Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


A question asked in Press Conference named the suspect.

Update: A lot of earlier misreports are now being corrected.


The Project AU just took some on the NZ police press conference live, using 1 News footage.


Quite a bit of focus on N-NSW / Grafton connection.


Hillary Barry just said 1 News’ coverage will continue until 10:30pm when I assume ‘1 News Tonight’ will then follow



Yes I just heard was going to update.

John Campbell is talking to Chief Executive of CDHB David Meates


Newshub speaking to Holly Carran now from Christchurch Airport, earlier speaking to Mike McRoberts.


Newshub’s Holly Carran has moved from reporting in Linwood, to Christchurch Airport.

Mel and Tom are clocking nearly 4 1/2 hours on air now. I’d be handing over to Mike in ChCh at the top of ten o’clock.


John Campbell & Hilary Barry are discussing about today’s events and how emotional it was.


1’s Australian Correspondent Ryan Boswell in the Nine news exchange reporting right now. He appeared earlier on Nine News speaking to Davina Smith.


Just a current rundown on casualties on 1 News


Duncan Garner is on Magic Talk from 7am tomorrow morning but nothing for Three so far.


There will be a special edition of Newshub Nation at 8:30am


Agreed. Not sure if domestic flights are still not running, but I’d have the whole AM team from Christchurch tomorrow.


Newshub Nation to air at the earlier time of 8:30am tomorrow on Three.

EDIT: Airing from 8-10.30am tomorrow.


Who is Seven, Nine, ABC and Ten sending over?


Hilary just said Jack Tame and Daniel Faitaua will present Breakfast tomorrow.

Lisa Davies still on the scene after something like 7 hours.


It is amazing work by her. Staying strong while reporting on this tragic event


If I were 7 I would send Monique Wright over there. She can report for Weekend Sunrise this weekend and stay and report for Sunrise next week.


Sacha McNeil and Mitch McCann now hosting Newshub coverage.

Ten Perth

Live cross to Newshub’s Emma Cropper