Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


I’d rename the show Sunday Night Takeaway, much more succinct.


What I said was it aint bad - compared to the doom and gloom, sky is falling crap other members were spewing up thread.

It definitely needs to get better.

Sometimes I think this is the problem with a new live show - you have to rehearse and rehearse, so much so that the first ep is quite methodical. I wonder whether the first ep should be the 4th ep or something (the other 3 consigned to the long term archive) so that it is a polished product that they put to air.

It’s not just Takeway that suffers, but any new live show on any network. It’s just normal.


If you missed the show’s premiere last week, it will be repeated on 10Peach at 5.35pm today.


Oh good so it should be finished by midnight then.


Ohh she bites


Was encored on Ten between 1-3pm one day during the week, can’t remember which.


Takeaway reheated or leftovers? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is Takeaway brought to you by Dominos /KFC etc?


Nope. Maccas delivery


Watched the first ep earlier in the week. I thought it was okay (didn’t see many real issues with it and it is nice to have some variety content back, Chris and Julia make a good team), but many of the segments could have been tightened for time. Some went for way too long IMO. In this short attention span era, it is easy to lose people’s interest when a segment goes on and on… considering they ended up half-an-hour late in the end, shouldn’t be difficult to do as they hopefully refine their process.


Good to see they got rid of the matching tuxedos


Oh how embarrassing! What if you were in the cinema alone or with your side chick?


How do they know their names? Why didn’t the other two people go? This is weird.


This “stop that’s mine” game with the audience member is hilarious!

They have taken personal affects from her house and they are in different shows, she has to recognise them.

The last one was in the Bold and the Beautiful.
Very well put together, lots of effort put into this!


It’s gone to a very “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush” feel but I am liking it so far this week. That poor woman with her lounge room but she’s done alright!


Show has been fantastic again so far. “Stop, that’s mine!” was brilliant.
I really hope the audience for this show grows over the coming weeks,

It really is a great alternative to the current reality offerings.


I like that they took feedback on and immediately addressed at the top of the show what the show is about and what was coming up.

Better opening segment compared to last week no cringe.

Doesn’t feel as frantic either and a bit more relaxed.


I’m a bit skeptical on that 11 sec stop watch thing. Whose to say Beau just didnt have it stopped at that time for the people he wanted to win.


You set the bar so low! :smile:


I love live variety television and want more on TV. However, this is terrible.

Should’ve just made their own variety show. An Australian made one instead of a British format!