Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


So it going to run over time again but not as much as last week. I’ll say it will be done by 9.15pm tonight.


Finished at 9.04 :+1:


9.05pm it ended . wonder if last week they got into trouble for going way over time . by the way beau spoke , sounded like they did


Probably because it dragged their ratings way down. :wink:


Certainly much better episode, finishing just five minutes overtime.
How did Chris and Julia know the names of the cinema goers in Brisbane? Did they register beforehand?


Would that have had to have permission to film the patrons and broadcast on air?


I think the producers would have had permission from cinema management before going inside to film the patrons.


Agree. It wasn’t too long this week and better segments. Unfortunately it rated worse than last week. Ten just need to stick at it, it could grow once MAFS ends (which I think has 3-4 more weeks).



One would think this kind of ratings belong to shows like MAFS/MKR but oh well.


I totally agree.
Same type of situation as HYBPA; used to rate 300-400Kish in its first few seasons (if I remember correctly), and then it kept building up with persistence.


It’s a costly show to make for the ratings it gets ?


Only problem is MAFS is on for another 5 weeks.


5 weeks?! Wow 7 is in trouble.
9 will be almost half way to a yearly win by then!


Not really relevant here but…

Seven is in trouble. But the reality is they will be stuck in their position until at least 2024. They can’t launch anymore new reality shows and they’re cash-strapped due to their AFL/Cricket/Olympic deals. Feels bad but oh well.


Seven, I think, is in worse position than 10.


How so?


At least 10 has CBS backing, which means that unless CBS experiences financial pains, they will have plenty of money going about, even though they’re rating abysmally.

Seven…doesn’t really have any backers and are financially in trouble. One would hope that someone like NBCUniversal (or ABC America/ITV, not that garbage News Corp) would swoop in on them so that they can finance themselves better and have the ability to create better programs.

We’re moving off topic again. Feel free to discuss further in another topic.


Exactly this.


I haven’t watched the show yet, but the ad with the woman who’s living room was replicated in the studio and items featured in Bold & Beautiful is quite good - though it’s being played a fair bit.

The show is also sponsored by Budget Direct Insurance.


If it drops again on Sunday … do they remove it ? 3rd episode… what can they replace it with …