Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


Do you know why I don’t think these types of shows work anymore in this day and age? Because people don’t care about watching others, unless they are a celebrity. it’s all about them now.


They also won’t watch it beause it’s awful.


So they flew Justin to Fiji to film some package but send them on their honeymoon to Hunter Valley?


This could be as bad as that show nine had with Ben Elton.

It’s a nonsense show. Trying very hard but people won’t watch.

Funny this is it’s better than MKR and MAFS


I disagree. Australian networks have been treating their viewers with nothing but utter contempt these days, so much so that viewers only watch ‘reality’ shows that’s been forced down their throats for many years, and eventually viewers are adapting to that kind of routine where reality is stripped every night. Now when you try to introduce new stuff to them, the viewers are basically telling the networks to ‘get stuffed, we’re used to it’.

I can’t believe the reasoning is so simple yet Australian networks are stupid. Just look at how well American FTA and Cable networks are doing nowadays against the competition. I’m sure the larger population also helps them to be more resourced but they also hardly ever force feed the people with nothing but stripped reality. They have a good balance between a number of variety shows, late night chat shows, comedies, drama, game shows and reality.

What are you talking about, Married at First Sight is great TV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. MKR sucks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Steady on. It’s not good, but isn’t quite that bad.

You can definitely tell this has been overly rehearsed and staged to within an inch of its life.

I keep reaching for the remote to FF through the bad bits. Haven’t watched live television on a Sunday night for years.


Lol, wait till it starts in S.A … It is polarising my household. No one knows what the hell is going on


It’s an interesting concept and it’s good see something different on Australian Television.

Will it capture a large audience? I don’t think so, but if it can get 500-600k I think it’s doing it’s job.


It’s better than Game of Games


Two different genres and two different shows.


Julia really doesn’t need to be in a tux just because Ant and Dec do it in the UK either.


First fail, the show is clearly on delay in SA yet they have that massive bug saying ‘Takeaway Live’.

Shane Warne is very cringeworthy as a V/O. Keep him in the commentary box please. Thankfully it’s only one night.

Feels like the whole thing is ad-libbed and for some reason it feels unorganised and the segments seems to be randomly planted.

EDIT: The whole thing is so staged and unstructured. This is nothing like Ant and Dec’s version. Feels very drawn out and the audience also seems to be a bit lost as well.


End your weekend with a bang. I’m about to pull the trigger.:unamused::gun:


Lol. Welcome to Sunday night takeaway my friend.

Twitter is not impressed either


For starters I thought your welcome was about 1000x less cringeworthy/more sane, welcoming than what they served up :joy:


Some of the tweets I’d imagine will make it into the inevitable article from! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Proving that people from other networks are watching! :wink:


Where’s your tweets/opinions on this? :joy:


Am I the only one that enjoys it?


I want to like it, so I’ll put the randomness of tonight as ‘first night gremlins’

Nice to see something different for once. If it rates as well as DWTS then I think it will stay.


I’m actually looking forward to the couch segment. Great idea to place it down at St. Kilda Pier. Whoever claims the prize is bound to get mugged by a gang of youths before they leave the carpark.