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What. The. Fuck


Well when they announced more episodes I guess it was inevitable. Not really out of the box thinking. In my opinion its just another case of tired people in charge.


I mean sure, once a week Saturday or Sunday nights or something either as a 1 hour format or something but presumably 5 nights a week? Can’t see this doing any better than Pointless tbh.


This is not going to help their 6pm slot.

Also that probably spells the end of Mark Humphries on 10? Shame as he did well on Pointless and would be a better host than Denyer everywhere for this show.


He’s free to host The Masked Singer now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We can only hope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Another failure to add to the 2019 fail list. This will rate worse than Pointless.

Don’t forget the simulcast!


10’s press release


Perfect timeslot and where it should go. I just hope it does OK as it’s a fun show and could strive if given the chance. Maybe launch it when Ten have some better content across the board (Bachelor in Paradise, Masterchef etc) so it get s a bit more exposure.


I have been sensing this would go nightly for a few weeks now - there has been quite a lot of audience request ads in Sydney.


Lots of them airing in Brisbane as well, it was fairly obvious that this show was now going to be part of a bigger strategy than they had originally planned it to be.


Can I ask why you think it will perform lower than Pointless?


Wow. They’re actually delusional.


Their arrogance is astounding.


That’s what people say to me when I say how amazing I am.



It’ll get to a stage where 10 will have had Denyer host so many programs for them that they can launch ‘10 Denyer’ - a multichannel showing nothing but shows featuring Grant Denyer


Stupid decision and won’t rate any better than Pointless has been doing.


To be fair this year he is hosting this and Dancing that’s it right?


Being on a network contract, it is in the network’s interest to keep him busy.