Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


Poor channel 10… changing rooms flop; dancing with the starts flop; Sunday night takeaway flop; when will their next hit come from. They can’t launch a show to save their lives.

This is bad for Australian tv when there’s no competition for seven and nine.


They’re giving someone a car? Not rigged at all then lol


First time we’ve seen three 10s on DWTS…and it’s on Sunday Night Takeaway.

I hope it does decently but for the short term I doubt 10 would be hitting 10s with their shows.

EDIT: Something else, when they were interviewing the audience member on the couch Chris and Julia spoke more than the interviewee and took most of the spotlight, which was kind of awkward to watch.


When even the band of the song can’t even remember the words


I haven’t been watching, so it probably wouldn’t be fair for me to cast judgement.

But while I personally think Australian TV needs a decent variety show, everything I’ve heard about Sunday Night Takeaway so far doesn’t exactly point to this being Ten’s next much needed hit. The name, the hosts, even the network it’s airing on…all wrong!

Probably the only highlights are going to be the reviews from Australia’s most well known TV viewers which I suspect won’t so much be takeaway, but rather an absolute grilling!


This couch segment is bloody shocking. Choirboys retired for a reason. There’s nothing left in the tank…

An absolute car wreck. Chris and Julia trying their hardest.


350,000 and the show won’t be on next Sunday? . (Just a guess).


If they get a fair bit of negative feedback any chance of the just modifying a few things


It’s got me screaming “I’m a viewer… get me out of heeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeee!”


I reckon Rove’s show would probably be better on Sunday ? That’s not coming for a few months though…

I was expecting the Sunday Night Takeaway to be a Saturday show like in the UK.


You’re not alone.
I have been watching since just before 8PM and I don’t think its too bad.
It’s meant to be fun family viewing.


They needed to frame up the show at the beginning and it needs to calm down. Too frantic.

It would have been much better as a more controlled experience, it seems like it is just all over the place with poor dialogue.


Have been watching for the past ten minutes, am I the only one who feels that it’s really all over the place? I get that it’s a variety show, but it feels like three shows mixed together.



It essentially follows the format of the Ant and Dec version, doesn’t feel all over the place to me at all.


That Grant Denyer segment went for far too long. I couldn’t pay attention. Spent the whole time on my phone. It was boring.


Fair enough. I’ve never seen the UK version so i’m not really used to the format.


Understand that. Think that might be their problem.


Are they gonna give away more cash and prizes then what the show will bring in?


What a bunch of whingers. :joy: If you don’t like it, change channels.