Changed your username?


Won’t need to. They’ll come from far and wide once they hear the Peroni kegs cracking open. They’ll probably all be in their late fifties, however.


Probably a good idea to bring the mixers in then - Tequila Sunrises anyone (I mean either that or Jungle Juice would make me a happy man)




I’m sorry I don’t understand the question? I thought this was an all-male forum??


I sent out the invite to all my grindr contacts. Did you get one Matlock? Or more importantly did your dad :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh wait. This is probably the biggest comeback in history!

Yeah… that explains the connection to Channel 10 then.
How did the hush payment from @Bort go? I heard it was the only way to save the site from collapse!

Ah welcome back :grinning::grinning:


Biggest since Kim Kardashian


Anytime in Queensland XXXX


Nah nah nah…Passion Pop. 3 for $10 back in the day. :wink: :face_vomiting:


Out of curiosity, I don’t suppose this is you @Bort?

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