Changing Rooms

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Natalie was just on The Project this evening to talk about the show.


She was also on Studio 10 this morning.


So who is watching and what do you think?

I’m enjoying it so far, started watching it 10 minutes late so don’t really understand if there is a reveal tonight for the first two rooms and then 1 tomorrow after “feedback is received”.

Suprised they couldn’t secure a sponsorship deal with a paint company - paint tins have been wrapped with the changing rooms logo.

On a side note, if Twitter is any indication of how this will perform, it’s going to tank. Not much happening.


I am taping both of this week’s episodes and will watch them back to back on Saturday.


So far, so good.

It’s obvious they didn’t get a paint sponsor for the show since they’ve done a dodgy cover up of the paint tins.


It is certainly no The Block and Bassingwaite is no Joh Griggs. But, I think Nat Bass pitching in on the reno is a silver lining. It is light and drama free (so 10) thus it is refreshing. I doubt it will be a ratings hit but it is great to see 10 giving the genre a go again.

Sounds like 2 rooms tonight with a reveal and then the other room tomorrow.


Is it worth watching this on catch up?


I think so. I really enjoyed it. Enough difference from The Block and House Rules for sure.


I wasn’t going to watch, but eventually thought I would give it a chance. It was very enjoyable, especially due to the very fast pace. It was also good to have a show that didn’t need to resort to contestant conflict for drama; the concept of the show provided enough. The reveals towards the end of the show were of course the highlight; like half a season of The Block in one episode.


This show reminds me of 60 Minute Makeover.

I liked the show. Nat is very down to earth and not overstated like Scott Cam. No OTT gimmicks nor nauseating product placement like The Block. Contestants are likable and I like how it just carried on without the bitching and drama. Hopefully it will be competitive against MKR and MAFS.


Really really liked it. Nat bass is a natural!!!


So there were actual reveals at the end of the episode? One of the things which put me off and resulted in me not watching was reading that each renovation was going to be stretched across two episodes. Was this the case or not? I liked it back in the day because it was fast paced. They just did a room each and you got the reveal at the end but 2 eps sounds more like House Rules.


Yes, 2 rooms are revealed on Wednesday night and then the final room on Thursday night.

It didn’t feel stretched at all, sure they might’ve modified the format a little to better suit Australian audiences with room reveals each episode and to get the most out of the format etc.

It’s veen a while since I’ve seen House Rules, but it’s nothing like it IMO.


OK cool I will give it a go then.


The first two are revealled to see “if the home owners like the reno” so far. Would love to see what happens if they loathe it.


I thought you would’ve been in it for Nat Bass alone :wink:


I love her but thought with celeb ending I might try and free up my viewing schedule.

Given this show completely bombed last night in the ratings it will be interesting to see what Ten do with it. I guess they have nothing else to really go in it’s place but maybe it will do better on Thursday with less competition.


People tuning in for Gogglebox may prop up the back half of the show to stop the audience decline, but a lower lead-in doesn’t bode well for that show either.


It will not be returning to the 7:30pm time slot next week.


I feel like they’ve left the promotion too late. The promotion should’ve started up from the end of last year when they still had any viewers and should’ve been promoted to ad nauseum during Celebrity’s ratings peak.

Takeaway’s promotion seems to be in a similar situation and I fear something similar will happen to Takeaway. DWTS is the only ‘new’ show with a chance of picking up a decent audience off the back of decent promotion and an established brand, but I’m not confident that any of 10’s new line up would cut it, except for maybe Ambulance Australia.