Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


I extended the recording to 9.30pm but I still missed the final segment!


Yep. Wasn’t Nine the network who’s historically enjoyed the most success with variety formats on Australian TV?


It ran 26 minutes over time according to my Fetch.


Hey Hey it’s Saturday comes into mind.

I kind of wished this kind of show aired on Seven though. Nine and 10 have a very wide and in-depth choice of shows, Seven not so much. Though I have to say 10 does have a younger audience which are probably more likely to watch this than Seven’s audience.


according to tenplay it went from 7.30 to 9.30pm so it ran 6 minuts overtme


According to the Foxtel EPG it was supposed to finish at 9:10, so it ran 26 minutes over time.


according to my sun dial it went over 26 mins 37 secs


I loved it!


Are you drunk?


No. It was great! I wish there is more Television like this on our screens. It was awesome!


Lucky the first episode was uploaded on 10 play so I was able to see the final segment.
Overall a solid start and I will again tune in next week. But the producers must tighten the timing and perhaps rotate some segments, if they want to keep the show within 90 minutes with ads.


I found that the show dragged too much. I will give it one more go but if it stays the same I’m out.


The last hour may have rated OK if viewers decided they couldn’t take the incredibly creepy Michael Jackson shit Seven and Nine were airing. Parts of that Sunday Night exposé were particularly difficult to watch and may have sent viewers reaching for the remote in search of lighter fare.


I just don’t think variety shows like this work any more. The world has moved on and shows like this seen to be stuck a decade or three behind.

The exception is of course, the UK where shows like this work but they have a big Saturday night TV culture still driven by big budget shows on the Beeb and ITV plus are more used to the pantomime sort of style these shows really need to work.


I really enjoyed this and for me this is perfect Sunday viewing. My only complaint was the length of it although still for 2 hours I didn’t feel it dragged too much, probably because I thought the segments got better as the show went on. I think if they cut out a couple of the earlier segments and fine tune it a bit it would be a hit. I hope it does well.

See I think this is the direction FTA needs to go. With things like Netflix we’ve seen the struggle of a lot of dramas on FTA but shows that still rate very well are things like News which streaming services are not really utilised for. The same goes for live variety - I think it’s a point of difference to what viewers can get and watch elsewhere. It might take a bit for audiences to get back into this genre but I do think in time networks will want some successful shows like this to fall back on. The interactiveness of this show really made it appealing to me to watch it live.


I don’t necessarily disagree but they need to ask what a 2019 variety looks like. I just feel it needs to be modernised a lot. They can feel very, very dated.


Would Sunday Night Takeaway be an expensive show to make?


I started watching the show live online at 7.30 Syd/Melb time and lasted 10 minutes and thought it was cringy. But i decided to commit and watched it with my Family when it came on in Perth and I’m glad I did. We had a ball watching it and it seriously got better as the show went on. It is literally the same as the UK version (even down to the theme song - UK theme is “I just can’t wait for Saturday” with ours being “I Just can’t wait for takeaway”). The first audience surprise was probably a bit long, I wouldn’t have made Warnie the first guest announcer and the Choirboys weren’t great. But I enjoyed the rest thoroughly.

Hopefully they get some musical acts and end the show with the “end of the show show” like in the UK, although I suspect they ended with the Chris v Julia trial last night as they would get messy and wouldn’t have time to get cleaned up.

Will I be back next week? Absolutely.


Most likely.


It tanked. Poor ten.