Changing Rooms

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Chris Brown? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tim Bailey.


Lee Lin Chin? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


FOXTEL’s Andrew Winter could also be good, if they can lend him out like Shaynna.


Personally I don’t think Ten could attract someone like Andrew or Shaynna over to the network and I don’t really think they should either, time for someone new.

What about Cherie Barber? Not new obviously but not overexposed on Australian TV, her US shows get rerun on 9Life and the odd appearance on The Living Room from time to time.

I think she could make a good host and offer the contestants real advice and have the skills to help out every so often etc. She would be my pick anyway :ok_hand:t3:


I think at the least she’ll be top of the list for the Designers.


I say Courtney Act should be given some hosting role. Not necessarily this but something.


Seems pretty tied up with hosting commitments overseas now.




Same ‘reno’ typo on Twitter:


Yeah a couple of comments telling them to use proofread and asking what a "rneo " is. Surprised it hasn’t been changed yet.


It’s been changed to renovating now.




Surprising choice of host really.


But good that they chose someone different.


Absolutely, tbh I’m glad it’s a strong female lead but sometimes Nat can be a little polarising I feel. I would’ve liked to have seen someone new to the network hosting this, but it’s probably not all that surprising they went with someone who would be somewhat familiar to viewers after her SYTYCD days but also I’m a Celebrity, The Wrong Girl, Neighbours, appearances on Studio 10 etc.


X Factor gave her the biggest profile. My only concern would be she isn’t qualified on the subject matter but that probably won’t matter when you’re just hosting. I don’t think Suzie Wilks was either, back in the day.


Love the choice actually. I’m sure we will be barraged with a whole set of reasons for why she’s a crap choice but she’s different, she’s energetic and she has personality. Tick, tick, tick. Good choice ten. Looking forward to this


Perfect choice!