Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


What’s it like mate?


Casting for the show is underway


That is a nice logo.


Does anyone have an idea as to when this might air next year? One of the quarters or a year-round show?


I think it will be after Easter 2019, after Chris and Julia return from I’m a Celebrity hosting duties in South Africa.


SNT in the UK has a season run around 6-7 episodes, so I would expect them to do no less than 8, likely 8-12 episodes I reckon.



did they seriously just use the haha react in their logo smh


Millenials LOVE Emojis!


Is that the new logo??


I love that they’ve used an emoji in it.


You’re such a millennial. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I spotted this in a School newsletter of a school in my local area. Interesting that they would contact schools to advertise this in their newsletters.


Beau Ryan just announced on radio that he will be part of the cast for this as roving reporter. Eps will be 90 mins. Final segment of the night will be Chris vs Julia.


Interesting, his availability has obviously opened up since The Footy Show was axed.

I hope it’s an entertaining 90 minutes and not too drawn out to just to get the most value and programming out of the show (aka Game of Games), though I note that the Ant & Dec version runs from 60-90 mins sometimes.


Sunday’s Wrapped Up In A Beau.

Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway Coming In 2019.

Sunday nights are about to get a total stitch up as former NRL footballer and television presenter, Beau Ryan, joins the cast of Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway .

Sharing the gags with hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris, Beau will be helping to ensure the whole family heads into the working week with a smile on their face.

Not only will he be sharing the shiny floor with Chris and Julia in-studio, but he will also be the show’s man on the ground, coming to you from locations all around Australia.

On his new gig on 10, Beau said: “I’m super excited to be involved in one of the biggest shows of the year with two of the most likeable people in Australia. I am pumped to join the 10 family and start this next chapter.”

On Beau’s addition to the show, host Chris Brown said: “Throughout his footy career, Beau handled the most unpredictable big hits live on a Sunday afternoon, so we know he’ll adapt to the mayhem of our Sunday night’s together with ease. He’s a first class live performer and brings the warmth, charm and humour that’ll make our Takeaway the complete family experience, so we’re stoked to have Beau as part of the team.”

Host Julia Morris said: “We are so excited to have Beau joining our little family. The laughter will be flowing and I will be in the ultimate showbiz sandwich!”

With extravagant pranks, celebrity guests and live musical acts, Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway will be putting the sizzle back into your Sunday nights in 2019.


I actually think he’s a very good get for 10. Perfect personification of their brand and has proven he’s up to the task for that kind of gig. He is kyle’s stand in on radio and he’s quite a natural entertainer. He also mentioned on the radio this morning that he’s doing ‘other stuff’ for ten as well next year so perhaps he could also be heading to the jungle or putting on his dancing shoes?!?!?


Not to mention he is hot


Well, he could take that jacket off.:weary: