Channel Nine On-Air Presentation 2008-2009


Ident (5 second version):









For some context, this particular On-Air Presentation package was launched on January 14, 2008 to coincide with the iconic nine dots (or “spheres” as they were back then) returning to the logo and an overall refresh of the brand which was probably needed after an abysmal 2007 for Nine. The then-network O&O stations, NBN and Imparja had the dots added to their logo but WIN and Nine Perth/Adelaide did not.

Anyway, here’s some caps from the SydneyCityTV collection.

First batch: Recorded off Channel Nine Sydney, January 2008.

Ident (Generic/10 Second Version):


Other graphics:

The second batch is NBN’s take on this graphics package from their Mid North Coast station, May 2008.

Lineup (notice the somewhat differently formatted graphics to Nine and the inclusion of the Early Evening & Late Night programing):

Promos (unlike 2000, the graphics seemed to be taken care of entirely by Nine at this point. Although Kev Kellaway VO endtags remained for the ends of promos to remove “…on Nine” references):

Sponsor Billboard:

PRG (it’s to my understanding that this old style lasted on NBN until Early 2010!):

Community Service Announcement Super (which looks like something from the 2006 era of graphics that was tweaked to add in the 2008 logo):

And as an added bonus, a cap from an NBN News update from that recording with the now retired Ray Dinneen (who as far as quality newsreaders are concerned, was basically the Hendo of Northern NSW from all reports) and their version of the super that National Nine News used at the time:


Y’all missing the later months of 2008, when they tweaked the signposts to have white bars on the top and bottom of the screen.


I was aware of that, but i’ve just added them to the vault.


The flying spheres was the first on air presentation with the dots back on 9 (at least in the then East Coast O&O markets).

STW Perth and NWS Adelaide were owned by WIN Television back then (which was then Nine affiliated) had a version minus the dots. The dots didn’t return to NWS Adelaide and STW until early 2010.


Dotless Ident for WIN O&O stations NWS-9 and STW-9:


Came across this on an old VCR, came on after a show I recorded. Can’t believe this actually aired on FTA!

“The Exorcist (1973): The Version You’ve Never Seen”

Not sure exactly what Nine meant, but anyway

Missing the classification board, it read: MA15+ “Very Coarse Language, Adult Themes, Horror”.

It was of course edited, as it’s R18+. They removed shots such as ‘spider crawl’ and some dialogue which is too unbelievable and offensive to mention (and the editing in typical Nine fashion was terrible, one scene near the end where the priest goes over to her and she says “stick your …” and cut. So the first bit made absolutely no sense).

Attached below is watermark, typical Nine bumper transition (with The Exorcist theme if you know it), PRG and opening/end credits board.

July 2008.



Caps from Nine Perth on November 1st 2008 and January 24, 2009:

Promo Endtags:





STW and NWS were O&O’ed by WIN. Imagine if Bruce Gordon got his way and purchased the Nine Network in 2011. Things would be a lot different now.


Nine Perth HD PRG: could never align the solid logo with the watermark!