Carols in the Domain


No idea why they persist with 4 hosts. Every year Samantha Armytage looks like she would rather be anywhere but there. Barr and Beretta should be given the gig.

It always comes across as a poor man’s version of Carols By Candlelight.


Yes, I agree that four hosts is too many. Having just Natalie Barr & Mark Beretta or even a duo like Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur would be a better choice for next year IMO.

Although I suppose we should at least be thankful that Channel Seven didn’t choose Mark Ferguson to host Carols In The Domain!


Yes, your tweets were very entertaining!


Your tweets were pretty enjoyable tonight even though I wasn’t watching!


I’m glad that you guys enjoyed my tweets! :slight_smile:

Obviously I was referring to the tweets of others, I’m generally not one to gloat about my social media activity too much!


Will be interesting to see who won the ratings, the carols or the cricket where Pakistan are putting up a very brave fight in a record run chase at the moment.


I don’t think it will be a tight contest. Pakistan putting up a fight should mean an easy win for 9.


It will depend on how Nine codes the cricket - will they have a “extended overs” code as well as session 3 for example.


[quote=“NRN11, post:17, topic:1742, full:true”]
Also who still watches this crap? I couldn’t think of anything worse to watch.
[/quote]I think the exact same thing this time every year.

Really, if you want to watch Christmas carols you’re better off watching Nine’s. Nowhere near as much in-your-face product placement for starters (Hello Woolworths :wink:). Plus Melbourne’s is more traditional than Sydney’s.


I thought Carols in the Domain was cancelled until i saw it in the EPG… to good to be true.


I’d much rather give both carol$ a mi$$; both seemed to be aimed at an audience with an average age of about 10.


Maybe in a sence but the school zone flashing lights were in use when I was driving to work this morning. And I went throught 3 differnet school zones. But still it rules out out of towners coming.


A number of performers also sung at Adelaide’s carols the weekend before Sydney’s carols - like Paulini and Leo Sayer. Graeme Press even came over as musical director, which may be a first. 7 has decided to ‘replay’ Adelaide’s carols on Friday, but this time nationally on 7two. Last year we had a couple of artists from Melbourne’s carols - Anthony Callea and Rhonda Burchmore.


How did it rate?


Number 2 at 7.30 just behind 7.30. Seven Adelaide had Seven’s highest audience of any market that night.


The Carols in the Domain website has been revamped for this year’s event, which will be held on Sunday, December 17, at 8pm AEDT. Artists confirmed so far include Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole, Todd McKenney, Dami Im, CDB, and the cast of the new Australian production of Jersey Boys (Bernard Angel, Cameron MacDonald, Thomas McGuane, Glaston Toft).


Wonder if having it on a Sunday had any affact on the attendance last year. Thought it was a terrible idea to move it from a Saturday


Semi-related, but the (Adelaide) Carols by Candlelight and Carols in the Domain websites now share the same basic design: The Christmas Network (activeTV) run both events, since last year.


Carols in the Domain

Sunday 17 December at 8.00pm

Sunrise stars return to host Woolworths Carols in the Domain

Seven’s David Koch, Samantha Armytage, Natalie Barr and Mark Beretta are excited to return for their fourth year to host the 2017 Woolworths Carols in the Domain.

The 35th annual event will be held in the iconic Domain in Sydney and broadcast live on Channel Seven at the new time of 8.00pm on Sunday 17 December.

The hosts of Australia’s favourite brekky show will be joined by Carols’ best ever line-up of entertainers to Deck The Halls and celebrate the joy of Christmas with Australian audiences.

Home and Away star Penny McNamee will fulfil a lifelong dream when she takes to the stage for the first time as a solo performer to sing one of her favourite Christmas classics.

Confirmed to perform on the 2017 Carols stage are:

  • CDB
  • BIG T
  • The cast of THE WIZARD OF OZ
  • JAY LAGA’AIA with his children
  • MICKEY MOUSE will make a special appearance along with SANTA CLAUS


Neither the choice of hosts or performers for this year’s Carols In The Domain is particularly surprising.

Personally, I think the highlight of the night is probably going to be the commentary on Twitter - some of which is hilarious! :smiley: