Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


Who cares if his shirt is off.


There was just another promo that I thought was better than that first one.


Um, you?

NB/ I realise you’re saying it doesn’t matter if he isn’t funny, as long as his shirt is off, but I’m not one to resist a burn


You mean like how Nine promote every show as the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll pass thank you.


Yep, I agree. His cringeworthy segments on The NRL Footy Show were some of the worst “comedy” segments I’ve ever seen on Australian TV.

Hopefully Beau Ryan will have a different style for this new program, but somehow I doubt that’s going to be the case.


Didn’t Eleven show a season of Saturday Night Takeaway? Not like it’s a new format at all.


I would imagine Chris and Julia need time to get home from the Jungle and begin prep and rehearsals for this show hence why there will be a few weeks break. I’d imagine there is only 2 Sunday’s to fill before this starts.


The feel and look of the promo seem fine but the problem for me is substance. After watching it I still am not fully informed of what the show involves and will be about. As television is a visual medium I feel it needs to be shown to people, rather than just told verbally or written on a screen.


That’s the point of variety show. It features everything from musical acts to songs to skits/pranks. A bit of everything which when added up together makes for good Sunday night family viewing.


Yeah I still feel like they haven’t clearly communicated the offering in that promo. The miserables concept doesn’t work for me and the motorbike flying over the people looks random.


Just saw the 2nd promo and its so much better!


Shame it hasn’t been uploaded online on their socials yet.


Agreed. It should be the main promo.


Apologies for the poor quality - Filmed on Phone. A Much better Promo IMO. This is the promo 10 should be showing.


If this show rates well, will it run until the end of official ratings in November? I think it should take the post-9pm timeslot once MasterChef starts in May.


Similar to its UK counterpart, it will likely only have a 6-8 episode run until Masterchef premieres.


This is probably to test it out and if the format works it wouldn’t surprise me if it returns for a more extended season later in the year. The difference in the UK is that they have heaps of primetime talk and variety shows so a short season might suffice. Australian TV lacks a regular primetime variety show so I think this is a good opportunity to have something like that across the bulk of the year if it rates.


The last thing they need to do with a new format like Takeaway is to shunt it off to different timeslots in the first season.

Although I agree that it should air 7.30 year round if it’s successful.


LIVE 7.30 Sunday from Feb 24 on 10


I hope it does okay for them. Ten desperately need something to fire on Sunday’s. Will it run all year do you think, if successful? Or have a limited run?