Changed your username?


Looks great guys. Have to admit I am always worried about change. But glad the new mediaspy is up and running. I haven’t changed my username. After nearly 10 years at the previous mediaspy was no hope of me changing it now.


Well this is certainly a change, but after 11 years posting on this forum, I’d thought it was time to move from ‘Blue Mountains’ to my actual name,


Nothing wrong with a good rebrand. Seems most people here took the opportunity to update their display pic.

I don’t think I remember a time before Ryan’s hugo_weaving_evil_laugh.jpeg.


I was Composition Dept. Still getting used to the new forum software but looking good so far!

Now, back to perpetual lurking… :grin:


Formerly dk32 :grin:

(First post here on the new forum)


Mine is very similar haha - just dropped the Mr from my username. Will eventually change my profile pic to complete the change. But will probably wait till after the new year to do that.


The Chase aka Daniel Warren. More lurker than poster :smiley: Old profile url here:

Don’t mind the new forum that much tho hope you guys are able to keep the old content.

Dan 73


Same name, new profile pic (first change since 2010 haha).


was previously “yellow sock”. Just added the _ in my name sine we cant use spacebar in the usernames anymore.

(and my first post in here - testing it out. Different, but so far so good)


Previously gossipcom. Decided to switch from my work name to actual name.


Same just new profile pic


I decided to change my username from CX7 News to CX7News. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would of used Wollongong TV Videos if you were able to use spaces in usernames.


Formerly @BigBrother :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




Oh yes, was Heyitsstevo but changed as per YT


You could’ve still used it CX7. WollongongTVideos or WollongongTVVideos or even Wollongong_TV_Videos. Would look very messy though I guess! :yum: Strange that you can’t use spaces in the usernames though.


Used to be Johnson28 but now it’s JohnsonTV. I think the new username is better.


But how will people know you were born in 1928 now?


I was not born in 1928 lol. I added the number 28 because it is a lucky number in Asia.


Haha! He could’ve been 28 years old when he joined which would’ve explained it. :yum: