CH9 Today's Crisis Meeting Think Tank


The CNN affiliation is non-exclusive and has moved around a fair bit… Seven has had it and still may… Sky has had it for a few years… and as you mentioned it was held by Ten for many years, initially on an exclusive basis.

Nine also had Sky UK affiliation for a while as well. I think that was let go a couple of years ago.


What I would do would be.
Live in to SA and QLD in Summer.
5am Nine Early News
5:30am - 7am Early TODAY - Serious News
7am-7:35am TODAY Local News - Similar to Today Perth News, with the 7:30 news included then back to the national show.
7:35am - 8:30am TODAY - Lighter format.
8:30am - 10:30am TODAY Extra
10:30am - 11:30am Nine Morning News Local
Have it all done from the big studio but the local and Early Today done from the news studios.

On Weekends,
7am-9am Weekend TODAY
9am-9:30am Weekend TODAY Local News
9:30am-10am Weekend TODAY Extra
10am-11am Sports Saturday/Sunday