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6 shows in 5 years is a lot. Not to mention all the shows he hosted during his time at 7 as well.

I would love to have seen Amanda Keller host, she’s great.


Maybe you’d rather have someone like Paul Murray or Andrew Bolt to host instead?


Wouldn’t be a bad idea? Would be great to see some diversity on commercial television. However, not entirely sure if you can read or not, but I did say Amanda Keller would make a good host.


I’m reading between the lines, knowing you so well.


I actually disagree with Humphris. Don’t think he is that great a host personally but Ed Cavalee is an underused talent and Tommy Little can definitely hold his own hosting a show nowadays.


TVT now believe this will replace Pointless.




Stupid. Just no. :roll_eyes:


Here we go again. I swear we’ve already had this exact discussion extensively in this very topic (and probably DWTS as well). He’s the host and it’s not going to change now so time to accept it and move on.

I just assumed this would be the case when Pointless was axed. The US version is a fast paced 30 minute show. Our local version should be no different. It is fun and family friendly and suits 6pm.


Well aren’t you a hero, Chris.


I actually think this could be an OK option for 6pm but we’ll have to wait and see what eventuates.


This might be rushed on air to replace Changing rooms after those diabolical ratings.


If they’ve already got 12 episodes in the can, it could be a short term solution.

Another option could be Mr Black which McGarvey mentioned on the MediaWeek podcast has already been delivered.


Was Ten happy with Family Feud’s ratings ?


Obviously not if they scrapped it for Pointless.


you mean “rested”


Nah, I don’t engage in network spin about whether shows have/haven’t been cancelled.



More like dead, buried and cremated


I doubt this would work in primetime, could be wrong though. I still think Neighbours deserves the 6pm slot at least as a trial.


I like the idea of putting Neighbours at 6pm and then the new episode at 6:30 on peach.