Changed your username?


Fyturis (Former Name) before that ‘NINEY’.


Or it could have been his IQ :laughing:


Previously Radio_Expert. Nothing like a good rebrand eh?


My IQ is higher than 28 :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I know … hee hee :smile:


HAHA! :yum:


I was mgaleano before. :slight_smile:


JBar after “No More Gaps” was apllied to J Bar.


Not much of a user name change ,my old user name was Kazzac


I liked KazzaC


You know, for years I’ve hated the username I had here (which I only adopted due to an old email account describing a former profession of mine in Japanese), yet when given the opportunity to renew and refresh I instantly signed up for exactly the same name!

I guess you can’t help some people, eh? Love the new look so far, will take some getting used to but we’ve encountered and survived change like this before, and I’m sure only good will come of it :slightly_smiling:


Trying to work out what i set up, way back when we lost the old forum…


You were atefooterz IIRC.


It took you four months to come to that conclusion?


Shows you how often I read these threads :slight_smile:


Haha Yes new yucky to old folks like me laptop forum format, new user name that ties in with my twitter @8footerz. Delay seeing this hows how often i bother here nowdays! :slight_smile:


Ryan has changed his username to Bort.


has he?


I bought this account yesterday on the eBays. Realising now it was a waste of money.


Come along Bort.