Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


New promo featuring The Bachelor couple Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich:


I would love to see this show succeed but I’m very nervous, I’m just not sure it’s the right fit for Sunday night + Australian audiences. On the back of The Project lead in, I’m predicting it will do around 400k.


Do they do vow renewals on the Ant and Dec edition too?


I want the show to work as I want more variety shows on Aussie TV, as well as more Aussie content. However, this just isn’t funny. The months thing just went on too much and became silly. That might be the problem with having a vet on a show made to be hosted by comedians.


Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway lets audiences have a ball

Network 10 has rolled out another, yep another, high-impact national marketing campaign, this time to promote its new Sunday Night show , Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway, which premieres on 10 at 7.30pm, Sunday 24 February.

As part of the campaign, colourful ball pits will be installed at Chadstone in Melbourne and Macarthur Square in Sydney on Saturday 23 February and Sunday 24 February giving people the opportunity to win up to $1000. Shoppers will be invited to spend 20 seconds in the ball pit hunting balls with various dollar amounts on them to win the value on the ball they pick out. There are over $20,000 worth in prizes to be won.

Network 10’s head of marketing Brad Garbutt said: “ Chris and Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway is a brand new show in the Australian market. It’s going to be packed with a lot of fun, laughs, entertainment and prizes. The opportunity for us was to get people excited about a format that wasn’t only new, but was also live.

“We wanted to give our under 50s audience the same feeling of excitement that we know the show will give them when they watch it on Sunday. Our ball pit activation, where they can win, laugh and have a lot of fun, is the perfect way to do this. If you’re in the area, come and check it out!”

The campaign, which encourages people to ‘ Extend Your Weekend with Chris and Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway’ , is running across large format outdoor, retail, transit, radio, print, TV, digital, social and leisure centres.

Network 10 worked with activation agency The Idea Shed and media agencies Spark Foundry and Carat to launch the campaign.

The first episode will feature a host of stars including Shane Warne, Grant Denyer, Tim Robards, Anna Heinrich and Beau Ryan.


Rove was also unknown, long gone are the days where networks nurtured new talent.


I don’t understand how it makes sense to extend your weekend on a Sunday. It’s still the weekend.


The LOL SO RANDOM factor of the ballpit installations makes me cringe a little.

I will be shocked if this premieres above 500k viewers, to be honest I’m expecting another changing rooms style result.


Should be Rove and Peter Helliars Sunday Night Takeaway.


Get set for a Set Tour - it’s massive


Oh god… no!!


Why? Rove’s got a Saturday Night show coming later this year. We don’t need to overexpose any more talents.


Isn’t Chris and Julia more exposure as they were on I’m a Celeb?


Same same.

Pete Helliar is on The Project and How to Stay Married, recently hosted Cram and does guest spots on shows like Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

Rove is on Show Me The Movie and Whovians, will be hosting Bring Back Saturda Night and does guest spots on shows like The Project.



I do wonder if MAFS is gonna kill this or will people be over the fake drama after tonight?


Lol no way. MAFS will obliterate this unfortunately.


Having Shane Warne as the first guest has killed any interest from me.
Not into boorish ex sportsmen.


Luke Jacobs on the show tonight according to 10 daily’s Instagram story.


He’s a guest announcer, not a main guest AFAIK.