Missing Members


He liked a few comments (obviously in one of the Seven threads) a couple of days ago, but hasn’t commented since May. I think he’s probably just going to get angry again when we say shit about Seven.


Omg did he copy me, in taking a hiatus? Yet he’s still coming into the site it he :joy::joy:


You could set up a support group for each other.




Oh @Mitchell_Nock was one of my favs. For a day I was convinced you were the same person @Sully. Quickly realised you weren’t even that angry.


He’s back!

Changed your username?

Your obsession is scaring me haha


Have to admit I had a slight crush on @tamago_otoko pity he isn’t around as much these days.


I’ve been browsing the radio threads lately, so many members I’ve never seen before :open_mouth:


He never really left, just doesn’t post any more. I get an occasional :heart: from Mitchell.


Get in line babe - @tamago_otoko is the bomb. And @Bort has always been up there for me


I don’t blame him considering how many people were rude to him and mocked his posts. If I was treated that way, I also wouldn’t want to keep posting on here.


He certainly was very enthusiastic about Seven…


Yep, totally agree. There are a few here (like there are in society) that don’t understand/choose not to be civil.


You’d have to agree though, that some of his posts didn’t really make logical sense and was obviously clouded by his obsession for Seven.

Having said that, I do think some members (including me at times) have gone too far…


Mitchell was on occasion rude to staff and other members, but I agree to an extent that kindness is free and we could all practice it a bit more.

He has obviously left a mark on this community though.


Unfortunately, that’s how I remember him also. Very intense and offensive when opinions didn’t match his own.


I liked him. He provided some entertainment.


I guess that’s one way to look at it. :joy:


Ah okay. To be honest, I can only remember seeing people responding to him rudely/sarcastically when he posted about Seven’s ratings and Channel Seven in general. I didn’t realise that he was actually rude to other members on the forum.