Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


The Queen’s message to the people of New Zealand


News break on 9

Update and later pop up on 10


Caps of ACA tonight

ABC Late News

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Haven’t been watching main channel in Melbourne, but Nine had a national update out of Sydney with Davina Smith on 9Gem during half time of the NRL. I’d assume that it would have aired on the main channel in other markets.


Just saw the start of the Greek News on ANT1 and was shocked to see the live stream shown during the report. But what was worse was they showed the footage over and over again since they had very little other footage. Must have been played seven or eight times.

Really surprised that they didn’t have the same view that the Australian and New Zealand media have to not to show the footage.


No excuse even without access to dirty feeds from NZ, there’s been plenty of footage pooled through Reuters.


Air New Zealand has cancelled flights out of Christchurch due to safety. I have a fear that some Qantas Flights will be affected during this tragic event.


Only regional flights on small propeller aircraft, jet services (including those by Qantas) are unaffected.


True. I am curious to know where other broadcasters around the world stand on this, whether other countries are screening it or taking the advice to not screen it.


Honestly why would you be shocked? Everywhere is different. Not everywhere has Australian values.

I just saw it on Indian news.


Because I’d think most western countries would have the same values and standards but obviously not.


But all humans condone the same ethics and morals, regardless of countries.

For the record I felt that showing the live stream video is quite distressing, although others might think differently.


Damn right. Greek values are most definitely not the same as Australian values. It’s naive to think they are.


I was on campus at University watching this horrible events that have happened on ABC on the primary channel and noticed that ABC was simulcasting ONE News in NZ. There have been a lot of countries that have been showing the breaking news from CNN in USA, BBC in UK, CCTV News in China.


Oh really? Which Pollyanna taught you that?


What part of the footage is being shown that ANZ broadcasters didn’t - inside the mosque?


Ten have wrapped up their bulletin.


From the moment the gun is pointed at the entrance, walking through the mosque shooting people in different sections, then he is in his car and driving with music playing and he turns the camera back on himself.


The NZ authorities very early on asked for that not to be shown by any broadcaster. That sort of content is also supposed to be removed by the overlords of Twitter, Facebook and You Tube but obviously that system doesn’t work either.