Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


Well let’s hope he isn’t as embarrassing and polarising than his time on The Footy Show.


fuggg is that Dr Rudy? Howzit.


Is Beau Ryan known outside NRL markets?


Does it matter? As long as he can talk and create some laughs, that’s what matters.


I don’t live in an NRL market. And I know Beau.


Both Chris and Julia do have a strong chemistry on screen. I think that’s the chemistry that Today is lacking?

I was going to suggest a breakfast show for both of them but then noting that ‘comedy’ is their thing, it may not sit well when they cover some serious topics.


Plus it would essentially be over exposure for these presenters. Nothing against them personally but they really need to find someone new for other programs and have Brown/Morris focusing on Celebrity and Takeaway.


Same here but some wouldn’t if they aren’t interested in sports

But you would think those would at least know Julia and Chris


No. I have no idea who he is.


I didn’t know him until I watched Footy Show (why did I subject myself to that trash) but he was very memorable…for being cringeworthy, embarrassing and a tryhard. If he carries any of those traits to Takeaway, help us.


So much emotion over a simple question from some people. I don’t think it matters if he isn’t known, having fresh faces who are unknown can be a good thing and he has proved he can entertain audiences in NRL markets. Though his brand of ‘humour’ wasn’t enough to bring new life into the NRL Footy Show.


The original and the best.

Rudi tho


Remember the ‘unknown’ talent that rove used on his show. Peter helliar and Carrie bickmore… look at them now.




Shane Warne will be the guest announcer for the show’s debut on February 24 according to TV Tonight.


I thought he was pathetic - just the last of a long line of unfunny idiots. He was no better than Robbo and The Falcon.