Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


A great TV Tonight piece from David and I think Julia sums things up perfectly with this quote:

“They feel like they are doing something worthwhile and different. Different can be niche or take a while to grow, but 10 have a history of putting their back into shows to let them grow, and when they do the rewards are strong.



So it’s back to 7:30pm again?






Marcia Hines is tonight’s guest announcer according to EPG.



so when is this actually filmed? They just did that joke Ellen does when they pretend its live but cant talk about current events like the election result.



Looks like something has happened and she isn’t there. A voiceover guy did the opener instead.



Wouldn’t be the first time she’s pulled out of a 10 appearance at the last minute, i.e Studio 10

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Was thinking that myself. Back when Studio 10 had their inner circle facebook group, I saw a few times that she backed out with short notice.

Also, The show didn’t start with the audience surprise this week, but straight into the prank. And Finally Julia referred to the show just as Takeaway in the opener. Hope this continues as it sounds better IMO.

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It’s live AEST time.



The talking in the ears of nobody-‘celebrities’ was mind-numbingly unfunny. However, the later setups with the Supercars fan were nice, and funny.



Finished spot on 9pm. Tight show!

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This show, in terms of quality, is going from strength to strength each week. However like Dancing with the Stars and Ambulance I wonder if this show is better in the 2nd half of the year?

Against the gradually weakening The Block and the crap Seven has on their cards and I think 10 could find themselves hit the jackpot with this show and their newer offerings.



The weakening Block?

Not sure that’s true.



I agree that overall it is getting better and I’ll keep watching it. But some segments are dire.

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It sure is still strong but I did put ‘gradually’. Compared to Married at First Sight, The Block is more likely to weaken if new competition goes up against it (and before anyone says anything, I think Takeaway, Dancing and Ambulance are way better shows than Game of Games or Blind Date).

While The Block is doing great I think it has already started to weaken against some competition, particularly against The Bachelor (although, it could’ve been because of the buzz surrounding Nick Cummins last year more than anything else). Either way I think around that time and later would be a better timeslot than being obliterated by the growing Married at First Sight.

I would agree if you put Beau Ryan’s segments into that category. He just seems like an outlier compared to the rest of the show.



I just finished watching the recording (MKR takes priority on Sunday nights) and was wondering the same thing.
Lisa Wilkinson will be on the show next week. I think she will be the subject of a prank.



Really disappointed in the ratings for this show. This is not a dud. It is a bit of fun, good pranks, they have got good flow through the show. It deserves 700k at least. Geez



Sorry, still not interested. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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One of my faves of the week and our kids love this show. Hopefully they give it another shot later in the year away from MAFS



How many more episodes left? I believe this coming Sunday could be the last Sunday episode of MAFS so it would be interesting to see if it can be exposed to a new audience once that ends. I actually think a slightly later timeslot (like 9pm) off the back of Bach in Paradise will do this show wonders. Maybe variety is better for the later hours.