Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


So now The 6pm Project?


Yes 6pm according to EPG update. Lead in on Sunday is Australian Grand Prix in Sydney and Melbourne.


It’s a good thing Nine doesn’t have a major primetime program which has become a national phenomenon that could potentially rate even higher next week when it isn’t a public holiday in some states and will likely be assisted in another by a sport lead-in fuelled 6pm news bulletin…oh wait. :confused:


Good on Ten for firing back with a witty reply.




Good comeback!!


Sunday’s booth announcer


Did he have frizzy home perm?


A good episode tonight.
I think the show is a bit too concentrated in the Sydney area especially with segments like In For a Dollar. Beau Ryan should go to another state (e.g. SA or WA) during the week to film In For a Dollar.

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Yep, that’s been my thoughts with it too, I know they’ve done the couch in Melbourne but they do need to make it feel a bit more national. Didn’t like Justin on I’m A Celebrity and still didn’t really like him on this but thankfully he wasn’t on so much.


This makes Operas giveaways lame! The whole show was almost giveaways!!

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Looks like the Chris v Julia segment has been scrapped.


Yes…like Omaha or Nebraska. Preferably without a camera. And never to return to Australia :rofl:


I finally watched a bit of an episode and it seemed very infomercial - everything was sponsored by something and it just seamed too much.

Even “the happiest minute” was undercut by the sponsorship for the cruise company.

I know every show on the commercial networks have some degree of product placement but this was just too much.


I’m guessing this is a key reason as to why the show hasn’t been given the axe yet.
Then again Ten has done this with any of it’s previous attempts at variety in the last decade and a bit (remember those Panel christmas / end of year specials that they were forced to fill with advertorials?)


Angie & Yvie featured on this Sunday’s program.

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Julia also claimed media reports that she and her husband leased a new property in Sydney were false.


The TV Tonight article doesn’t state that and neither does the News and 9Honey stories. It is clear it is a lease, which is why she is upset about the articles.


Thanks for the clarification.