Changed your username?


Welcome back @OnAir


@WAtvVideos thanks my West Aussie mate! I wasn’t sure how the revelation I was really Luke would go down on the board but it hasn’t been as brad as I would have thought.


I certainly hope not.

And yes please people, still call me Luke, Sully’s just a nickname (hint to my surname, anybody watched Monsters Inc?)


I’m so confused.




I will bring the nametags.


I’ll bring the Commentary :tv:


You’re a monster? :scream:


I’ll bring nihilistic cynicism and pretzels.


Venue to be announced. Beer and snacks provided. Neat casual dress. Strictly no code wars.


Peroni only


I think Luke only drinks Melbourne Bitter.


The classic Luke movie scene.


Does the party have a classification rating?


I’m not really a beer drinker. Can we get some mixers?


I’m sure Lukeyboy won’t mind.


a few kegs of Peroni

as per classification code
6pm G
7pm PG
9pm M
10pm XXX


That escalated quickly. Looks like the venue will have to be in Canberra then. Hope @Bort’s got some spare plastic chairs and dip bowls.


Luckily, Luke is not allowed to stay up past 10pm.


does this mean we can invite females?