Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway



Set looks really good. Better than that shoebox Saturday Night came from last year.


Sadly can’t see this doing better than 500-600k tonight.


Am quite excited for it. While I don’t expect it to break records against the likes of MKR & MAFS, I do hope this does reasonably well. I reckon 10 will be happy if they can get 600k.


Or even worse, a Changing Rooms style crash.

Not advocating it but with the ratings of 10 shows lately it won’t surprise me.


I don’t it will be quite that bad but anything between 400k-600k wouldn’t surprise me.


If it does 500-600 for 10 on a Sunday that is huge for them.


It’s a shame ten will invest so much money and promotion into this show and no one will watch. Viewers just will watch the same old shit on seven and nine. We can’t say they haven’t tried this year but their brand is toxic and people don’t want to watch ten.


Sometimes I agree with this sentiment (particularly in regards to MKR and MAFS). But when you take a closer look at some of the programs they’ve come up with in the last twelve months then is there any wonder as to why viewers aren’t biting?

That’s a description for all networks in this day and age.


Australia needs this show to work because we need variety on the air, live music etc etc. it’s a shame that people do not watch ten. The cynics out there will just cringe at this and switch to Nine.


I’ve been watching for a few minutes - what actually is this show?

It seems a bit like Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush but without the exploding chairs.


IS this the same set as This Time Next Year?


Nice set but confusing at the moment as to what this really is.


First thing that came to my mind too


This is crap.


Cringe. Cringe. Cringe. Oh God, make it stop.


He’s obviously gonna propose and she knows it


How bad is it? I’m in SA and it’s not on yet.

The last thing we need is a cringeworthy variety show which is reminiscent of that Hey Hey knockoff Rover inflicted onto us in pilot week.

For those who have seen Ant and Dec’s version, how does it compare?


I don’t tbink Australians will watch this. They prefer formulaic reality unfortunately. Not sure what’s happening on this show … probably needs time but viewers don’t give shows time.


This is going to tank harder than changing rooms.