Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


Yes and I just saw Jacinda Ardern implore people not share the video in a news conference just now.


well people the news of the Christchurch shooting is now show on usa morning show.

this clip from NBC Today Show


I for one was shocked by Ten and Hugh Riminton’s decision to show so much murderer-eye footage from AFTER he exited the first mosque. To me, that is almost as bad as showing the intitial minutes. Yes, it is on the street but it is still disturbing. Ten’s only defence, to my mind, would be that they had less time to judge and to cut the story together. Still, they (and Hugh) went too far with the visuals, in my opinion.


Was that only shown in the initial report?


At 5.


I didn’t see that on The Project so they probably won’t show it again.


Nine and Seven has flown crew over this evening, unsure about the others.


You can see it a few posts up in this thread.


Similar package aired in the 10:45 bulletin. I agree, a lot of the footage was very distressing to watch and unnecessary to show.


10 Late News


Ten’s Daniel Sutton has arrived in Christchurch and just ended a live cross with CBSN.


I aplaud 1 News and Newshub over the past 12 hours for their dedication to legitimate professional jourlism and credibility.

From what I seen they didn’t report anything until it was officially confirmed and they didn’t jump on the bandwagon as if their broadcast was a social media page seeking likes views and shares.

I had a mate messaging me via Facebook most the day linking me to reports telling me what she had read how many have died how many shooters there etc and what she had seen, but I refused to get too into it because I wanted to see how it was reported on TV. As reminded to us by the hosts on both channels what they were relaying to us was unconfirmed, unofficial and via eyewitness accounts.

Meanwhile judging by Australia’s coverage it looked like over hyped extremely commercial and sensationalist. A majority of what they had broadcast was unofficial stats facts and assumption. Heavily dramatised and rather off putting and disrespectful. Most of what they were reporting on, tvnz and three hadn’t dared to go there yet and nothing had come from the PM or police.


This is actually about a bogan Aussie and the broken society that is us - Australia. People don’t realise it yet.


It ran more than 10min overtime too, apart from Nine’s programs notoriously always never starting to EPG, I wonder if there was indeed a longer update with Pete at some stage.



I think a conversation needs to be started about how much responsibility the media has during attacks like these. They should not be showing photos and names of the perpetrators, because that’s exactly what these cowards want, fame.


You can’t blame the media. Try blaming the parents and society that raised him. Censoring the news doesn’t help.


One News Breakfast special underway.


Hear hear.

It’s also now subjudicae, i.e. before the Courts. Airing pictures or giving certain details could jeopardise that process.


You’ve missed the_xrod’s point dude.

The message is this; Don’t show the pictures, because it increases the shooters’ fame.

It has nothing to do with with what made the shooter want to do this in the first place. But I do agree with you to an extent, it isn’t a case of blaming the media, or video games, etc. We are all the problem, every single one of us. If we want to change the world, we’ve got to get off our collective arses and up our game.