Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


I love them but have found them much less funny on ■■■■■■■■ this year. Am I alone?


Ant and Dec normally do 6 or 7 eps a year. Reckon this might have 8 tops.


Airing until Masterchef comes on again I suppose


Why do ten rely on one show on Sunday’s? What is airing after this? NCIS does not cut it. That show shouldn’t air until after 10pm.



I believe when ready, they should try an Australian drama in the slot later in the year. For now though, I don’t think they have anything to air there other than NCIS do they?


In defence to 10 not much would rate higher than what Masterchef does now on a Sunday at 9pm.




New promo aired tonight during Gogglebox, in which Chris and Julia tried to get some inspirations from Graham Norton, the cast of Neighbours, Amanda Keller and Lisa Wilkinson.


Promo seen tonight


Anyone get a video of that new promo?


You can watch it here.



Chris and Julia should also asked Ant and Dec (The original hosts of Saturday Night Takeway UK) and Neil Patrick Harris (Host of Best Time Ever U.S) as well


Ant and Dec have very little recognition to the average Aussie. Most would know NPK but his version of the show was axed after one season more than three years ago.


For someone who has never seen the UK version, what is this show like? Is the format similar to Rove Live or Hey Hey It’s Saturday?




Well, I’ve had a hell of a run.



There’s 2 promo variations now which feature Beau Ryan.