Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


Ten are desperate for content. I’d say it will just run it for the weeks it was intended to run. Up to and including Easter?


What does people think of Beau Ryan on the show? I watched both episodes but have missed his segment. Is he still cringeworthy?


His “In For a Dollar” challenge this week wasn’t bad. His hosting abilities during Chris Vs Julia has been pretty bad both weeks however.


Spot on. Ide remove him from the live portions of the show, he isn’t made for live hosting.

Otherwise his segment that was pre recorded was fine


I wonder how Beau Ryan’s performances in pre-recorded segments on this show compared to the (pre-recorded and IMO, cringeworthy) “Beau Knows” segments he used to do for The NRL Footy Show…


Saw a sneak peek of Chris and Julia’s prank on Steve Price during Gogglebox tonight. The producers went to great lengths to set up the prank, including recruiting a dozen people as guests and having the hosts wearing prosthetic makeup.


It aired leading out to an ad break during The Project last night, I think I heard Waleed mention it also.



Is that Kate Langbroek?


Are you serious?

It literally says who it is in the post. (And you don’t really need to read the post to work it out either)


Good idea, but the whole show is lame.


I wish Rove had a show on Sunday night with celeb guests rather than Takeaway.


No thanks. Since that same snorefest from last year is coming back then it belongs on Saturdays, when no one else is watching.


Good episode tonight. The prank on Steve Price was hilarious :rofl: Shame there was no Chris v Julia tonight.


I don’t mind it and I’d prefer it to Rove and more celebrities. Already plenty of those shows around.


Tweet is self-explanatory:


A 7pm start?

Good for them to remember though it’s probably too late now.


They’ve only just figured out the 7.30pm start for the show was harming them?


Too bad no one will be watching them anyway since they’re last to the party again.