Changed your username?


If you elected to update your username during the move, feel free to re-introduce yourself here so that your fellow members can make the connection.


Well…if you must know…I’ll give you a clue.

The new user name represents how cranky I am in the real world. :wink:


Without having looked at your email address, I assumed BIG DAN.


Damn it Ryan…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I’m sure no one can guess my old username!


Formally tbop :innocent:


Finally got your crown l see or is it a tiara :wink:


I only added 93 to mine


The artist formerly known as Kevizz checking in.

That changeover happened pretty suddenly, huh?



It was the first non offensive image I could find when I set up the new account. Will change it later.


Oh understand mate, just a suggestion you really should put that cute pic of yourself back on your profile :slight_smile:


Formerly known as Matt_Melb,the forum whore in word game thread :smirk:


Wait. TroiBoi as the artist @Troiboi?


8footerz i think


I apparently lost a capital M…


Don’t worry, I lost an exclamation point :stuck_out_tongue:


@TheHubMan nope. But I get confused with that person all the time lately :-1:


And I lost my @qld :sob:


same same but no gap


I got scared when you guys had a new board. Thank god this was still available. Same old same old for me :slight_smile: