5.30 Rugby Highlights - NZ v Scotland

6.00 One Network News
6.30 A Dog’s Show
7.00 Mud and Glory
7.30 Our World: Path of the Rain God (Part 1) (G)
8.30 Dame Edna Special (PGR)
9.25 One World of Sport - International Netball
Johnson & Johnson tri-series - NZ v Australia, live from Melbourne
11.00 One Network News
11.10 One World of Sport - Basketball 1990
Waikato v Auckland - highlights
12.00am Closedown

Channel 2
6.15am Teletext in Vision
6.30 The Breakfast Club, including:
6.31 Groovie Goolies (G)
7.00 Galtar and the Golden Lance
7.25 Denver, the Last Dinosaur (G)

8.00 What Now
10.00 RTR Sounz!
11.00 Full House (Starting today)
11.30 Perfect Strangers
Noon The Beverly Hillbillies (Rpt)
12.30 My Two Dads (Rpt, G)
1.00 Great Circuses of the World
2.00 Saturday Cinema: Johnny Eager (1941) (B&W)
3.45 Laff-a-Bits
4.00 The Adventures of Black Beauty (Rpt, G)
4.30 The Hogan Family (G)
5.00 A Country Practice
6.00 RTR Countdown
6.30 Free Spirit (G)
7.00 Growing Pains
7.30 Major Dad
8.00 Lotto (Live draw)
8.05 Who’s the Boss?
8.30 21 Jump Street
9.30 Hardball (Series premiere, pilot)
11.00 WrestleMania VI
Delayed coverage from SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
3.10am Closedown

7.00am EBS (G)
Includes Kissyfur, Dennis the Menace, Dinosaucers, Garfield (Rpt)
10.00 Shakedown (G)
11.00 Welcome Back Kotter (Rpt, G)
11.30 Chico and the Man (Rpt, G)
Noon Country Clips (G)
1.00 AfterMASH (G)
1.30 Movie Matinee: The Miracle of the Bells (1948) (B&W)
3.30 Movie Matinee: Young People (1940)
5.00 Shakedown - The 2nd Edition (G)
5.45 3 National News
6.00 Home and Away (G)
6.30 The Wonderful World of Disney - Totally Minnie
7.30 The New Adventures of Black Beauty
8.00 Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments
8.30 Saturday Night at the Movies: Soul Man (1986)
10.30 The Fall Guy (AO)
11.30 Sara (G)
12.00am Closedown

Sunday 17 June 1990
TV One
8.50am Teletext in Vision
9.05 Praise Be
9.30 A Big Country
10.00 10AM (Starting today)
Noon News Review
12.30 Upstairs, Downstairs (Rpt, G)
1.30 Eyes on the Prize II (Starting today)
2.30 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (Rpt, G)
3.25 Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (Rpt, G)
4.00 One World of Sport - Countrywide Bank Grandstand, including:
4.00 Sports Headlines
4.05 Basketball - Rheineck Basketball League 1990
4.20 After the Tests (reaction from the netball test, NZ v Australia, and the rugby test between NZ and Scotland)
4.40 The Write Stuff with Keith Quinn
4.50 Rugby - France v Romania (highlights)
5.15 Rugby League - Auckland v Great Britain (highlights)
5.50 Sports News

6.00 One Network News
6.30 Frontline
7.30 Yes, Prime Minister (Rpt, G)
8.00 Bread (PGR)
8.30 Mobil Masterpiece Theatre: The Mountain and the Molehill
10.05 One Network News
10.15 One Playhouse: Heat of the Day
12.20am Closedown

Channel 2
6.15am Teletext in Vision
6.30 Charlie Chalk (Rpt, G)
6.45 Rebecca (G)
6.50 Gumby (Rpt, G)
7.15 Popples (G)
7.35 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Rpt, G)
7.55 Gophers (Final) (G)
8.20 Animals in Action
8.45 The Flintstones (Rpt, G)
9.10 Danger Bay (G)
9.35 Doctor Who (G)
10.00 Marae, including:
10.05 Waka Huia
11.05 Tagata Pasifika
11.27 Panui
11.35 Pounamu

Noon EastEnders (G)
1.00 Hollywood Legends - Grace Kelly: The American Princess
2.00 Classic Movie: To Catch a Thief (1955) (Rpt, G)
4.00 The Chronicles of Narnia (Part 3) (G)
4.30 Just the Ten of Us (G)
5.00 A Country Practice
6.00 All for One (G)
6.30 ALF (G)
7.00 The Cosby Show
7.30 MacGyver
8.30 The Sunday Premiere Movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
10.45 Entertainment This Week
11.45 Duet (G)
12.20am Closedown

7.00am EBS (G)
Includes The Wuzzles, Mickey and Donald, Punky Brewster, Mr T, Saber Rider
9.00 The Go Show (G)
9.25 Eisenhower and Lutz (G)
9.50 Holiday World (G)
10.15 Portrait of America (G)
11.05 The World at War (Rpt, G)
Noon Black Sheep Squadron (G)
1.00 Lime Street (G)
2.00 Wynn’s 3 Sport International Edition
4.00 Kung Fu (Rpt, G)
5.00 The Amazing Spider-Man (G)
5.45 3 National News
6.00 Secrets and Mysteries (Starting tonight)
6.30 Reaching for the Skies (G)
7.30 60 Minutes
8.30 Sunday Night at the Movies: Children of a Lesser God (1986)
11.00 Late Movie: The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood (1984)
1.00am Closedown

@OnAir TV One (now TVNZ 1) had six straight hours of sport on the afternoon of Saturday 16 June 1990.

