Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway


The segment of giving away the Hawaiian trips was the best of the show. All deserving people it would seem.


So the ad giveaway is not ads playing during this show but shown during the project.


Grant Denyer segment best segment of the night. Some tweaks to this show could save it.


This show is IDENTICAL to the UK version. A good laugh. I’m starting to think it’s not 10 that are the issue!


So it’s gonna run overtime, poor Hughesy


i am quiet likeing it


Just started watching the show recorded on my Fetch after My Kitchen Rules finished. Looks like it’s in the same Fox Studios stage (Stage 5) as Game of Games last year.


It’s a good show it’s just Ch 10 launching all their ‘top’ shows against MAFS. We all saw what happened to Changing Rooms, they are just a little bit guilty of going too hard early.


I’m watching a little bit behind but it is improving. I do hope it does work because I do miss the variety shows like Hey Hey or Rove (when we actually got it).


This is getting better, that last quiz segment I enjoyed.


Loving this show. Hope it does well.


Yes this is like tv back in the 80s and 90s.

Reminds me a bit of the main event on seven all this years ago.

I just don’t think it will work in this time slot and on ten. Such a shame as ten are launching so many huge expensive shows and nothing seems to work. Where to next for them?


I’m going to assume that the first show jitters got the best of them at the start (which I missed).
Very Hey Hey vibes. The prize they have been giving out are fantastic.

I predicted 300k but I really hope it does well too.


The couch watch segment is disadvantageous to viewers outside the eastern states. What if the couch is placed in Fremantle (say)? How will WA viewers know?


The smoke rising from the burnt out couch.


I feel like I would’ve enjoyed this show when I was eight years old.

Maybe that’s why I have fond memories of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush…


A “Chris Brown beat me” T-shirt? :thinking:



It ran 25 mins over.

Sloppy structure might kill it because audiences need to have a recognizable format to cling to. Unfortunately the great unwashed can’t cope with new and different structures.


Domestic violence jokes are not funny (referring to Chris Brown the rap musician, of course).


Are you saying it should air on Seven or Nine?