Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


No terrorist can stop me from loving my fellow human.
Reject Hate.


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A lot of news broadcasts worldwide taking 1 News feed right now.




Melbourne Premier Daniel Andrews IMG_20190315_175536


Black lights? Dodgy as…


The parents of a son that was praying at the mosque are talking with Paddy Gower, looking for their son. How incredibly sad.


Standing presentation for Seven in Melbourne

Seven Sydney

Nine Sydney

and Nine Melbourne


The Project is currently handing back over to the Newshub team - back with Melissa Chan-Green & Tom McCrae.


EPG- 9.45pm-10.50pm


Paul Buchanan is now at the 1 News desk with Hilary Barry.


Newshub’s Mike McRoberts joining Michael Usher tonight

Scott Morrison also joined him


I assume the Australian networks will have reporters on the ground tomorrow. Would’ve been a mad scramble to get reporters over there.

In other news that Fraser Anning right wing crazy said that Muslims have a part to play in violence perpetrated against them. Unfathoable and unbelievable comments. Pathetic.



Lisa Davies still on scene. She has been there since the beginning


Special 10 News First bulletin tonight

Ten News First Content and Appearance

I doubt there’ll be much new to report at 12:45am NZ time.


Mike McRoberts now speaking live with Lianne Dalziel.



Media briefing from Police Commissioner Mike Bush to start any time now.