Celebrity Name Game

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Can’t it be anyone else? Australian TV seems to revolve around Denyer, Julia Morris, Chris Brown, Hamish and Andy.

Someone less exposed like Mark Humphries, Wil Anderson, Dave Thornton, Gretel Killeen, Lehmo, etc would be better.

Fitzy and Wippa?

Where are they on TV?

Tommy Little please.


They appeared on 20 to One a few years ago.

Although you’re right, they’re not as exposed as the ones mentioned above.

Ed Kavalee or Sam Pang would both be great as well.

Another few potential names which could be thrown into the mix are Marty Sheargold, Rachel Corbett, Sarah Harris. All would be better than Denyer.


Yeah. They only hosted one season of 20 to 1. Not much else on TV.

didn’t they do Up reasonably late one Friday night for ten

Yes but one night still doesn’t make them overexposed.

Yes Tommy Little NEEDS his own show next year.


Indeed. That was like Pilot Week but for just one day. Pilot Day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes I agree Tommy is great. He hosted that Sports quiz show a couple of years ago on Ten (when they were in the dumps) but he deserves another go as his profile has definitely risen since. I’m also a big supporter of him as I’ve been attending his comedy shows since he was an unknown and performing to 20-30 people in a room, so it’s good to see him doing so well now.


And Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia. Neither had a second season.

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It was called A League Of Their Own with Pat Cash and Eamon Sullivan

Oh yeah forgot about that. He also hosted that other stand-up comedy on Foxtel I think it was called Just for Laughs… but I definitely think he’d be great host for a show on FTA.

I think he’s better when he can banter with someone rather than host on his own. He’s funnier on radio with Carrie Bickmore or on The Project with Hamish MacDonald. He’s be better ad a co-host on one of those shows.

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Confirmed that it’s filming from Pyrmont, dates range between 7 - 14th November.

This has flop written all over it and I wish they would have chosen someone other than Grant to host the show.

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Is there only one host at ten? Surely they need others to step up and host things to give people a break from Denyer.


Completely agree. If Celebrity Name Game airs over summer I think people will be pretty sick of him by the time Dancing With The Stars starts.

I have nothing against Grant Denyer but holy crap… how many shows is he hosting now?!
This will flop.

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