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Tbh I feel like Today has gone recently from a Softer looking welcoming format to a hard hitting news show which is on way too early in the morning! They need to soften things up the set/graphics look bland stale and unwelcoming to the viewers eyes do what they did in 2013 have the desk from 5:30-7:30 then roll out the couch and softer looking set.

Cut that casharoo crap and bring back the regular Great cash giveaway scheme, someone mentioned Girls on the grill? A big yes… Imporant to have women have their impinions on big issues… also a thought if they brought some more kitchen stuff back in similar with Julie Goodwin back in the day? 9Kitchen segment every Friday and also incorperate 9Honey into the show too?


You raise some really great points, @HarbourSideTv.
Today hardly use their soft set anymore because it looks better from the standing presentation (true, but get a new soft set). I agree about the kitchen stuff, just get rid of the daily consumer/lifestyle pre-recorded reports.

As for the mascot, it has actually been gone since June/July, which is great.


The big difference I perceive between Sunrise and Today whenever I watch either (which is rare) is that sunrise just seems to give a damn a little more about how they come across on TV. When in the UK for the wedding they had a whole set up including a desk, they do big event shows extremely well and the effort shows on the screen. Their on air look and feel (despite flaws) is developed and they incorporate the elements well. I have never got that vibe consistently from Today on any regular basis.

There are other issues of course (with both shows) but from a media spy perspective that’s one thing I see.


that’s what they were pre-Stefanovic too.

or just cut cash giveaways on the show altogether. If you look at it Today and Sunrise reporting a major event or whatever and then ending the segment with ‘Hey, wanna win some cold hard cash?’, it just makes their show a joke.

their show caters to different viewer bases, and need to cater more to them:

  • working people (of course so many demo’s in that)
  • stay at home people.

There is a fact that there is a market for people wanting hard news in the morning, without the fluff or idiots entering comps to get cash from them (that kinda also belongs on commercial radio). There’s a reason why there’s a small upward trend in Breakfast’s ratings.

Today (and Sunrise) suffer from the same sickness - they’re trying to get viewers from each other than from Breakfast or new viewers altogether. Sure, you can have fun in the morning, but also don’t pander to idiots and (on the same coin), make people feel like idiots for watching it.

To balance things out this is what I’d do:

  • 5.30 - 7.30 - Serious news - stuff that people need to know (not shitty news stories about online trends that only 50 something year olds found, even though everyone else saw it weeks ago)
  • 7.30 - 8.30 - tomfoolery and serious news - this is the part where the weather person should have a bit of fun (provided there’s no cyclone or wild weather event happening)
  • 8.30 - 9.00 - this is the time to have more fun in the show - you got the stay at home people now switching the show on, so speak about what they care about.

Also in this, each demographic has a different view of news. So if there’s a report about the Dept. of Human Services doing something with Medicare/Centrelink,

  • The first few hours, report how it’ll affect businesses and more in-depth analysis
  • later, talk about the affect on workers and go into specifics about the consumer side of the plan
  • Then the last part of the show, the news should be focused on the affect on those who get welfare from the DHS

modify the show’s angle, while still delivering the crux of the news to them. it’ll help the show, it’ll help inform and make brekky tv less of an absolute joke.


It’s a major turn off.


The crew in 23 is switch director and full control room. Wouldn’t be cost efficient. Plus the studio in 21 is tiny in real life. Couldn’t fit the today show down there. Melbourne did it but struggled.


I agree with your idea to an extent… But does Today really need to be on for 3 and a half hours? I know Today and Sunrise are now identical in length. Perhaps they could so a 25 to 30 minute news bulletin inside the bulletin.

One thought is to start it at 5am (if they must do an Early news, screen it at 4:30am or maintain a 5:30pm start time for Today), have a half hour news bulletin at 7am and then from 7:30am-8:30am - do something similar to what was proposed for Ten - an express style program, with the second half having more of a lifestyle/entertainment feel. Finish time should be 8:30am, screen Today Extra 8:30am to 10:30am, followed by Morning News Hour and finishing with a State Based morning show 11:30am til midday - Any markets where this program “fails”, provided it works in some of the markets, Nine could screen either Extra or A Current Affair repeats.

Also perhaps its time to find a new vehicle for Karl Stefanovic - maybe a 1 hour Saturday afternoon sports based program or a Tonight style program and replace Karl with someone like the likeable David Campbell. Perhaps Ben Fordham could replace David Campbell on Today Extra.


I do agree that David Campbell is probably the best male candidate for Karl’s job, though his lack of news cred is probably of concern.

I see your point regarding starting earlier than Sunrise ( Today used to do well between 5.30-7.30 am before Sunrise started at 5.30 too) but isn’t that a little early?


At one point Sunrise did a 30 minute bulletin at 5am til 5:30am, followed by Seven News, then 6am was Sunrise proper. If Nine wants to be seen as first in news, then it may be the next progression - more so given Nine axed Good Morning America a few moths ago in favour of Ellen repeats


You mean this?

Not really anything special.


Yes i did mean that…

All I am saying is I think they need to do something to bring viewers back and perhaps reducing the time wasted on re-visiting previous segments

Also if this is an issue

Perhaps they could have an ALL female panel of hosts and possibly retain a male news reader


Lisa and Georgie with Bec Maddern on sport. Tim Davies,Chris Urquhart or Charles Croucher on the news. But that is my ideal team, maybe really unrealisitic.


I like this idea.
My extension of this idea would be:
5:30am - 7:00am - Today (similar format as currently)
7:00am - 7:30am - Nine News Today (localised 30 minute news bulletin)
7:30am - 8:30am - Today (lighter, national stories)


Another option for Today/Weekend Today could be a Newsweek themed program - showing the best of the week that was - as an example perhaps cooking/lifestyle segments maybe as a separate edition to Weekend Today - possibly as a lead-in to the Saturday edition


This was because Nine axed it’s affilation with ABC America.


When did that happen?

They ended the association with CBS and ITN some years ago… who are they affiliated with now?


I read somewhere it was a cost cutting exercise


They now have access to the CNN international news feed. A website which allows them to take CNN content without watermarks.


Ok thanks, that’s interesting… I didn’t know they’d signed with CNN.
Newsource is a valuable resource.

Non exclusive access to CNN would be cheaper than exclusive use of ABC… but CNN isn’t that cheap.


Nor did i …

in late1980s/early 1990s, Ten had access to CNN resources