Celebrity Name Game

Celebrity Name Game

Welcome to Celebrity Name Game - Australia’s newest celebrity television sensation.

On the show, teams of 2 people get paired with celebrities and compete against one another with the chance to win a fantastic cash prize!

We’re looking for fun-loving teams of 2 people (over 18 years). It could be husband and wife, siblings, best friends or work-mates etc., who love to play games and are Australian or New Zealand permanent residents.


Contestant call as seen tonight.

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If only Ten could get the American host for the Australian version…


Would love to see someone different host this… maybes strong female lead like Liv Phyland?

Ten going down the game show path quite a bit. Dare I say it “there’s something going on around here”. Hopefully it’s not 1989 all over again.


If they bring back Candid Camera then we know they’ve gone the full Shank


They used to play the American version on Foxtel. I quite liked it and would be better than something like Pointless.

Pretty sure American version has ended?

The American version is absolutely dreadful.


I wanted to audition but won’t be in Sydney from 19-23 September :frowning:

I really liked it. It’s a fun show that you can play along at home. I think this should replace Pointless.

This is actually a show me and my boyfriend would consider applying for. Are there not audition dates for other states? That’s pretty poor. I’d gladly travel to Sydney if I got on the show but I’m not going to go up there next week for the audition.

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They usually only film/allow attendance at one location.

Does being owned by CBS give Ten the ability to buy shows the other networks couldn’t afford? Or are gameshows cheap for the ratings they produce?

They are pretty cheap to produce compared to tv series.

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Do it! I watched an episode and I don’t think its a show I would be good at.

Leave Pointless alone. :stuck_out_tongue: I love it! TEN have plenty of other time spots to fill.

Is there any difference between this and Celebrity Head (a segment on Hey Hey It’s Saturday)?

It’s the same. A person pairs up with a celebrity and then they take turn turns guessing which celebrity they are through the clues provided by the other person.

Grant Denyer confirmed as host of this show in the SMH this morning.


Ok now he is officially hosting too much.


Same thing can be said about Julia Moris and Dr Chris Brown - Ten are becoming too reliant on certain presenters to present their big shows


True. Just think 3 new shows in a matter of weeks is a bit much.

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