Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


Should be in his contract that all his appearances on the show he has to be shirtless and do the occasional nudie run.:flushed:


Oh dear. He was that really cringeworthy and unfunny one on The NRL Footy Show! :confused:

Also I know this is a relatively minor thing to point out but the name of the program still doesn’t sound right to me - maybe “Takeaway” should be replaced with “Roast” to reflect the type of dinner that’s actually typical of a Sunday night. :wink:


Off topic but are Saturday/Sunday nights usually takeaway nights?


People will whinge about anything.

A roast is a different type of show anyway, with a guest of honour who is subjected to jokes and insults at their expense. This show is nothing like that.


Its going to be like Dont Forget Your Toothbrush so thats why its Takeaway. Beau will take people out of the studio audience and do stuff with them or be at peoples homes.


Hasn’t he already been in a trouble a couple of times for taking up with people to “do stuff with them”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like it’s kicking off on Feb 24th Despite link saying Game of Games it is about Takeaway.


Also confirms that the show will be shot at Fox Studios in Sydney, not sure if that’s been mentioned yet.


Seems to be a lot of TV shows coming from Fox Studios of late. Not many movies, though.


New promo aired tonight during I’m a Celebrity. It even had a studio audience.


I would’ve thought a variety show would have a studio audience, just so that no one misses out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If they’re planning to premiere this on the 24th of February and Celebrity only runs for 4 weeks then what are they going to air in between the franchises? More Jamie Oliver/David Attenborough?

In all seriousness, good on them for trying variety again, although this should really be a year round show so that it can fill the gaping holes 10 has on Sundays.



Big fan of Chris and Julia but the promo looks ghastly. Reminiscent of the 1990 “you’ve got a friend on Ten” station ID.

Just awful.


Also not a fan of the promo, doesn’t do the show any justice IMO.


The promotional strategy is just wrong. They should promote it as big event and must-see Television, not just trying to tell the viewers what it’s about. Keep the content as secretive as possible to build buzz and gain traction with younger viewers.

Another fail.


I’m obviously in the minority but I don’t mind that promo.


Seems like a good promo to me as well :grinning:


Hard to keep it secret when you can Google the original UK show to find out everything about it.


I do agree though they missed an opportunity to make this show a huge success. Just air an ad for 30 seconds with Beau Ryan’s shirt off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn’t matter whether his shirt is on or off, he’s still not funny.