Changing Rooms

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I think its a great choice. I love Nat Bass. I do wonder whether she is relevant enough now to host a show? But I still like how its different and I think she will bring some great energy.


Great choice.
Is Nat Bass based in Melbourne now? That means she will have to fly frequently to Sydney to film the show.


Disappointed Grant Denyer won’t be hosting this


People complain when the same hosts keep popping up on multiple shows and then they complain about someone who has been out of the spotlight for a while being relevant enough? :roll_eyes:


You could have just left it at “People complain” :slight_smile:


Bloody whingers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stop complaining.


Interestingly Nat was just on Studio 10 last week plugging some new ambassador role she’s taken on, a little surprised that Ten didn’t take the opportunity while she was on the show to announce her hosting role then.


Wasn’t a complaint at all.


So it makes me wonder whether your comments are relevant enough then. :thinking:


I was just quetioning her relevance now. She was hugely popular in the early 2010’s. I just wondered if she had the same appeal. I think she was clearly the reason So You Think You Can Dance was so successful. As I clearly stated I like the host choice.


She came third on I’m a Celeb just last year so clearly she definitely still has appeal.


Bassingthwaighte may say otherwise. She owns a children’s clothing and skin care range company Chi Khi. From an interview in June:


Natalie has done it all now given she has been an actress, had successful music career, hosted shows, been a judge and has her own kids fashion line. I think she is more than qualified and am surprised she’s not on TV more. I know she chose to focus more on her family the last few years but I’m very excited to see her back on TV with a hosting gig. I always thought she was a lot of fun on the X Factor and very relatable on I’m a Celeb.



As long as it does better than The Renovators did.


Doubt it. Both House Rules and The Block are down. Another similar show is not going to fire.


Nat Bass is just gorgeous.


Small side story but there is a similar program in China which is called ‘Renovating Space’ and the hostess looks like Nat Bassingthwaighte in that same photo.


Changing Rooms is very different to those shows. It may be renovating but it’s not a competition like either House Rules or The Block, and has different families each episodes. On paper it doesn’t seem like a Ten show but I think it can find an audience on Ten much like Ambulance has.