Celebrity Name Game

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This is the third.


Still, too much.

Wish they could get someone else other than the usual Bondi Vet, Cupid’s matchmaker and Grant ‘Ellen’ Denyer.


I liked this show (American version) when it was on Foxtel… but I’ve been completely put off if it’s Grant hosting. It is seriously getting ridiculous. How about someone like Tommy Little? Even Scott Tweedie from The Loop? Give upcoming stars a go.


Nothing against Grant I actually really liked him as host of Family Feud and I think he will be decent for DWTS but given he has Game if Games and now Celebrity Name Game I just think it is too much.

TEN have so much talent that could be hosting these programs but they just don’t use them enough. Get someone like Tommy Little or Ed Cavalee who still have a profile but aren’t used to the extent someone like Denyer is!


Does anyone have a rough idea as to what time this might air? Sounds like something they will air on Sundays.

Also agree with the sentiment of ‘ugh’ at Denyer hosting yet another show.


I agree, I think a comedian would have been a much better choice.