Changing Rooms

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I don’t mind the concept of this show returning, especially with a likeable host like Nat Bass.

At only 2 nights a week it’s pretty light summer viewing and because it features different contestants in each episodes, you can dip in & out of it easily without really missing anything.

It also doesn’t seem like it would be super expensive to make, so from a profitability perspective it probably works well for 10 there also.

I’m keen to see it next year.


First promo tonight and it looked good. It looked fresher than the original. Good 10 ID too with swirling paint.


It’s on tenplay. Looks good.


If it’s successful for Ten what’s the odds 7 or 9 make a similar show .


10 is making Changing Rooms because Seven (House Rules) and Nine (The Block) have their own renovation show.


Only reno show I can think of in Ten for the last few years was The Renovators.

The promo looks good.



Promos look absolutely great.

I think this show has the potential to do well, maybe 600-700K. With a likeable host and a simple format that doesn’t contain bitching and backstabbing it could find itself being favoured in the eyes of 10’s audience. Looking forward to it.


I hope so it looks fresh. I just hope they haven’t left the campaign too late.


Brilliant promo!



Changing Rooms.

Friends, Families And Neighbours Beware.

Nothing Is Off Limits For The New Designers!

While home DIYers are squirming in the seats of their very safe (and boring!) beige couches, homeowners will be put through jaw dropping design boot camp thanks to the four designers joining Changing Rooms when it premieres on Wednesday, 13 February at 7.30pm.

Tim Leveson, Jane Thomson, Naomi Findlay and Chris Carroll are the lucky designers tasked with ensuring that colour, bold prints, texture and statement pieces are well and truly incorporated into these changing rooms.

Will a pleather kitchen be the ticket to spicing up your life? Is animal print the answer to taking a walk on the wild side? Or is artificial turf the outdoorsy escape you have been looking for? Will courageous and bold design choices pay off big time, or will they fail spectacularly?

So many questions. Questions that can only be answered by our designers.

So, who exactly are these designers and what makes them so adept at design, decoration and style?

Want to know more? We do too. Please open the attached release to find out all there is to know about the Changing Room designers.

Premieres On Wednesday, 13 February At 7.30pm



I’m just super happy that Nat Bass is back on TV!!! Enough to get me watching.


From the Mediaweek article above:

Each Changing Rooms home transformation will be screened over two big nights

I was wondering how the format was going to work over 2 nights. I thought it was going to be a reveal every episode… but I guess one every 2nd episode is still decent.


Natalie Bassingthwaighte posted on her Instagram this morning: “New peeps and 6 room REVEALS every week!” but I think she means one room reveal each week over six weeks.


I think she meant what she wrote lol.
They always renovate more then one room in each home and two homes at a time. I guess they are doing 3 rooms in each house every week.


Ten’s head of programming Daniel Monaghan confirms the format to TV Tonight.

Each two episodes of Changing Rooms features the same families, switching houses. There will probably be 6 reveals per arc, 3 per house.


This actually annoys me. Changing Rooms was great because it was a simple and fast paced show. I liked that they only did 1 room. Stretching it out across two episodes and multiple rooms kind of puts me off it as it is sounding more and more like House Rules.


“Everything You Need To Know About Changing Rooms”