Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


Badly. I was expecting more.


I was expecting changing rooms level ratings, so it did a little better than that.

I don’t think it’ll go anywhere in the coming weeks though. This type of UK inspired variety simply doesn’t work on commercial networks in Australia, never has and never will.


It shouldn’t go anywhere. Most people that watched it seemed to enjoy it. It rated badly because MAFS is doing amazingly and Ten left some huge holes in their schedule the past couple of weeks make it harder to launch. In time it could grow. They would have invested a lot into this show so I doubt they will just drop it anytime soon.



That is true in the sense that a lot of people would have gone into the show not knowing what to expect (or didn’t watch it for that reason). They can now highlight some of the fun segments in promos which might give it a bit more attention to some viewers. It’s good that they are flexible too and willing to tweak the show accordingly (a couple of less segments next week would be good).


The best part about the UK version is the undercover pranks that Ant & Dec do. This is what the show needs as these videos on social media can go viral promoting interest in the show. The in your ear ones (like the one with Denyer), aren’t as funny and in the case of last night, not funny at all.


That segment got some of the biggest laughs in our house.


There is all criticism for the show but what would you do to make it better? Would you change or add new segments into the show? If you are going to criticize the show you must have alternatives and ideas to make it better.


it got the same average of ratings as every other 10 show. if they stick with it, tweak and let it find it’s way - they’ll have a great alternative on their hands.

#3 in the demos aint bad.


But it needs more Musical Guests.


Yes that’s what it was lacking. To be a true variety amongst the fun things get a musical guest as a drawcard to promote and another guest that comes on for an interview. The mini Chris and Julia interview thing was the segment I hated. Use the studio and do a proper interview. Otherwise I was happy and enjoyed most segments.


How many weeks is Sunday Night Takeaway for?


April 28 Finale


I do feel sorry for Ten - at least they try. I don’t hate the show but do agree with some people’s comment that it was a bit all over the place at times. And it does feel like a primetime version of the Ellen show - with prizes, stunts, pranks, etc.

The first segment ruined it for me - the proposal. I thought it was a bit ‘gimmicky’ with the guy undertaking a few challenges to impress his fiance. I was having my WTF moment watching that segment and it was a bit cringeworthy :slight_smile: . Maybe I am just not a romantic LOL. I think she hit the nail on the head when she said ‘he did all the things without me’.

Given the poor ratings of the first show, will the sponsors continue to give away prizes??


Here is my take:

  1. Clearly outline what the show is about and set expectations at the beginning of the show. Add a “tonight on takeaway”.
  2. Get rid of the announcer guest role. Replace it with a perm narrator.
  3. Give it structure and make it less frantic, but let the hosts be free to run with the show without corny/cheesy writing and lines.
  4. Focus on the good segments and keep them - No little Chris and Julia, no lame proposals to kick off the show, more ‘find the location’
  5. Have some slower, sit down time - laughs can still come, but there needs to be a chat show segment with Guest interviews.
  6. More pranks and live audience interaction
  7. Add ability to phone in for people who haven’t been given a camera. A Show all about participation made me feel like i wasn’t participating. Viewers should be able to win something. Radio does this really well.
  8. Musical performer, who is actually current and can sing.
  9. Stand up Comedian routine.
  10. Crowd can take a chill pill and just be themselves, not a forced audience.

Overall, i think the way they started the show last night was its biggest problem. It was a combination of Cringe, Awkwardness, Nervousness and was over rehearsed and over done. As the 2+ hours went on, we started enjoying some of it. The start and the Choirboys were so so bad.


Not really.


HAHA that is funny.

I agree with you regarding keeping the show. But having the philosophy number 3 in the demos aint bad is not going to cut it.


Probably for Seven, but 10 prides itself on demos and 3rd is definitely not the position they’d want to be in for long.


This show should only be an hour! The 1st episode was waaay to long! The takeaway jingle gets played too many times.


And maybe don’t interrupt the song every 30 seconds to cross to a home viewer on a delayed webcam.