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KOVR has also switched, completing the transition. They adopted the WBZ/WCCO way of separate channel and streaming branding, but the box looked comically huge here to my eyes:

The lower thirds on TV looked the same as the other stations, but with a newer ticker more tailored to the channel number box and the CBS News tag:

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Natalie Morales has been covering for Tony on CBS Mornings, nice little return to brekky tv for her.


Neeraj Khemlani, head of CBS News, steps down and is heading to Simon & Schuster.

Earlier this year, he reportedly clashed with current Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell, and even seeked to replace her with Brian Williams, per The NY Post of all places.

[Update] Wendy McMahon will be the sole leader.

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As CBS’ 8 stations are dropping The CW, here’s a look at the newscasts they have in place of the programming:

Sacramento: Now KMAX31, their 8pm newscast, Primetime Sacramento, debuted on Friday with quite some branded stings in crossing to newsrooms or going live:

They also have some gimmicky new features, like a dedicated vox pop segment.

The coming up junction looks different than other O&Os though:

San Francisco: Now KPYX/KPIX+, the heavily-advertised KPIX+ Primetime was a much plainer affair, Using the same CBS News Bay Area branding plus a dedicated bug in the lower thirds.

Turns out the innovative stuff is on their weather side of things, as they built an entire virtual set just for the weather. In their own words:

How it worked on screen:

And how they built it:

Really over-the-top effort to make the newscast stands out - but a bit wasted using it for just the weather IMO.

New York: Rebranded as New York 55, WLNY pushed their news forward from 9 to 8pm, under the same branding as the sister WCBS.

Atlanta: WUPA/Atlanta 69 is the only station that retained the News Now brand, now moved to 8pm instead of 10, and is produced by WCBS New York than KTVT.

Miami: WBFS dropped the MyTV affiliation in 2022 and now drops News Now, but keeps the 9pm news slot with one that simulcasts online. The newscast is hosted by longtime sport correspondent Jim Berry. You can see him on this partial promo video on CBS News’ site:

Like KPIX+, the opener uses the sister WFOR/CBS News Miami branding, but notice the call letter box next to the CBS News branding was gone - a practice akin to KCNC/CBS News Colorado.

But the usual WFOR placement can still be seen in some places:

Others: KTXA is to add a 7pm news, while the main 6pm one is replaced by syndicated shows on KTVT starting September 11; WPKD/KDKA+ will launch an 8pm newscast in November.


This is the new 7pm news on KTXA, completely dropping the standard O&O open and music:

The original article was a bit dramatic on the name change - The 11 symbol coexisted with the CBS Texas name for months and doesn’t seem like going anywhere (so does KTXA’s TXA 21 monikor, as seen in the opener).

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Such a strange contrast between the opening and headline music.


That CBS Texas branding is strange, as apparently that’s just a DFW region station rather than any kind of statewide CBS service.

It would make sense to me if there started to be content sharing between outlets within a state, while still having a main local news at 6 or 10/11 - they could have a statewide in lieu of the ‘evening news’ and perhaps the morning shows.

that opening music, sounds so much like something from a sports show or something lol

Video doesn’t load for me on mobile, is there a YouTube link?

I don’t like it either but the CBS affiliate in Dallas-Fort Worth is the only CBS O&O station in the entire state so their branding is taking on a flagship status in accordance. There’s no one else in the state to challenge them on the brand.

Funny enough because of ownership, the ABC and CBS O&O stations in Houston and Dallas (KTRK and KTVT) have shared resources as warranted because the ABC affiliate in Dallas (WFAA) and CBS affiliate in Houston (KHOU) have the same owners.

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No, unfortunately… I recorded this off CBS News Texas’ website, which has full newscasts at a limited time, then uploaded it to Metropol. As far as I know, there’s no recordings of it on Youtube: The link here should be able to download the open!

Re: The CBS Texas name. It’s weird they go for one that generalizes the entire state - their streaming service used to be called CBS News DFW iirc. A three-letter abbreviation didn’t look as good in the station bug, maybe?


Link worked, thanks…what is that theme :sob::sob:


Some controversy about CBS’s 60 Minutes because of their portrayals of Jackson, MS and Boulder, CO in a story about Deion Sanders

CBS News flash during the NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns


The launch date for KDKA+'s 8pm news is now 8/1/2024, headed by current weekend anchor Jessica Quay.