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“CBS Evening News” debuts new theme music
At the beginning, in the late 1940s, the news provided the music for “CBS Evening News.” In the late 1980s, CBS News commissioned the first theme music for the Evening News.
For the next two decades, that theme, with small variations became the signature sound of CBS News. In 2006, the broadcast got a makeover – and so did the theme, courtesy of Oscar-winning composer James Horner. In 2011, CBS News returned to the classic theme.

But this year, we decided it was time for a new beginning. We commissioned composer Joel Beckerman to put it together. And he did. Much like we assemble the broadcast together each day.

Piece by piece it came together – until it emerged as one musical, newsical symphony.


.@CBSEveningNews will have new music from Man Made Music and updated graphics tonight

— NewscastStudio (@newscaststudio) May 31, 2016

So that’s where Nine’s old News Flash music comes from. Is the Evening News CBS’s equivalent to NBC’s Nightly News?


Yep just the same as ABC World News Tonight

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We’re excited to debut a brand new show open and new theme music for the CBS Evening News. Here’s our open from tonight’s broadcast. Let us know what you think! #CBSEveningNews

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Even though I had barely read into CBS Evening News until yesterday/today, I really like the new intro! Evolving from the previous, the new theme sounds great IMO very upbeat and serious while still sounds like classic orchestra.

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CBS Evening News new theme

CBS Morning News New look originally launched September 22, 2015

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I’m sure I’d heard that theme before now - I think CBS were using it on their Election Debate coverage - or on CBSN?


It’s the election theme but they decided to use it on CBS EN


CBS Overnight News and Weekend News also use the new graphics and music.

And here’s the cue used for special reports


So this morning at work I had the backhaul* of CBS Evening news on, I noticed after they finished feeding the show they started feeding various cuts of the new theme music to the affiliate stations.

Unfortunately I couldn’t record the file or stream but there were at least 20 cuts fed.

*backhaul / affiliate feed.
Ideal for pulling CBS News reports via a TV stations Media Exchange.


CBSN is using a special set of lower thirds for their election coverage.

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CBS Studio 57 Sports a new screen and relocated Walter Cronkite Map it now sits on the opposite side and the other end of the studio



‘CBS Evening News’ makes move to Studio 57 official

See more at:

You may have noticed our broadcast has a new look. We now come to you from Studio 57, the longtime home of @CBSThisMorning.

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) December 6, 2016

From the White House this morning - a weird walking opener!


Reports CBS is replacing Scott Pelley as anchor of the CBS Evening News after a slump in viewership. He’ll return full time to 60 Minutes. It’ll be interesting to see who replaces him. They’ll need a big name to draw viewers back to that newscast. I’ve always found it to be very dry and overly formal. Hopefully they steer clear of the likes of Charlie Rose. I’m wondering if Steve Capas is looking at someone from his old NBC stomping ground to fill the position.


Weird, up until last year CBS was doing great guns.

Doubt they’ll move Charlie from This Morning.


Meanwhile, Katie Couric’s thoughts on the whole situation:

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Wouldn’t be surprised if Norah O’Donnell gets the gig - think CBS sees her as a ‘big star’ by how they replaced Erica Hill with her on CBS This Morning a few years ago + made her a co-anchor of their election coverage last year