Celebrity Name Game

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But not at the detriment to decent formats and losing potential viewers due to overexposure.


Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate him as a host but 10 can find something year round for him and keep him there rather than shoving him onto every show possible. 10 has a large number of TV personalities on their books so it’s not hard to find someone else who’s just as good.

Same applies to Chris, Julia and Amanda. They’re good but would be great to see someone new.


TV Blackbox made some claims on their podcast that their spies who were at the taping of this show said there was only about 20 people in the audience for filming on Friday night and that it felt more like a 3pm show rather than 6pm. There was also some comments about only about 70-80% effort was being put in to the filming of the show and it felt off, but that some of these things could be fixed in the editing suite.


So what how big the audience is… it’s not very hard to edit in louder cheers and clapping. Most of these shows don’t even show the audience anyway.


Worth noting that Pointless (whether intentional or not) had a relatively small studio audience, but I dare say this was more to highlight that it was smaller than they would’ve liked or anticipated.


Blackbox and his bitter claims always make me LOL


I have listened to some of his podcasts, not sure if you have, and although he is critical of 10 and perhaps bitter at one point I wouldn’t say he was bitter in his comments at all. He gives them praise when they deserve it and critiques when they deserve it. He even praised the promo department on Bachelor in Paradise. I’m not going to lie I do find a lot of his articles very click baity but that is what it is in the media - as is this scoop of a spy.


I just don’t see this show working at 6pm. It is another Denyer project and he has failed on ten time and time again. Whilst he is likeable he just does not attract viewers with his cringey banter.


Game shows and talk shows tend to work when the audience is full and making noise/clapping because the host, contestants and audiences themselves can bounce off that energy.


Every audience can be different too. Just this week on The Project we’ve had one audience that laughed and cheered at everything and anything and another that seemed to struggle to crack a smile at any of the jokes told.


That’s cause the actual audience can be as few as 12 people sometimes


Add that to the twelve people who are watching at home and the figures look somewhat respectable - for Ten, anyway.


A new teaser aired tonight during Bachelor In Paradise.

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Anyone want to make bets that this will flop? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am going to predict that it will debut to around 400k before sinking to 200-300k.

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When a program is airing on Channel Ten at 6pm, it’d be very surprising if it DIDN’T completely collapse and burn in the ratings! :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually wouldn’t be overly surprised if Celebrity Name Game is lucky to see out 2019, despite Grant Denyer’s return to the timeslot.


Celebrity Name Game

Grant Denyer Is Back In Business.

Coming Soon

The king of gameshows and guardian of the buzzer, Grant Denyer, returns to host a half hour of side-splitting, eye-popping and name-dropping fun.

Packed with famous faces, Celebrity Name Game is a fast-paced game show that sees every day Aussies paired with real-life celebrities in a race against the clock to identify famous names and faces from across pop culture.

Created by Courtney Cox and David Arquette, the game involves two teams of two contestants - think friends, family or co-workers that can mildly tolerate each other – who together with a guest celebrity, must try and identify the name of popular culture subjects like politicians, sport stars, movies and fictional characters.

Airing 6.00pm weeknights, Celebrity Name Game is a sure fire way to snap you out of that post-work coma and into a night of laughter and scream-at-the-tv fun.

Celebrity Name Game is produced by FremantleMedia Australia for Network 10.

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Still in hospital last I heard :joy:

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Is that the only promo that has been airing? If so, there is no indication of what the show is about (it is pre-recorded so that can’t be hard) with nothing to entice you to watch.