Included in “Sports Saturday”, from 12-6pm, were two live races from Awapuni, a review of the previous week’s FIFA World Cup group matches, badminton highlights and, of course, live coverage from Dunedin’s Carisbrook Stadium of the first test between the All Blacks and Scotland in the two-match Steinlager test series (live build-up at 1.30pm, kickoff at 2.30pm and highlights at 5.30pm).

Later, there was live netball (Silver Ferns v Australia) from Melbourne at 9.25pm and basketball highlights at 11.10pm. And for rugby league fans, there’s highlights of the Auckland v Great Britain match during “Countrywide Bank Grandstand” (from 4-6pm on the afternoon of Sunday 17 June 1990; highlights at 5.15pm).

Over on Channel 2 (now TVNZ 2), the movie-length premiere of the short-lived US series “Hardball” screened at 9.30pm on the evening of Saturday 16 June 1990 and was followed at 11pm by full delayed coverage of WrestleMania VI, the sixth annual WrestleMania pay-per-view event from the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

And if you’re a big fan of Indiana Jones, the television premiere of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” took place at 8.30pm on the evening of Sunday 17 June 1990 on Channel 2. This was preceded by previews of upcoming movies like “Coming Home”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “The Towering Inferno” (click the YouTube link below to watch, courtesy of DigitaliseMe).


Wonder if you have any listings from June 2001?

@Sheldon_Betteridge Not at the moment, but it will be available as soon as possible.

This Week’s TV: 14-20 June 1975
from the NZ Listener

This Week’s TV: 21-27 June 1975
from the NZ Listener

This was the final week of listings for TV One (now TVNZ 1) as New Zealand’s sole television channel. Within the next week (w/c 30 June 1975), TV2 (now TVNZ 2) began broadcasting.


Today’s TV: Tuesday 21 June 1988
from the NZ Listener

TV One
10.00am Teletext in Vision
10.15 Aerobics Oz Style
10.40 Play School (Rpt)
11.05 Rainbow
11.20 Pob’s Programme
11.45 Kohanga Reo (Rpt)
Noon Midday News
12.15 Santa Barbara
1.10 Doctor on the Go (Starting today) (Rpt)
1.40 Days of Our Lives
2.35 A Brother’s Tale (Starting today) (Rpt)
3.30 German Scene
3.55 Sense and Sensibility (Part 4, final) (Rpt)
4.45 Three’s Company (Rpt)
5.15 Emmerdale Farm
5.45 Te Karere
6.00 Kate & Allie (Rpt)
6.30 Network News
Includes regional programmes: Top Half (Auckland), Today Tonight (Wellington), The Mainland Touch (Christchurch) and The South Tonight (Dunedin)
7.30 A Question of Sport
8.00 Matlock
9.00 Tuesday Documentary: Where Life’s Gone Wrong
10.00 Wimbledon 1988
Highlights from last night’s play
12.00am Closedown

Network Two
11.00am Teletext in Vision
11.15 The Young and the Restless
12.15pm The Love Connection
12.40 Magnum PI (Rpt)
1.35 One Day at a Time (Rpt)
2.00 Alice
2.30 Play School
2.55 After School, including:
2.55 Sesame Street (Rpt)
4.09 Simon and the Witch
4.28 The Book Tower

5.00 Flintstone Frolics (Rpt)
5.30 Dr Who (Rpt)
6.00 Sons and Daughters
6.30 Entertainment This Week
7.30 Telethon Tonight
7.35 EastEnders
8.10 The Flying Doctors
9.10 Gloss II (Starting tonight)
10.10 EyeWitness
Current affairs, “WorldWatch” and a news update
11.10 Quincy
12.10am Closedown

A month had passed since the disaster of the wedding, but the scandal still haunted the Redfern clan. The questions were, what had become of Gemma (Miranda Harcourt)? What surprises would Maxine (Ilona Rodgers) spring on the family that time round? Why had Aaron Sloane (Gary Day) come back from the dead? The saga continued in the welcome return of the highly glamorous TVNZ soap, Gloss, which started screening on Network Two (now TVNZ 2) at 9.10pm on the evening of Tuesday 21 June 1988.

This Week’s TV: 18-24 June 1983
from the NZ Listener

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