Christchurch Mosques Terror Attack - Coverage


They’re playing this Lisette Reymer story on Newshub for the third time now. Seriously?


Also made it clear that he condemns the attacks and does not condone any form of violence. However, this is a thread about media coverage, not what a pollie has said.


1 News crossing to someone from 9 News. Didn’t get the name.


Surprised Three hasn’t announced an AM special for tomorrow morning. I believe the audience will be around for good viewership.


Could be good for people getting home late and missed earlier bulletins.


Good point.


Newshub just finished an interview with an Otago University professor and is now replaying an Alex Baird story, waiting for Mike Bush’s media briefing I assume.

Edit: now speaking to Anjum Rahman from the Islamic Women’s Council.


Weekend Sunrise 6am


Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report will air a special edition tomorrow from 6am with Susie Ferguson in studio and Guyon Espiner in Wellington.


Weekend Today also starting at 6am


According to the Freeview EPG right now
1 News coverage will finish at 9:30pm then Coronation Street and then 1 News Tonight is at 10:30pm till 11pm. The 1 News Tonight synopsis states: “The latest details on today’s mass shootings from the 1 News team.”

Over on Three Newshub coverage is going to finish at 12:10am.
Just what the EPG says at the moment.


Neil Mitchell will host a special edition of 3AW breakfast from 8am tomorrow.


Infomercials scheduled on 3 from 7:25-9:30 tomorrow, would be easy to put newscast on instead.


Mike Bush on now. 49 deaths.


RNZ dropped their news bulletin mid-stream to go it live.


The death toll is now 49


7pm news

Brigid Glanville and Kath Robinson taking over coverage now on ABC News Channel


Newshub and 1 News


49 dead. What the fuck.


Seven in Brisbane crossing to Newshub’s Emma Cropper.